Killer Instinct for Windows 10 Question

Hi to the team who do the game.

I read your F.A.Q. about the Windows 10 version and I’m worried. I don’t have a Xbox One anymore. When I read Killer Instinct will be release for Windows, I told myself: « Great! Because I bought the Xbox One only for this game originally and now I don’t need one anymore, I will play it on Windows! ». You wrote in the F.A.Q., we need to log on the Xbox prior to the Windows version. Is it really necessary? I don’t want to buy a Xbox to play the game I own, again! This is ridiculous! :frowning: You must have another solution for me to play it on Windows 10 without a Xbox. Please tell me I will be able to play it without buying another XB1. My question is why we need do to that?

by the sounds of it looks like you need to upgrade your KI on your xbox one to season 3. then only after you’ll be able to do the cross buy cross save stuff

which is understandable

if you dont do this looks like you’ll just have to buy the game again.

You only need the Xbox version if you want your save data to transfer over. If you don’t log onto the Xbox version then you’ll have to start over on pc.

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It sounds logical and don’t care to restart from scratch, if this is only about the cross save game. I just want to play sometimes. Thank you for the answer! :smiley:

The reason being is that we added flags in the update that will act as a verification for your purchase. Those flags need to be active (downloaded and launched) before the PC version can verify you own said content. So even if you login from a friend’s console, fine! Just make sure you launch with your account.

I’m sure you know someone with an xbox. Just sign in with your gamertag, download season 3, and you are done.

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Hi Rukizzel,

When you say “verify said content” do you mean ALL content like characters and such? Ive never played KI, and I dont own an Xbox. I bought S1 and S2 a month or so ago. Do I have to log in from a friend’s Xbox before I´ll be able to use my characters from S1 and S2?

Thanks in advance.

If you’re new to the game, you don’t have to do anything. Booting up the Xbox version is only for if you have save data on the console you want to sync with the PC version.

Replying to this thread so I can see the answer when it’s posted.

I also thought you only needed to download S3 onto an Xbox One if you were looking to transfer save data. There are lots of people who bought KI during a sale at some point in the last year and never owned or will own an Xbox One. Surely these people can still play the game on PC without jumping through hoops?

It was answered by Keits during the 11 hour stream. I’ll try to do some digging and find the moment.

start at 6:13:00

use the xbox from a friend, sign you in and update the season 3 version. you dont need to buy an xbox one for that. ask a friend to use his xbox. simple. :smile:

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Unfortunately, everybody I know, including myself, have not a Xbox One. The original reason why I bought one once, because I’m a big fan of the first arcade release of the Killer Instinct and everything followed and done by Rare. When I read it was for Xbox only, I was not happy. But sold mine because it was money sleeping and a dusty object. It’s a luxury to have 2 big console when you can play an average of 10 hours per week. Anyway, the answer of the community manager disappointed me. Microsoft needs to improve this ridiculous process. I paid for the game and this is registered for life in my account Xbox account. Why I need to prove it more!!?? I will need to call to get a refund?