Killer Instinct Forum Battles


Hope everything’s OK. :slight_smile:

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Yep. I just made plans with a friend that i have been wanting to get with for months.

That, and…

Only 1 person showed up to the 8 hour promotional stream, and only 3 people showed up to the last Saturday stream. So Forum Battles has dropped in priority for me right now. From what i can tell, people are playing the game every Saturday, but they arent interested in reaching out to others, so for now, my stream is not being very useful.

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Hmm I understand. Maybe I could assist you with the progress?

Maybe its because the skill level management between players in the Forum Battles is so broken that people are becoming too discouraged to participate.


@ZDhome Oh I see how it is. The classic “no one’s showing up so why should I bother” argument.

I’m not insulting you at all by this message. But if I had that mindset, I would’ve dropped my youtube channel a year ago.

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I don’t know about that. I personally went into the forum battles cautiously cause I was afraid my skill level would scare away players, and then I ended up getting bodied. lol

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Well, the last time I decided to participate in a Forum Battle, everyone there was leagues above me, some of which even being participants of big tournaments. I lost in every match, but it didn’t bother me until people began cleaning the floor with me. That was when I left and voiced by stresses on the forum, and well, it didn’t turn out very well. People started lying about their skill levels and things got pretty heated.

So in my situation, I was immensely discouraged from playing the game.

I’m my experience, I’m happy when I run into players who are challenging. It helps me improve and learn new things.

I really wish I could feel the same, to be honest. It’s one thing losing fair and square to a skilled player, its another thing where you lose to a skilled player who not only decimates you and never gives you chance to fight back, but then boasts about his victory by tea-bagggin. In general, its starting to look like the majority of the KI community are skilled players, waiting to squash me like a fly and then glorify themselves on the KI forums.

Hey mate. Im a nooby and not a tea bagger. Wanna play some sets?

Can’t right now DX

But maybe layer today I could message ya :smiley:

Great. Let me know.

Just as a random note, no one “lied” about their skill levels in that conversation - you basically just have a different scale for what constitutes “skill” in this game. Those players have all gotten mopped up at various points as well, which is why they’re a bit modest about how good they think they are.

And going to a “big tournament” doesn’t really mean much. Newbies and scrubs go to big tournaments too - it’s part of why the tournaments are big in the first place.


I’m not really sure what to make out of this, but I can already tell that things are about to get heated. So I’m going to stop commenting. Otherwise, Forum Battles are completely broken regarding how players are managed depending on their skill levels.

Fair enough. I wasn’t trying to start an argument.

It’s okay, man. :slight_smile:

@SonicDolphin117 I’m not quitting.
@CriticalSix4677 You don’t have to play with high ranked people. I could even help with that.

@everyone else no need to panic. Play KI. THAT is the meaning of Forum Battles. NOT a poorly run stream with 3 viewers.


What!? We did different sets! 1st come, 1st serve; skill-based (by rank and general knowledge of what the player was capable of); random assignment (you never know who you were going to get); player choice (got to choose who they fought); etc.

How can you call that broken!?

He just doesn’t like playing against players who are much better than him, especially if they say “oh I’m not that good” (which may be entirely true in the grand scheme of things, but doesn’t really make him feel better to hear that).

I dunno, makes a bit of sense to me. Different people respond differently to losing in a fighting game, it’s why the genre is hard to break into. For many people, it’s not fun to lose to someone, knowing you can never beat them.

Best scenario is just for him to find people around his skill level and play with them. There are numerous people on these forums that are at that level, so hopefully he can find some!


Pretty much this^^ I think I left that last discussion just suggesting that he post around and find some of the other newbie players we have running around here on the forums (and they are there, S3 has seen to that).

It’s a lot more fun fighting people at or around your skill level than getting ground into paste by people much better than you. Much as I like all of the forum battles participants, you’re probably not those guys for him. Even playing with alts and secondaries, there’s a lot of combo-game theory and fundamentals between characters that’s carrying over.