Killer Instinct - Message for the developers

Dear devs. PLEASE, for the love of god, give us a real single player mode!
Player vs CPU current mode is is horrible.

Can we just have a simple tower, like in Killer instinct 1, 2, street fighter, mortal kombat series, with a BOSS at the end ? It’s simple, we pick a fighter, and the software randomizes a series of opponents so we can climb the tower and kill the boss! Most of us are not even too worried about the cut scenes aka endings… when you finish them you finish them. But I beg you, PLEASE.

In my opinion, the best thing about fighting games, is when you sit on the couch with your friends, and the looser gives the fight stick to the next player. PVP in KI is exceptional, and you guys are doing a great job with the game, characters, stages, sound… It’s amazing.

Here is what makes the game really bad
Unless you are sitting on the couch playing with your friends, it is very unenjoyable.
Online play is not optimal, the online player count is extremely low.
Offline play mode is the worse of all ! There’s no tower ! Why can’t we just have a regular tower? having to go back to the Character Selection screen each time the fight ends, to pick a different opponent is REALLY bad. Horrible.
And quick honestly? I’m sure people out there will enjoy it, but, Shadow Lord SUCKS… Leave that game mode there, and do what you gotta do with it but, add a tower mode for the love of god. No need to have a story behind it, just a tower where you just KILL everything to get to the boss.

Also… Remember in season 1, how the character select screen was? Well, wouldn’t it be wise to allow us to change the Character Select Screen style to Classic in the menu option? It’s a waste of work not to have it, it’s just a different layout.

Thanks !

About Me:
Hello there. I am 31 years old, and I am a video game fan. I have been playing video games since the 8 bit era. I’ve played everything from, Street Fighter II to Starcraft 1/2. And I can include many unreleased series like Primal Rage II.

I own a gaming PC, 3DO, NeO Geo, Neo Geo CD, Nes, Snes, n64, wiiu, S Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox 1, 2 and one. I also have most MAME games.

I am not bragging about my collection, I am bragging about my capability of judgement. I know what games will be played again, and what games will be collecting dust :D.

You lost me well before this.


If you want to sit down, and play this game offline, you are stuck with the current horrible offline modes. Unless you have someone to play with.

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I’d argue that Shadow Survival is a worthwhile mode for what you’re looking for. I’d agree that having someone to play with, in person, is optimal, but that is true of every fighting game ever made. I don’t see how dedicating time to make another single player mode is especially worthwhile considering what’s already on offer.

For where KI is at in 2017, we’re lucky to get any new content as far as I’m concerned. Keep the dream alive - adding a Ladder Mode is not going to bring in any new players that will further the game financially. Hate to see it that way, but I’m sure that’s as far as the conversation would go on their side of things.

Edit: Thanks for taking the time to join the forums. Obviously you feel passionately about this, even if I can’t agree with your logic. I didn’t especially want Ultimates, but here they are.

While some of your post seemed a bit harsh for what basically amounts to just wanting a regular arcade ladder, I will say that you’re not alone in wanting this. It’s becoming a more and more popular request around here.

I think it’d be nice if they could do this and maybe have a piece of canon story at the end, even if it’s just written words laid over previously used assets.

That said, I think the single player offerings in this game are pretty awesome.

-Dojo Mode
-Shadow Lab
-Shadow Survival
-Single Matches
-Shadow Lords

I think it’s a bit strange that the story mode where you find season one and season two fibtvactually allow you to replay those modes, as I think that’d be pretty close to arcade ladders.

But even then, I don’t get your hate for Shadow Lords at all. Playing to unlock more stuff to use to get better stuff, to unlock story missions, lore dossiers, skins, XP, SP, a stage etc is an extremely satisfying gameplay loop that keeps me coming back again and again. The fact that they can keep adding more stuff to it makes it even better.

Most game’s arcade modes give you an ending and that’s it. You can plateau in a survival mode. A cinema based story mode is nice, but there’s almost zero replay value. This mode gives you all of the benefits of great single player modes with virtually none of their drawbacks, plus greater match variety and and tons of stuff to discover.

I have been playing fighting games since SF2 hit arcades and I can honestly say that this is one of the best, most unique modes I’ve ever seen offered in this genre.

