Killer Instinct Forum Battles

Uhh hello??? I played Omen! …and Mira

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Howdy! Mr. Morning here! Between my work/medical/life schedule and iffy connectivity, I don’t know how often I’ll actually be in attendance, but this is a wonderful program y’all have put together. I’ll send requests to the designated handles later, and hopefully will join you in the future.

I just have say this again, because I’m taken aback by it with what seems like every other post I read: What a wonderful community. Just the best in the American FGC.

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Derp. Sorry about that.

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Wait, there’s a stream?

lol ok I guess I’ll watch

Its Saturday!

You dont have to watch me, but play with someone!

Not really feeling well, so I’d rather just watch.

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Today will be the FIRST DAY I can join you guys.

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Just let me know what I have to do.

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What’s going on? You having stream issues?

what up party peoples, long time since i’ve been on. Been having some login issues and been busy recently…is the stream happening now and I am looking at the old channel…Just found this new thread.

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You are im the right place, and the new twitch is in the OP.

No stream today, but come join us and play. Send me a message and ill invite you.

When will be the next forum battles? I’ve been and will be busy but if there is a forum battles on Saturday or Sunday I’ll probably be able to make it

Saturday should be the main event if I’m not mistaken. On that topic, all things being well I should be able to turn up myself too.

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Hi all,

Just got my wisdom teeth taken out and will be at home for the remainder of the week. I would love to play some sets with you guys if anyone has the time. Let me know here or add me on Xbox app and hit me up!


Ouch! Did you get any of your namesake?

As I recall he’s from the UK - when I broke my ankle in Leeds, they gave me Paracetemol (basically Tylenol). I hope he did better than I did.

Nope, not UK. South America actually. All I got was the Paracetemol, though, so you were right there.

Strangely enough there was hardly any swelling, it only hurt last night and Im just bored I cant eat any good stuff.

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#My stream will not happen Saturday.


:frowning: why not?

Just cant make it. :stuck_out_tongue: