Killer Instinct Forum Battles

Welcome to Forum Battles!

“Forum Battles” is a community playdate for Killer Instinct that takes place every Saturday at 2PM Eastern. It’s sole purpose is to bring the community together, and to promote playing the game as much as possible. To help accomplish this, activities will take place OUTSIDE of Saturdays as well, and every part of the event is malleable in ways that allow you to use them however we see fit for the betterment of yourself and the community.

We will be having fun in many ways, at many times!

Cant make Saturday? Just tell us, and we will MAKE a date for you! Forum Battles can happen any day!

(Forum Battles is not a tournament, just a community play-day. However, tournaments may happen in the future. Who knows?)

If your attention has been caught, then you should watch this video to find out some more info:

Hope you enjoyed it! Everything else is small details that may change, so feel free to ask questions wherever you wish!

If you would like to get started with us, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Make an account
  2. Introduce yourself, and make friends in the thread.
  3. Show up during a stream, join a party, and play KI with as many people as you can.
  4. To stay in contact, and help get you in games, send friend requests to our “Leading Gamertags” and any participants you make friends with in the thread.
  5. Pay attention to the OP to find new community activities, and request your own.

I am fully available to help you out in any way you may need, so feel free to talk to me about how to get the most out of “Forum Battles” at any time!

Here are some helpful links and resources:

Forum Battles Youtube:

Forum Battles Twitter:

Leading Gamertags:
SightlessKombat - Owner, Group Leader
ZDhome - Manager, Stream Runner

Current Forum Battles streamers and Content pages:


#Current Forum Battles News:
-Stream confirmed for TODAY at 5PM Eastern!
-OP Updated! (Mentions requesting dates.)

#Current Forum Battles Schedule:
-Stream TODAY at 5PM Eastern!
-My stream is now “open” for use by “Forum Battles” Members
-My personal stream will not happen this Saturday, but the event, of course, will. I hope to see some new content be made this Saturday, as it will further “settle” the fact that Forum battles does not revolve around MYSELF, but the community as a whole.

(OP is always in the process of being updated, so check back periodically!)


Hopefully we can get back into full swing soon. I look forward to being able to get to play with you dudes again!



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I’m still here. :smiley:


Signing in and sounding off. Faster, stronger, burnier.


I don’t know what this is but whatever it is I want to participate with my team, team smartass, aka Kim Wu and cinder


I am kind of interested in playing with you guys, but idk if I can handle the pressure of being on a stream with a bunch of people watching and/or judging me :sweat_smile:

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In, on, about, down, etc :slight_smile:

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I’ve never attended the forum battles. What is the deal?

I will play with KI forum battles again!

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Every Saturday we play KI together in as many ways as possible.

There is some extra treats that will come later.

“There ARE…” :wink:

Trust me, its not like that. Its all about having fun, even your opponent will coach you if you want it. We’re all just trying to get better together. Don’t worry about the stream.


I might give it a shot then if its all good fun. Is there a certain day(s) you guys do it?

Can you add CC in “Welcom to Forum Battles” video? I can’t understand what’d you say in video…

The CC’s are done!

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Dont worry about that. I’ll waiting for you add CC in video. When you put CC, then please let me to know! : )

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FINALLY! Thank you so much! : D

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(HYPE BUILDS) (Fighty, fights, punchy, punchy, kicky, kicky!) are best CC, I’ve ever read!

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