Killer Instinct Weekly Forum Battles

Today marks my last day as “That Forum Battles Guy”.

You guys have been amazing and I’ll never forget the epic times we all had. I have progressed so much as a player because of the event @SightlessKombat and I founded. Now the responsibility falls to @MrxFlutterShy to keep the torch lit. I’ll still be watching, but I am no longer in charge of the “Big Wig” decisions with Forum Battles. It means so much to me that you guys showed such a huge amount of interest and I hope that you will continue to do so moving forward. GGs guys and goodbye for now.


Weekly forum tournaments? Forum members only?

Yes! Weekly or every other week.


Weekly organized lobbies every week? Count me in! :smiley:
Edit: “Weekly lobbies every week.” Darn it, Fwuf


I would like to join though but I always disconnect from lobbies:(

You should try again. You might just be able to stay in.

AWESOME!!! Looks like just about everyone got in on the video with a win and a loss! That’s great! Good job and match choices.
Thanks again…look forward to the next one!

I did and still disconnected.

Interesting. I might be on board with this!

Now, @RGLOfficial, how would you set this up? Details and such, just wondering. :slight_smile:

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At the beginning of every week I would start to compile a list of participants, as the week progressess we can update the list with new entries or people who unexpectedly won’t be able to make it. On the weekend I will collect the footage from the lobby and upload it to Youtube. Then the cycle repeats under the guise of rounds. (Example week one is round one, week two is round two etc.)

Sounds Interesting! Only thing is You would have to find a day and time to compile this idea together.

I’m thinking friday or saturday. Sometime in the afternoon (maybe 5:00pm EST?)

I think the day and time we used this weekend worked well for everyone that played. Was it the perfect time? No, but we will never find a perfect time for everyone.

WE also may need to have 2 hosts so we can spit the lobby into 2 so everyone can play. I know more that 8 will want to play this go around

Let’s start on Saturday January 2nd the day after new years. If that doesn’t work for the majority we can push it to the 9th.


Maybe we could organize multiple sub-lobbies throughout the day so everyone can wind up included. Or maybe we could have multiple days. "Forum Fight Fridays " has a nice ring to it, even if it’s a pain in the rear to organize compared to Saturday.

Bringing back Friday Night Fights. xD

I thnik the problem with nights for us here int eh US is that a few of the guys were in Europe (I think) and they were on the late night time and we were in the mid day

Man really wish I could participate :disappointed:

What’s stopping you?

I know I might not be able to participate, because I work on the Weekends. That’s why I can’t participate in things like 8BBD. I would every week if I could… :worried: