Killer Instinct on Xbox Live Games with Gold

Hello people, I’m here just to share with you this link:

I’m new with this game and a hope to see more people enjoying.

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That’s a good find. Thanks, sir.

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So will those of us that own the combo breaker pack be able to download the costumes or will it show up as already owned and not let you download? I remember that being an issue back on the 360.

I own the combo breaker pack and I hope to be able to download the retro costumes and maybe play the game without the disc.

I might redownload it for this very reason.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the same thing will happen to season 2 at some point? Well at least I can get some retros and Ki1 now.

Ultra seas 1 owners should get compensated with costumes or discount on 3 ultra

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Why? Season one has been out for two years now. That’d be like saying every game that’s free on Games with Gold should involve compensating everyone that paid money for the game at some point.

After a while, stuff drops in price or, as in the case with Games With Gold, becomes free for a few weeks or a month.

You either pay a premium to adopt early or you wait and pay less. I bought an Xbox One on the first day it came out. Paid $500 for it. Has a Kinect that’s borderline useless at this point. Had I waited, I’d have saved about $150 and likely would’ve received a game or two in a bundle for free. The advantage on my side is that I got to enjoy a lot of great games in the last two years that I wouldn’t have been able to play otherwise.

It’s a double edged sword either way you look at it. Adopt early and have what you want as soon as possible, or wait and pay less (or nothing) later. As a S1 and S2 Ultra pack owner, can’t say I feel like MS/IG owes me anything.

Now if you want to talk about some sort of “loyalty reward” where time played or number of characters leveled to 50 or whatever results in some sort of unique character skin or something like that? I think that’d be a cool way to reward long time fans for their loyalty, but I don’t think it’s something they “owe” us just because they’re trying to lure in new fans with a S1 pack that’s been out for two years already.


Maybe for each character that you reached to level 50,you get 100 KI gold or something? Anyway I agree with putting KI as free for gold even for just one season. More players the better.

We already get a reward for reaching level 50, it’s color 9, you can’t buy that color it has to be earned.


So let me get this straight - they’re offering a free to play game for free? :stuck_out_tongue:

All jokes aside, I was actually mildly upset to hear about this, but mostly for a foolish reason (that some people will get it for free when I paid for it). Then I clicked the link and found out that it’s only for S1 (which, IMO, is not the better half), so technically they’re only getting half of the game, which made me feel a bit better. I am a bit concerned that I am going to soon be overwhelmed with too many S1-based opponents (especially Jago - even moreso than usual anyways). Then again, there will also be fresh meat to throw into the grinder. :meat_on_bone:

How many people do you think will survive the slaughter, come out on top, and join our illustrious community because of this? :smirk:

Next month, we dine on noob! MWAHAHAHA!!! :fork_and_knife:

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that’s great news, should open the flood gates for more players, great news!!

Someone really needs to make a video tutorial that explains the combo system.

Something that is as simple as

Special move-any button-Special Move- any button- Special Move but with Trigger

None of this HP/HK, Enders, linkers, KI vocab BS. New people will have no idea what you are talking about if you use those words.

Unless you explain those words in the video itself. Teaching someone what to do without teaching them the why and how has always felt more detrimental than helpful to me.

Good point. I was just kinda thinking longer term than leveling one character up to 50, but that’s a perfect example of MS/IG giving hardcore players some love.

I just thought it’d be cool if there was some sort of reward that you’d get for having five characters at level 50 that’s specific to accomplishing that feat (beyond having 5 color 9’s, obviously) or getting every character to 50.

Or if we abandon the level idea altogether, something that unlocks when you’ve played a certain amount of time. I know achievements are unlocked this way, but something along the lines of when all of the old purchase /unlock system transferred over to the new system and people got the black belt and brown belt icons and what not depending on how much they opened before the change over, only making it a bit more noticeable like a completely new skin for a character or two or three or whatever.

Don’t get me wrong, again, I’m NOT saying that fans are entitled to something like this because KI S1 is free in January. I’m just saying that, in addition to the color 9’s, and the season one unlock icons for that matter, if there were more cool unlockable bonuses for long time players. Just throwing the idea out there. :grin:

I’m going to avoid the part where I’m bitter about paying full price, this is awesome news for anyone who hasn’t gotten KI and I think will help the game stay popular up until season 3’s release.

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Yesss!!! We’ve had the joy of playing the best fighting game for quite some time! And I’m sure most of us don’t regret a single moment of the purchase. (if anything to support the people that made the game)

All I can think of is how many more people will be playing KI!!! Oh boy! This is great news for us! :smiley:

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I get the feeling S2 will be free in February.
S1 = January
S2 = February
S3 = March

This is great! Not everybody who wants this package will have Xbox Live Gold, but still… it might be worth it to use up one of those 3 day trials you get all over the place just to pick this up.

If S2 is free in February that would be amazing for the game’s popularity. In reality, though, I just want them to have S1 and S2 ultra editions on for a huge sale when S3 releases. Do that 65% off deal that you did a while back, get both of them together for $30 or whatever it was. Then people can buy that + Season 3 ultra for $40 or whatever it costs and not feel like they’re getting too gypped on price to own all the content.

So I bought all the Season 1 characters except Spinal and Fulgore, will there be any issues downloading this pack and unlocking accessories and whatnot? Should I uninstall everything and then download just the pack?