Again, I get wanting an arcade mode, but I really don’t get the hate for SL. Oh well, to each his own. :slight_smile:

If I recall correctly, classic tower modes in arcade fighting games had difficulty artificially raised to the moon so you shell out more quarters (and difficulty would lower after some continues, like in MK2 for example).

Yea, sounds like fun.

You just said fighting against the AI isn’t fun, yet you want an arcade ladder where that’s literally all you do?


They have a real single player mode. It’s called Shadow Survival.

This is coming from someone who also hates Killer Instinct’s AI. It’s much easier to just play Shadows, and a lot more fun, too.

Shadow Lords, Shadow Survival, the arcade tower exists too for s1 and s2 characters… What’s your complaint again? Its a fighting game… Every mode except 2 player online training exists in KI right now.

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Dude you said you wanted a ladder right? well your going to be fighting the AI so yeah and they could add more modes but that costs money.

Hey OP, THEY DO. It’s called SEASON1 and SEASON2 Story Mode.



Yeah, if you go to story mode under single player, Season 1 and season 2 story modes are basically ladder style story modes just like most fighting games from in the past. You’ve gone all this time without ever seeing it?

Though I will admit, you can not select any character in season 3 or the bonus characters as your character choice, so…there is that tradeoff, but they are traditional ladder style.

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Shadow Lord sucks. Let me tell you why.
You don’t pick who you play with… You go with the flow. You are forced to follow a story, and play with characters you’d never play with by choice.

Survival sucks… Let me tell you why.
You just play forever until you loose . Wtf ? No boss, no nothing just play and play and play…

Season 1 and 2 story modes suck, let me tell you why.
Like, who had this idea? really? Come one, any veteran video game player out there will say the story mode in this game is TRASH compared to a real ladder.

Dojo? Lol, im not gonna say anything.

Development mistakes: Easy Combos? HAHAHAHAHA what a joke ! If you want to perform huge combos, or any combos, you should need to learn them, and not just push any random buttons to perform them. It’s easy enough, It’s not the classic version of the game where you need to practice for ever. Come on.

When it comes to the financial side of things, and cost… I can tell you. How many of us got scammed/overcharged? The people behind the financial side of this game are not saints guys.
Let me give you an example. Lets say you own season 1 and season 2 … Right ? Now, you just need the season 3 characters… The game actually allows you to re buy season 1,2 and 3 ! which means, you are rebuying season 1, and 2, which you already owned… This happens if you are not careful on both Xbox and PC versions! I fell for it! When I bought season 1, I coulda just bought season 2 when it became available… But the game allowed me to re pay the premium of $59 I think, at the time, for the whole thing … So yeah, I technickly paid for season 1 twice, like many other people did.
Anyways, since microsoft gave me a hard time I left it alone…
So yeah, money is definitely not a problem for these guys.

KI is more affordable than any other game on the market. If you’re this upset, I think you should find another game. Everything you said wasn’t in the game is in the game. The cost, if you chose to buy ultimate packs that’s on you, I paid 70 total for all my content starting from S1 and S3 physical copies for collection and the S3 bundle on PC. All dlc and the game for $70. SFV MKX everyone else was more expensive. Multiple people have offered advice or debunked your OP. You’re ranting and unopen to discussion.

Your level of ignorance is disgusting.

I was going to say something meaningful, seeing how I tend to be one of the ones that is regularly attempting to keep interest in a full-fledged story/arcade mode going around here, but after about the third " Let me tell you why."…No, just no.

The only thing I will say is lay off the condecending clickbait talk approach. You’re no better than anyone else around here. Walking into someone else’s house, insulting them, then asking for a favor is a guaranteed way to either be ignored or shown the door. And personally I would rather the devs be greeted by a crowd or fans chanting for a story/arcade mode than an angry mob with torches and pitchforks yelling at them to put it in.


Ye olde irony, how I miss you.


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Youre right, no one is playing.

Couldnt be because there’s a tournament with the worlds best players currently playing live that many are watching vs. playing the game AT THIS PARTICULAR second. Becausr you did ask for “right this second.”

Naw, thats lunacy.

Have a good one, esteemed sir.

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All those words typed and not 1 good point made