Killer Instinct Force Mode

Can u imagine how awesome would be a Killer Instinct beat’em up mode like Tekken Force/scenario?

I know this needs a lot of $$$, but we can dream! :slight_smile:


I’m was trying to tell 'em.

If Shadow Lords is anything less I’m going to be disappointed. they used the word ‘roguelike’ though… so I’m hopeful. I just hope they don’t mean that browser game boss mode rip-off mode MKX has - give a random character super stats and super duper armor and see how long you last against 1 unbeatable opponent. LAAAAAMMME plz no

I dont think Shadow Lords will be like tekken force… Will be more like tower mode on Darkstalkers or world tour on sfa3.

SFA:3’s World Tour Mode was actually pretty awesome. Your character was super OP by the end of it :slight_smile:

It was fun… But a beat’em up like tekken force would be like a dream!
Im a huge beat’em up fan!

I think a true beat’em up game with KI characters would be awesome. But Tekken Force mode is a piece of garbage and not the model to follow…

I never played much of World Tour mode in Alpha 3, so I can’t really say. But I’m very curious what they are going to do with Shadow Lords mode…

Tekken force is an awesome extra mode imo.

Or something like mortal kombat shaolin monks.


Yeah! MKSM is great!

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To ea h his own. For me, Tekken Force is an awkwardly designed mess. You walk along failing to do any truly interesting moves because you are moving in a 3D space in a way that the fighting engine was never built for, pummeling guys with short combos over and over, until you get to the point where you are surrounded by guys you can’t hit (because the fighting engine was not designed for this) and then you die. That may be unfair. I think you also die when someone you can’t see shoots a rocket launcher at you…

Keep in mind that is an EXTRA, a bonus mode! And it did a great job imo.
You cant ask a completly new mechanics because of one extra mode… (and they did that on tekken 5)

Its just to have fun! :slight_smile:

Had double fun on all Tekken games thanks to the Tekken Force/scenario modes.

Yeah, but even extras should adhere to a certain level of quality. Being an extra doesn’t exempt it from scrutiny. I mean, listen to all the people around here talking about season one retro outfits, for example. The whole accessory thing is more or less an extra. Sure, it’s not a “mode,” but it’s superfluous as far as the crux of the game is concerned.

As for Tekken Force, I liked the idea behind it; kinda Tekken meets Streets of Rage. Plus it was always great to hear the Tekken announcer say “CHICKEN” when you picked on up, like it was the coolest thing you could do lol.

The execution was a bit rough. Trying to line opponents up just to hit them was more difficult than it should be, and doing any moves that weren’t simple combos often left you open to attack from a large group. The effort was there, but the overall quality was kinda lacking for me, and I love those side scrolling beat-em ups. In that sense though, I can certainly see why others enjoyed it.

MK:SM though? Now we’re talkin!! That game was fun as hell and while the graphics haven’t necessarily aged all that well, the gameplay definitely still holds up today. Plus it’s fun to play through the story and go to all of those places that were previously just backgrounds you fought in. That game is pure co-op fun. An underrated classic as far as I’m concerned.

Could you imagine having a game like that with modern graphics and Jago and Orchid? Maybe through playing, you go down branching paths, fight Ultratech suits, old and new Riptor and Fulgore units, plus tons of other types, and you battle through Ultratech headquarters, fight bosses, battle through the invasion, unlock TJ, Thunder, Maya, Aganos, Hisako, Kim Wu and Tusk, and unlocking them opens new, branching paths and new end battles for the characters and what not.

Maybe you level up your character, unlock more special moves, shadow moves, etc. I’d love something like this. I think they could take MK:SM’s blueprint and expand on it in a ton of different ways. I’m not sure if this is even remotely something they could do within the engine of the current game or as an offshoot mode or if it’d have to be it’s own game, but I’d love to see it either way!


This exists now as Abyss Odyssey, and this hopefully is what Shadow Lords is

I got that game, but i had more fun with Sacred Citadel.

About MkSM, yeah man… I still play that game… I did some gameshark codes to play with more chars on story mode, its a little buggy, but its fun!

Well, opinions, i dont think tekken force is bad, no way!

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I saw the trailers for that before…I don’t think I ever realized-

that’s a 2D game with tight combos!!! I thought for sure it was a watered down Gauntlet wannabe,

if it’s a straight 2D game with great combos I’ve been missing out big time. I guess it’s a nod to their graphics engine I thought the it was a standard 2.5D plane


Its fun man, trust me!
But, for me the best arcade beat’em up/hack and slash of last gen was Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds, Castle crashers and double dragon neon.

yeah double dragon neon was solid! I’ll have to check out the other two, thanks!

Castle Crashers is genius. I thought Neon was just okay and, frankly, I don’t really understand what is happening in Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds…

Phantom breaker is really complex, but the combos possibilities are terrific.
I lvl all my chars at max hahaha, and i still play!

Double dragon neon as a friend said here, its really solid, i loved!

We can share more of those games! I have a huge collection of beat’em ups, some great obscure gems!

Neon was decent on easy mode. I think the difficulty got weird after that, forcing you to grind to get through the next difficulty. I’d rank it as the worst of the games we brought up but still worth a nod.

As long as KI doesn’t shamelessly rip off MKX’s ‘enhanced single player modes’ with all their balloons/rockets/superspeed/ same old matches. No one in their right mind would use the word ‘rougelike’, which KI did do in the press release, with a system like that right?..