Killer Intinct: Definitive Edition don t have Shin Hisako

Even buying a version that called: DEFINITIVE EDITION, I do not have access to characters like Shin Hisako (which Microsoft has called post season).
what to do? It is not fair as the laws of my country pay more for something like that. Because the package name is Definitive.
please. help me

The definitive edition includes content from Season 1 to Season 3, including Shadow Jago.

Kilgore, Shin Hisako, and the third unnamed character, are post Season 3 content which means they’re not included in the Definitive Edition and are treated as DLC content downloadable from the MS Store.

So while it may not seem fair to you, it’s how their being distributed. Which means to access them, you have to purchase them as they are on the store or wait for a sale.

The three new characters are part of Season 3.5 technically so they really don’t belong in the definitive edition as that was up to Season 3.

I know its not ideal, but if a character like Kilgore/Shin Sako/Unknown look interesting to you, you have to buy them separate…it supports the game so it helps us all!

But with the name of the expansion and definitive edition should have…
In the description says that includes. And not only includes 1 to 3 seasons. POr this error of denomination is subject to legal claim in my country. Brazil.

And the price of the character is abusive because it’s almost half of what I paid for throughout defifinitive expansion.

The Definitive Edition includes Season 1-3, Shadow Jago, and all the modes the game has. Nowhere does it state that you get anything that is released after that. If you want to subject it to legal claim, go for it though.

What is definite for you?

Just a name.

Definitive package?
O M G, This is a mask

I’ll play both sides here.

Regardless of nomenclature, you should’ve read clearly what you were buying beforehand. And if it actually doesn’t state things we all have read when we purchased it, then you have grounds to dispute through the Microsoft Store for getting the description translation wrong. But honestly, it should clearly state that it only included Seasons 1-3 and Shadow Jago and that falls on you.

In the guy’s defense, calling it the Definitive Edition when they’re still releasing content is pretty horse trash. And I say that as one of IG’s staunchest defenders. My one problem thus far is they released a bundle called Definitive that isn’t. But again, names mean nothing and it’s on the consumer to do the research first before buying.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It should not be called the Definitive Edition. It’s incredibly misleading, you can’t blame people for not looking at exactly what’s included when literally every other Definitive Edition out there includes all the content for the games.

Dishonored Definitive Edison: Includes all content.
Tomb Raider Definitive Edition: Includes all content.
Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition: Includes all content.
DMC Definitive Edition: Includes all content.
MGSV Definitive Edition: Includes all content.
Dead Island Definitive Edition: Includes all content.
Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition: Includes all content.
Darksiders 2 Definitive Edition: Includes all content.

KI Definitive Edition: Continued releasing content afterward.

Just change the name to something like KI Shadow Edition or something.

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nice man!
The producer did not make it clear that they were just these characters. And yes, he mentioned the ones that already existed.

The difference is that all those other games you named, stopped producing any new content and were done with the game before the Definite version. KI was still making content while the Definite versions was being released. They had it ready to sell before Eyedol was a finished character.

I will give you that the name they chose to use is very misleading, but a am sure a room full of Lawyers said it would be ok to use. It is up to the person to take 2 minutes to read to see what it really includes.

This just reminds me of car dealerships when they say “buy this car and get free gas for a year” they don’t mean a full tank of gas everyday, but so much every week for a year. Not really free gas for a year is it? :slight_smile:

Best tip I can give is don’t buy a special version of the game unless they are done making content for it.

Nope, it came out before the 3 bonus characters were a thing so you don’t have legal claim at all.

Perhaps not according to the laws of your country. However, the sale of this product in my country respects the rules of Consumer Law

Oh stop. Look, I get why you feel cheated, the name is unfortunate, I’ll agree there, but at the time of its release, it WAS the definitive edition. It was a collection of everything released to that point.

However, Killer Instinct has been an evolving platform since it’s initial release in 2013. Considering the fact that they’ve never said the content train was ending just because the definitive edition was coming out, I don’t see how you could think that you’d automatically be entitled to everything that was coming out after the definitive edition’s release for free.

This game has had a seasonal format until now, would you expect to get season’s 2 and 3 for free just because you bought season 1? I’m hoping not, so why would you now expect to get post Definitive Edition content for free? They’re working to make new, post season 3 content. Why should they all of a sudden start working for free?

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Then change the nomenclature. Put the characters in packet indicating it belongs to season 4. In Brazil, this character is as if it were $ 16 for you. Is not fair.

Based on the exchange rate. It is the same price for everyone. We all pay the same price.

But it’s not season 4 and they’ve said numerous times that Kilgore and Shin Hisako are not part of season 3. They are post season 3 content. They have yet to utter the words “season 4.” They told us everything that was in season 3, they delivered that content, now they’re delivering more content. That’s all the info we have right now. I’ve heard it called season 3.5. I believe it’s also been said that this is their new method for content delivery.

Either way, the kind of nomenclature used for something that was released back when it included all of the content doesn’t negate this fact. What we’re getting now is not part of season 3 and thus not part of the definitive edition.

Well now okay, that’s a different issue entirely that you’re bringing up. You’re upset over how much the character costs and if I were you, I’d absolutely be upset about that as well. I’m not trying to take that away from you one bit. But this character being too pricey has nothing to do with what the definitive edition included back when it was released. Those are two separate issues.

Why does something that costs $5 in the US cost the equivalent of $16 US in Brazil? It can’t be the exchange rate alone, I wouldn’t think. Are there certain taxes that are levied on video games in Brazil that drive the price up?

Sorry, don’t mean to ask for a Brazilian civics lesson. :slight_smile: Regardless, I don’t think that you can put that high price on your issue with the definitive edition.

I agree, that price for one character sucks, but just because they released a collection that had everything in it at that given point point in time, that doesn’t mean that it should include anything else that comes out going forward. What if they made another season, or two more seasons? What if they just kept putting out post season 3 content the way they have been with Kilgore, the gold skins, Shin Hisako, etc? At what point do you pay people for their work when they’re still putting out content?

Yeah but he said that he’s paying the equivalent of $16 US. That’s not what we pay for Shin Hisako. So if it’s not just exchange rate, I’d have to think that there are taxes put on the content that have nothing to do with MS, IG, or this game.