Killer Instinct Forum Battles

Yo sorry i didn’t realize that you guys made a new thread been working with alot of pros with my riptor and rash lately ill be sure to return to this !

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Is there going to be a forum battles today?

Only on Saturdays as far as I know. But we can still get a lobby going today if you guys wanna play KI.

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I’m down with playing some KI after I get some breakfast

If you guys are still doing this, I would love to join.

it wasnt even started, would you like to start it?

alright lol send me a message over xbl when you are ready to play

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RGL Official will join us!

in about 10 minutes.

Yo! Can I join you?


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Good! When you’re ready, let me to know!

I’m ready.


anyone send me an invite please

Is it still up? I am open to join.

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I think you can join ZDhome’s lobby right now. But I just leave.

Ok just let me eat first


anyone up for some games?


Nothing. I made a post, then realized that it wasn’t appropriate to post it here, so i moved it. Just saving space.

I should be available for KI (obviously), MKX, GoW:UE, BF4, MC:XB1E, TF, WB, and most 360 games (especially if they’re BC) since I own those games. :slight_smile: