Killer Instinct Season 3 Launch Prediction date : March 25th 2016!

The way I see Backstories releases, I’m pretty sure Killer Instinct Season 3 will release the next week following the last backstory release. Since we’ve got Omen’s backstory ; I’m pretty sure we’ll also get Shadow Jago’s backstory.

Backstories releases plan:

3rd week of February: Aganos’ Backstory
4th week of February: Hisako’s Backstory
1st week of March: Cinder’s Backstory
2nd week of March: ARIA’s Backstory
3rd week of March: Shadow Jago’s Backstory
4th week of March: Killer Instinct Season 3 release (usually Iron Galaxy and Microsoft Game Studios releases KI stuff and updates on Fridays).

Killer Instinct Season 3 Launch Date: Friday March 25th 2016.

My guess:
March 8 or 11. ARIA bio can contain something important about s3, but Shago(albeit tied to Gargos, pivotal part of s3) is a “bonus” character and I don’t think they hold it one week more only for Shago’s history.

Also, 8 it’s sooner than 25…

See rebeccabomer

I would also guess toward the end of March. I know it’s next month but it’s really well over a month away. Still a good long stretch of insanity.

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I’d say that’s a pretty fair guess. Still… it boggles my mind that news and sneek peaks are not ramping up after KIWC. IG said feb was gonna be a crazy month with trailers, reveals and stuff. All we got in 2 weeks are a couple of backstories…

They are killing me… I really hope for a nice trailer on friday, maybe Arbiter’s…


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There’s plenty of time to reveal stuff to drive us rabid with anticipation. I’m confident that we’ll be getting trailers, teasers and streams starting up really soon.

I mean, really - who’s to say they’re not going to drop something on Friday?

I hope so, and I think they need to do it to keep fueling the flame:)

Honestly, this might be the right time to start poking @rukizzel wiith sharp sticks again. Then again, I saw him on the KIWC stream… that guy could snap me in half.


I’m just awaiting Arbiter’s trailer, thats all I want.

We better get an awesome launch trailer like the one for Season 2 that revealed the silhouettes for all the characters and stage ultras!

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ahhhaah, he’s a big dude:P But I’m sure it’s a nice guy that doesn’t mind to get poked:P

Let’s hope for something better than that, shall we:P

My co-worker asked when Season 3 was coming out and I said I didn’t know. He was shocked that there is a trickle of info when the game comes out next month. His favorite game is Mortal Kombat X, so we talk a lot about fighters. I been trying to get him into KI but he only has a PS4. Then there was another co-worker who asked me about KI (I’m the KI guy) and I said there was nothing much new to talk about at the moment. It is really weird…

I thought the same date. However, in case Shadow Jago hasn’t a backstory, the release date will be one week earlier. Hence, 18th March.

Personally think it will be on the 28th.

Considering how MS is getting more and more involved in the competitive side of the game, this would mitigate the issues of the two upcoming tournaments, Final Round and NorCal Regionals. These two would make it difficult to the competitive side to get acclimated to:

  • a new system
  • all the cast’s new toys
  • at least three new characters at launch which we need to understand how to break.

I’m speaking for one side of the community I’m more tuned with. I think it would work best that way, personally.

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END of March, so tax money is available to most for purchase of season 3!

Do we know if they will release the Season 3 re-balance early like they did with Season 2? Because if that’s the case, we could be playing the build around the end of the month!

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I’m starting to worry a little that the initial offerings in March won’t be quite as large as some might be hoping, just based on what’s been revealed so far.

KIWC was a week and a half ago. It’s February 10th now, and I haven’t seen or read anything about any more big reveals coming up any time soon. The Xbox Spring Showcase is February 25th, which from what Podcast Unlocked says has been MS’ sort of lead-in to GDC in years past (though not necessarily in the last few years), which is March 14th - 18th. After that, I dunno… Pax East at the end of April?

I’d have to think that with Phil Spencer being at the Spring Showcase this year, that it’ll likely be a bigger deal than normal, which could mean more KI info, possibly a lot more (including the relase date, I’d assume), but if that’s the only place we’ll see KI before March… It sort of makes me wonder if we’re not maybe getting something like four characters at launch with no new modes and story coming at the end of the season again.

It still feels like we hardly know anything about season 3. We’ve seen the rebalance, which is awesome. But for actual new season 3 stuff, we’ve seen two S3 characters and a tease for a third. We’ve seen one new arena. We have no info on any new modes, total character count, who those characters might be, any announcements about continuing the community fund or new content to buy to contribute to it, the new HUD, what’s in the Ultra Pack, if there will even be an Ultra Pack, a final release date…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m obviously getting season 3 and I know that we’ll find everything out in time. In a way, it’s exciting to know that we still have so much content to be revealed and the way Adam was talking it up on Twitter has me psyched to say the least.

It just feels like, at this point, we should really be rolling in to the reveals portion of season 3, where the information should be flowing on a weekly basis and so far it’s been KIWC and that’s pretty much it since Rash back in the fall.

Mind you, I’m not complaining. If it sounds that way, I definitely apologize. I’m not trying to tell anyone how to do their job, I swear. Really, I’m more just curious as to when that steady flow of info is going to start, because the fact that it hasn’t already kinda worries me a little.

Anyways, as far as a release date, I’ll say they go for a Tuesday release this time around, so the 22nd, with individual characters going on sale the following Tuesday the 29th.

I’m going with March 31 or April 7.

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Why you think it April 7? Why?

My prediction for season 3’s release: Not soon enough.

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March 21-March 25th