Killer instinct finally gets an update! (this is actually real and happening)

Our friends @IronGalaxy are back! And together, we’re bringing you Killer Instinct’s free 10th Anniversary Update later this year – including a balance update, improved matchmaking, and 4K support for Series X|S.

More info coming soon!


Dude i havent used the forum in YEARS! i was a sophmore in highschool ( 15/16 yrs old) when the game first launched… im 26 now lmaoooo this is wild


Thats nice to hear.

Considering its mostly for balance tweaks, part of me wishes they’d really iron out some of the other missing gaps the game has right now. Such as…

1. Ultimates for remaining characters who didn’tget one.

2. Arcade mode for all remaining fighters like Season 1(Not counting Shadow Lords)**

3. Rivals “Story Modes” for all remaining fighters of S1 and S3 as well

4. Lastly, maybe fixing Eagle’s model a bit more, so he doesn’t look as janky like he does now. (Doubtful, but whos to say.)

Probably a lot to ask, but a guy can dream. I just hope this finally means KI is back to kick some serious ■■■ again.


Pls give me Shadow Jago Figure colors pls pls pls. I really need them on STEAM.

This is AMAZING news!! Totally unexpected, but super welcome. I mean… Has this ever happened for a fighting game? Five years after its supposedly final update, the devs announce they’re back and a new patch is coming? Just wild. WILD! Can’t wait to see what they’ll be doing here.

I wonder… will it be small stuff like “this move that was once +3 on block is now -2” or will it be “we’ve reworked this character’s instinct and this character is getting a new special move” like… Crazy, between season level stuff that they used to do when it came to balancing.

I don’t want to get my hopes up. If it really is just some frame adjustments, fixes, etc, that’s cool too. That doesn’t overly scream “10th anniversary” celebration levels of hype that coincide with such an announcement but honestly? That’s fine. The fact that they’re even doing this to a game that’s been considered complete for five years is still phenomenal IMO, and it also kinda suggests…

Like maybe this means Xbox and Iron Galaxy are back in business together? Maaaaybe this means IG is going to work on a sequel? Ah I can’t wait to find out more! LFG!!


Considering Rumbleverse flopped, MS has no excuse not to let IG make more KI

I was curious about this as well. I do wonder if there was any possibility that they’re back because Rumbleverse shut down. It was a shame to see that game go.

But I was floored that KI is getting any kind of significant update at this point in time. I cannot wait to see what changes. This is tremendous news!

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Also clean up on some animations - some of the characters during their supers don’t even have starting animations, if any.

Rare for a game (let alone a fighting game) to receive an update after such a long time. 4K support sounds awesome but the game still looks phenomenal on my QLED. Don’t think we’ll be getting more content though and I don’t think we should get our hopes up.


I think it’s awesome that they are doing this and that they have IG back. I don’t know if we will actually get a sequel, but I think the door is definitely open now if there is enough interest. Especially since it would be one of the very few American-developed fighting games available.

I haven’t played in years just because of life, but there is that urge to reinstall it and buy a new controller.

EDIT: What is also amazing is that this game has survived despite its pedigree. It was a free to play game on XBox Arcade with little money thrown at it. It was a small studio that used an engine that was originally developed for a Buffy The Vampire Slayer 3rd person game. And despite all that it has managed to succeed and continue on more than just life support.


In the announcement, Goddard said ‘and more’ so maybe it will be a bit larger than just balance and graphic updates…


Well, now, isn’t this something special. Time for me to re-up my rank to Killer again. Hope they complete the cast’s ultimates collections, and make the exclusive colors…less exclusive. Maybe this opens the door into the sequel or something?

Would love for Cinder’s DP to get fixed, I’ll say that.

At any rate, when our game gets attention, hopefully other good things will follow.

Edit: Let these guys know on twitter if you can that you appreciate them and their work.


Sharkman TJ, I never lost hope my guy. Please, please be a thing :pray:

Also, weird to be logging in here again after half a decade. Hi everyone, fight on and such


Hmm. :thinking:

I’m all about keeping cinders DP the same as it is since now I know that I can meaty it with light dragon dance😂

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Information about KI at 14:17 onwards.

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So excited. We Back!
(Also, I miss this place, and you guys!)

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Likewise, They’ve been wrking hard at this patch. Though I say keep our expectations realistic.