Killer Instinct Inktober Challenge!

Hello all! For any who might not know, during the month of October there is a fun excercise that takes place which challenges artists to create one ink drawing per day throughout the whole month. This is my first year participating in Inktober, and after some deliberating I have decided to tackle the Killer Instinct cast for this month! The game has such wonderfully varied characters that all mean a lot to me, and I have always wanted to try my hand at drawing every member of the roster. What better time than now?

So! I will be drawing one character per day, working completely in ballpoint–so no erasing. Kicking it off with October 1st’s piece, featuring Jago!

At the end of each week I will be uploading higher-quality scans of each of these. In the mean time stay tuned, keep checking back, and let’s see if I can meet the challenge of churning out one piece per day! Also if you guys want to give me your feedback on whether or not I should include the guest characters in this exercise, make your voices heard!


That’s great man. Awesome Jago drawing btw. Hope you able to complete the challenge

Awesome stuff man, I would suggest leaving out guests unless you like those characters a lot.

PS: Can you draw modern Orchid without the goggles? Hate to impose a request but I want a pic like that to refference :stuck_out_tongue:

Mind if people join in?

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I’m actually in the middle of a Jago drawing myself. It isn’t ink but it’s still a drawing. I never realized how painfully detailed he is. It’s like the artists thought “How can we make a character that looks so cool that people would want to draw him, but make him so detailed so they can have the hardest time possible?” Great drawing, dood.

The eyes look a little funky, but considering that this is ink with no erasing, it’s still utterly fantastic! I can’t wait to see the rest! :art:

Absolutely! Anyone can participate in Inktober, and the more people doing it, the funner it becomes! I say go for it, and feel free to post your stuff here in this thread if you’d like.

As to everyone else–thank you for all of the kind words and concrit! I really appreciate it. Up for today is Sabrewulf. I’ll make an update when he’s done!

Q: Why is Jago holding is sword the wrong way?

…I thought the curved part of the sword was the actual blade.

Day 2 brings Sabrewulf lunging in! Had fun with this one, he’s a personal favorite of mine.


WOW! That’s awesome! Good job!

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I swear every time I see your work I immediately become uber jealous over it. Fantastic work as always.

IMO, much better than Jago (no issue with the eyes this time), but then again, it’s harder, I think, to draw human anatomy rather than that of monsters. :imp:

I said it before, and I’ll say it again - I cannot wait to see the rest! Especially, my main, Aganos. Keep up the great work! :smiley:

By the way, I really appreciated the help you gave me a few months back with my art. You know how I like my cartoon-ish style so I’m curious to see what you think of my most recent stuff.

Mercy (Heroes always don’t ded) meant to be pretty goofy.


Okay, now you’ve definitely done goofed on those eyes. :eyes:

It’s mean to be wide eyed, it’s a joke :tada:

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Makes Water

#Wulf Wulf Wulf


Oh… my… dear God! This is AWESOME!
Really, congratz! This is by far the best Sabrewulf’s fanart I’ve ever seen!

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Thank you to everyone for your kind words! The Sabrewulf one blew up, I was pretty thrilled. I’ll try to keep doing everyone’s favorite characters justice. Today is my favorite, so this should be good… :sunglasses:

Also @VergoVan way to come through! The way you’ve drawn Riptor there kind of reminds me of Gon the dinosaur… definitely not a bad thing! And I love the fast and loose lines that you used for Sabrewulf’s fur. Keep it up! Let’s tackle this challenge together. If anyone else wants to join in I highly encourage it!

Oh yeah and @Crainiak24, I like your Mercy piece a lot! The bright but soft colors work very well and the warm-colored lineart complements that nicely. She’s a very graceful lady to be sure~

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lol Anybody remember Rampage?


I do!! I played the old version however (World Tour on N64), not whichever --insert old person voice-- fancy newfangled version these models came from!