Killer Instincts Exposure

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You might have seen some of this on other posts burried away under opinions and flame wars (lolz) but i just wanted to isolate it here for you guys to see.

For many years now we have discussed how the biggest problem with Killer Instinct is its advertisement and outward push by Microsoft into the casual domain, its exposure if you like.

Killer Instinct has been hidden away deep inside the XboxOne store for quite some time with only a fraction of main stream media coverage. I think its even fair to say not in Microsoft has pushed it internally to its fan base. :fearful:

Exposure has always been our adversary.

This bring me to the subject of guests characters. :confounded:

As a Hardcore fighting game community it might be second nature for us to throw guests out in favour for newly created characters. We like new things custom made for our community, we like how they intertwine with our beloved characters. I cant deny i am with everyone there.

I too whole heartedly prefer new characters than guests. No doubt there at all. :+1:

However as a fan of this game and as a fan of the oringals im in it for the long term. I dont want to see KI slip into another 18 year limbo and in order for us to avoid that we need to up our exposure to the fighting game community and also to the gaming community as a whole.

Guests do that guys. As tough as it may be guests from games 10x bigger than KI pull in interest (and gamers) into our indi game.

Even if we haven’t heard of these characters it doesn’t negate that they are bigger properties in general. Ask someone on Xbox who Fulgore or who Arbiter is I bet they would give you only one answer :blush:

As a forum member sometimes i have to realise we live in a very small bubble here and that not everything i want for KI might be the best time spent in terms of growing the games exposure.

That doesn’t mean we should have what we love but it does mean that sometimes we have to be tollerate of the decisions IG and MS make for the longevity of KI.

Bellow I have attached the views for all the trailers since Aganos.

Look at the spikes for guests characters. Now put that into perspective with how much exposure we need on this game and it becomes evident that guests are doing great things for KI.

Thats not to say we need to sell out and become a All Stars game but it does support the development of the PC version of KI.

This launch unlike Ki Season 2 needs to be bigger and more profitable to cover the backward development of KIS1 and S2 on PC and the development of season 3.

All in all: Guests and a PC version will reach audiences further than our words of mouth ever could.

Personally thats a trade off im willing to suffer for a little more push of the game i love :heartbeat: as long as this game get into more PC’s and into more hands I’m hapoy






#Kim Wu




KI definitely has an exposure problem. The forum I mainly participate in only has a handful of people who are really into the game. Everyone else is into SFV. The marketing effort by MS is pretty much a joke. I’m hoping that Season 3 does really well and it boosts the game’s popularity.


Me too and I agree!! But the best way to do that?

#Get people to play: PC

#Get characters people get excited by: Guests

Hopefully it will grow our community even more


The PC launch needs to be flawless. If it’s not then things are going to go bad really quick.


Agreed would I take less backgrounds for that? YUP. I believe in IG… this is out time out moment but we have all got to think bigger than the end of our wish list.

Another thing is the fact that reviewers like those at IGN or Gamespot have not really revisited KI for another review, even though its’ practically a different game at this point. Looking at it again would likely improve publicity & bring attention back to the game.


Even though I really don’t care for the guests in this game other than Rash, TC does have a valid point IMO. This KI is XB1 exclusive, and so are the other 2 guests. So if a Halo or other XB exclusive shooter game fan finds out that one of those characters are going to be in this fighting game, it could potentially spark enough interest for them to try it out, even if its just the free version. I too think that this is a good way to get more people playing, invested or at the very least interested in the game.


Hopefully that showcase back in Feb will lead to new reviews

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If Ki has a good pc launch and the port is as good as we hope it is. It will get good amount of coverage via youtube/twitch. For example totalbiscuits wtf is… Series. No doubt he will cover it.

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having the product (all 3 seasons) bundled on retail shelves would generate quite a bit of steam. At the very least those whom don’t follow gaming new extensively will know it exists.

I feel that KI3 is reaching completion and after “recent events”, its very likely to hit retail soon.


THIS is so true and somthing we haven’t pushed for since the disk version of KI1 witch aparently “Brought more new players” to the game!



dont know why people are up in arms about this.

guest characters are good for the game.


I have seen a few people say that they’d get the game after it’s complete.


That’s like saying I’ll play halo when the story is finished lolz

These ppl need to get down from that fence.


I agree with your points. We need more advertisement for this game. ■■■■, even when it was free on GwG, it was almost never the picture on the tile.I caught a brief glimpse of Hisako there when signing out and signing back in to my profile, but it was mostly the other free game at the time.

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People need to get over this already. They are not bringing characters that has been in other fighting games. IG still need to be creative in how they fight just as much as if they were “New”. They still face the same problem as creating a new fighter, such as: balance, style, design, etc. It’s still MS property/characters.

KI don’t get much coverage in the media compare to SF and MK. New SF/MK fighter announced? new media article within minutes. New KI character announced? gets a screenshot and a small paragraph coverage hours if not a day later. As mentioned 1000s of times, Guess>New players>more $$>employees gets payed>KI gets to live>more new stuff(characters, stage, whatever)> happy fans.

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Tbh if it’s not halo, forza or gears MS doesn’t really promote its games.
KI should be advertised on TV. It’s practically free, the Base models and modes all come for free.
To me it seems they have no interest in actually getting their name out there.
1st party titles are few and far between it seems.
Sony are even offering lion head jobs it seems aswell.
To me it seems MS have taken theit eye of the ball for some reason.

(Honourable mention goes to RottR)

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How about some TV add’s to help with the advertisement. Surely if they put together a good one that would wow a sum of people it should earn more publicity. They same way they advertised Halo 5, Forza, Gears Tomb Raider and their other IP’s. An amazing trailer will generate a lot reaction…

“Wow what is this game, looks cool!”

“Omg, but it’s an xbox exclusive! :(”

“Did that raptor just… pick up and throw that golem man…?”


It’s something MS is working on. The old music samples weren’t being seen by many people outside of Twitter, so they made official Music trailers which we saw yesterday with Kim Wu. Thing is, the majority of views come from us. The media doesn’t share those videos. Max is the only one with enough clout to get high viewership for any KI vids.

The PC launch is going to be rough. PC gamers hardly even know when the game will launch. They hate the Windows store. Lastly, with MKX abondoning the PC and SFV doing poorly and losing players daily on the biggest market Steam, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture for KI’s future.

If you saw recent posts, they asked for reaction videos. Reaction videos are another form of exposure and good for KI to get noticed.

Another form of exposure is through the tournament scene. We all saw how well KI did in viewership numbers at the KI cup, we need to support more tourneys like that by whatching and participating.

Lastly, if us the community can create our own videos about KI and share them on youtube whether they be competitive play, tutorials, or just funny wacky videos it would help out alot.

Anything helps, whether it’s videos, fan art, or discussion. As a community we need to spread word of KI.


I’ll say that I have two things I’m cooking up for my main forum (NeoGAF heh) that I hope will make the rounds on the web. I’m definitely going to post them here as well. I might even let some of you guys get a peek at one of them too.