Killer Instinct Inktober Challenge!

Whew, here’s day 7! I was dreading Spinal for all of his little details, but he turned out to be a lot of fun, if not time-consuming.


Scrunched is how I’d describe Spinal…

<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/7/2/7253e97f9b85a86e0c
Over so soon?

Sadira’s my 3rd female to be fleshed out


Here’s Fulgore for Day 8! This was incredibly time consuming, but fun–I love this character’s design so so much. Just pretend I left enough space on the right side of the page for all of his plasma blade, and we’ll all be happier. >_>;



This is real masterpiece!!!

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Your attention to value detail is amazing i love your thunder

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@Dayv0 and @BblackorchidD – thank you both! Another piece will go up tomorrow, and on Monday I’ll upload all of the Season 1 characters in full-res scans. They look much better when they’re not phone camera pics!


His right or my right? Because I have something to say about the former…

…otherwise, still as awesome as ever.

Also, it makes me wonder how much better these would be if you took more time on them and made corrections.

I’ll post something this tuesday(at least)

Day 9, Shadow Jago. The placing of the nasal cavity on the mask isn’t quite right but that aside I’m fairly pleased.


Looks great, don’t really mind the nose but he seems kind of slim almost like a retro jago.

Edit: you should totally do omen or gargos next.

The chains look like it was an absolute pain to draw. Congrats for succeeding.

This Shadow Jago is awesome! :heart:

Always with the eyes though…

The fun will be extracting all your single pieces into a mural of all of them together!

Maya for Day 10–squeezed this one in right under the wire haha, which is why the angle of the pic is a little bit funky. Will turn out better when I scan (they’ll all look better sobs). I love this character’s redesign so much… I just love this character. Badass warrior women make the world go round!


Maya’s redesign was superb. It’s hard to believe Kim’s coat/ accessories came from the same team.

I also loved the color changing the hair and bodysuit underneath
Wasn’t a fan of her retro tomboy hair

Your girls are lacking in the curves department and still look too masculine as a result, IMO.

Also, Maya would ask, “does my dagger look fat?” Yes, Maya; it does.

I like Kim’s accessories.