Killer Instinct Forum Battles

Oh, that sounds like such an exciting comedy show!

Oh wait…

You don’t do comedy? :rolling_eyes:


LOL… thats how you start out man… you will have many of those nights and those are the best ones in the end! I miss those days… we used to play almost every weekend…wild times!

Ya know, I THOUGHT this would be a simple request to ask, but apparently it went unfulfilled, as we got pulled over by the police on the way to the 2nd hotel :sweat:


Did you guys have fun? Did anyone play Omen for me?

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I think @Sasuke99I played a round as Omen. We had a good time. A few people came and went, and generally everybody was cool about everything.

For me it was great to play with folks who post on here all the time.


I was only there for a few minutes when they started, as they couldn’t keep the lobby to a minimum size - I kept getting kicked out, so I figured there was no point in staying if I couldn’t play anyways… :’(



Good Games again man. It was an interesting experience to say the least, and I think I will be practicing up for the next time we meet. I would like to be a more formidable opponent for our next set of sightless matches. At the very least, I would like to more efficiently combo break you, and maybe get a counter breaker that wasn’t a complete accident.

I will say this again though, it takes some real discipline and mastery to do what you do, you easily have my respect.


ggs to you too. Your abilities to react to situations have definitely improved since the first time we trained blindfolded and I’m impressed by your ability to adapt to what I’m trying to do and get the correct spacing to try and achieve your own objectives throughout the match.

If you have any questions about how to work with certain aspects of the mechanics etc, please feel free to ask and I’ll see if I can help.

Also, I did try and participate in Forum Battles but unfortunately I was continuously kicked from the lobby that had been set up.

Not that I’m blaming anyone, just putting it out there.

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eh, tu SK?

Couldn’t understand that post…

It’s a play on a quote - Julius Caesar’s famous last words were, “Eh, tu Brute?” Which is translated as “You too, Brutus?” since, he was stabbed in the back by his former friend who had allied himself with the Roman senate that had turned against him. So, while you weren’t stabbing me in the back, like Brutus was, I was merely showing that I was in the same boat as you, in that I kept getting kicked out of the lobby as well. I suppose you could look at it kind of like me being Caesar, you as Brutus (without the betrayal, of course - we sink together!), and the others that could stay in the lobby as the senate. :wink:

Well, I hope you enjoyed that tiny history lesson. :wink:


I thought that’s what it might have been (as I know the play by name alone at least, as well as the quote and understand a little of the assassination of said Roman emperor), though I’ve just googled and it’s (apparently) written as “Et tu, Brute” rather than “Eh tu”. This is why I was confused as my screen reader reads both differently.

I definitely appreciate the in-depth clarification though. I look forward to hopefully fighting you and everyone else who joins in next time.

Aw, man! You’re right! I flubbed it up! :frowning:

I did. Thanks for the information.

Easy mistake to make. Regardless, hopefully things go more smoothly next time I try and join

I’d anyone available to play a set right now?

Is anyone? Oh, yes…

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Almost home…

I’m thinking about doing a promotional stream. Where I play multiple games, and do multiple things, but I try to play with the chat, and promote Forum Battles. I would want it to be about 6 hours.



If it sounds fun to you, I say go for it!

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Things seem to be going well in here! Glad to see all the progress being made. ZD has been building on the idea of Forum Battles in ways I could have never done. As for an update on my internet situation, looks like it’s not getting cancelled. My parents went too far this time, they tried to scare me into getting a job but all it did was make everything worse. The good news though, I’m here to stay (for now) and I will hopefully be enjoying Forum Battles this coming Saturday as a player.

PS: Anyone online right now? I just want some company while I play Dark Souls.