Killer instinct finally gets an update! (this is actually real and happening)

Is that coming from inside knowledge? Sorry, I’m not familiar with all of the names here because I have only been playing the game for two years. I know they’re working on it. I was just curious if you heard something.

all I know is they are working on a bug patch change. But Nothing else. They gave no hint of anything else.

It sounded like there’s going to be balance updates to shake the meta around, and if I had to guess based off of IG’s previous patch/meta balance stuff, everyone is going to gain something to their kit, along with buffs and nerfs. Everyone will likely get one major good buff (possibly new move in some instances), and then a number of needed quality of life buffs and balances, and possibly some nerfs and bug patches. No one will be immune to the nerf bat, but I suspect every character will get SOMETHING that will make the user base of that character appreciate it (to be clear, a very direct, face value understood buff).

Keep in mind, there are also possible system wide changes that will affect characters on a fundamental scale as well, buffing or nerfing them indirectly. I’m fairly looking forward to this as I’m hoping to break the Halo Infinite grind to hero rank with a return to KI for a while.


I think a buff to shadow Lords would be sweet. I hope at some point if they make another KI at least they incorporate the idea of using the playing card buffs. I thought it was dumb in the beginning but it’s actually pretty