Killer Instinct vs. Darkstalkers

So I had a dream about this crossover last night.

Developed by IG/Microsoft with input from Capcom.

-uses KI’s free to play model

-2v2 tag fighter

-10-12 character roster per season. KI 2013 character models are reused. Darkstalker models are built specifically for this game.

-6 attack buttons. Has auto-doubles, manuals and magic series. LP + LK is throw, MP+MK is tag while in neutral or blockstrings but counter-breaker during hitstun. HP+HK is Instinct. 2x P on block is pushblock. 2x K is guard cancel.

-every character can block in air and air throw.

Hopefully combining DS and KI mechanics would allow more freedom in KI move properties. Air Windkick? Yes please.


As a huge Darkstalkers fan, I’d LOVE to see a new game. DS using KI mechanics would be interesting and DS at least follows KI’s quirky character aesthetic.

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That would be AMAZING! Love Darkstalkers, so to see some of their characters slightly reimagined as darker versions with more friendly controls to fit in with KI and the fighting system would be fantastic. Honestly, and maybe I’m crazy, but I also think that they could find a way to work a lot of the Darkstalkers in to KI’s world and story without having to use some black hole or alternate universe plot device.

Man, I’d play the crap out of that game!!


Sabrewulf vs. Jon Tolbain… enough said…


Anakaris and Kan Ra. . . . . . .omfg BOOK IT VINCE!


Mira and Demitri or Bishamon (or Hsien Ko?) vs Hisako would be cool as well, though I think it’d also be cool to have many characters that don’t currently fit in to what KI’s already done as well, like Victor, Donovan, Rikuo, Jedah, Lord Raptor, Sasquatch, etc but yeah, those mummy vs mummy, wolf vs wulf, vampire vs vampire… That’d be awesome!!

Now I really want this to happen lol


Overall that is one KILLER dream you got there man :wink: :slight_smile: :grin: :+1:

I don’t want capcom anywhere near KI.


I dunno… I’d love to see a Chun-li versus Orchid fight!

Except for the fact that Chun-Li happens to be a Street Fighter character, NOT a Darkstalkers character :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can’t like this enough. Stay away Capcom. If only Microsoft put the same amount of money into the tournament scene as Capcom does for sfv. Wonder if it still would be “dead” offline.

Yes to everything except the F2P model. I’d rather have a complete $60 game than a $20 game that gets another $20 piece later.

If they just license the characters it’s okay. Akuma in Tekken7 is the best he’s looked and played in a while.

I’d love a KI vs Darkstalkers!! Their characters are so similar. I wouldn’t mind if they collaborated into making us an awesome crossover.

Demitri x Mira
John x Sabrewulf
Donovan x Jago
Raiku x Riptor
Anakaris x Kan Ra
Morrigan x Sadira?
Felicia x Maya
Jedah x Gargos

So many possibilities…


Exactly. Namco did better Akuma than Capcom.

I’m totally in!!! <3

Yeah if something like this actually happened, I’d want MS / IG handling Darkstalkers characters, not Capcom handling KI characters.

I would put air quotes in that sir lol

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I would prefer Mortal Kombat or just Scorpion as an added bonus character :facepunch::+1:

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