Killer Instinct Inktober Challenge!

Ah, memories. My big brother and me really love to play that! :slight_smile:

Who’s ready for Day 3??

All hail Glacius, the coolest member of the KI cast by far, and my favorite character in entertainment to date. ;3; Had a lot of fun with this one too, never inked his icy skin all the way through so I learned stuff!


I’m seeing stars! :smiley:



Oh I really like this one! Good job capturing both sides of her!!

This is awesome! I love looking at your art. It’s amazing! Always gives me a smile on how detailed and filled with love!

Eagerly awaiting the next one. :smiley:

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These are awesome! So glad you (and the other artists posting in here) are sharing these with us all! Given me something to look forward to throughout the month now lol

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Thanks you guys. Glad everyone is enjoying them so much! I’ve been having fun. Here’s Day 4, featuring Thunder!

The next couple of days may not be quite as involved, since I’ll be at work and will have less time to dedicate to them. But I’ll still do my best to get them done even if they don’t end up being as polished!


#One pill make larger and one pill makes you small~ :notes:


#Paris Hilton

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Day 5, featuring Sadira!

The phone sort of butchered this one, and she ended up with a different expression entirely than what I intended, whoops. But it was still fun to draw her again!


Orchid, ready to break faces in day 6!


#Fan Sevice


I’m still here waiting for Cinder…

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Not to insult your tallents, I’ve been floored by the sheer awsomeness of your 1-take works so far but…
That Orchid face though…
It’s just dieing to become a meme!
Would you be offeneded if I used it a such?

This will take the place of the Whale in my nightmares

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Orchid’s torso looks too masculine to me. And eyes are still your main needs improvement area. Keep at it! :hugging:

Words cannot express how Godlike these are, especially Wulf and Glacius (btw, super-mega-ultimate-killer-definitive bonus points to anybody who can get me that Glacius in pink with “SPARKLES!” above it, would make a great t-shirt).
@VergoVan shout out to you for that goofy Sabrewulf, absolutely love that look.


@FulMetalSnorlax I can’t control what you do–all I hope is that you’ll use your head. If it’s light-hearted or humorous, go for it. If it’s making fun of the art or disrespectful to the hard work that I put into it, well then… shouldn’t that be obvious?

To everyone else–thanks for all the compliments and concrit alike! Admittedly Orchid and Sadira are not quite where I’d like them to be, but I am satisfied with what they are for my limitations in medium and time. Always good to find out areas that you’re weak in, too!

Spinal is on his way, I still need to finish him up and then I’ll post him.

Really eager to see Aganos, Gargos and Eyedol.

Also, have you read the Novella? Could you do Porfiry the Imp and a Wendigo when doing Mira? Your artistic vision of them

Thanks in advance ^^

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