Killer Instinct Drawings and Sketches

Hey all, I’ve recently started teaching myself to draw, both with pencil and digitally. I’m a huge fan of KI and am going to be doing a lot of KI related drawings and maybe some animations when I learn that too! =]

I’ll be posting all my stuff to my DeviantArt account, along with all kinds of other stuff, feel free to check it out.

This took about 3.5hrs. Even though I don’t play him, Jago is very high on my list of coolest looking characters, and his mask has a very unique look to it, I learned a lot from drawing it.

This was my first really big project, wasn’t really prepared for it, but I stuck with it (40hrs over 4 days) and made sure it came out good.



This one is a digital sketch done in Pencil, an open source “Pencil Simulator / Animation” program, that is an AMAZING tool for learning, is no more difficult than MSPaint to use, and makes extremely realistic pencil and ballpoint pen lines and shading.



Went with a ballpoint pen look, was a bit of a pain, but overall fun and good practice. Every little plate, tube and ‘muscle’ had to have different types and density of lines or cross-hatching. The beam could’ve been better, but I haven’t practiced any “particle effects”, so to speak, so was worth at least a try. =]


While not on par as far as detail goes, I made something humorous with pencil and marker a while back involving Sabrewulf and Garfield.


Heheh, excellent choice in poses! :wink:

I really only started taking art seriously a little over a week ago. Felt a strong desire to spend less time playing video games (except KI of course!), and more time being creative, so I’ve been treating it like I’m in Art School, and teaching myself. Youtube is such an amazing tool for learning things, and anyone who has the desire, can learn damn near anything in this world with the internet, just gotta be motivated enough to go out and get it! =]

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I’m actually going to school for Graphic Design. Not because I was always a prodigy, but because I wanted to improve. :slight_smile: so I can certainly relate

You should make one where Wulf kicks Odie.

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Whew, spent 11 hours today working on my next drawing, and I just can’t wait till it’s done, I have to post a preview!

This was at about the 5 hour mark. I have it fully outlined, now I gotta make it all match the level of detail in the head. This also shows my process in my art program: Outline -> Fill -> Rough Shading -> Fine Detail. I’m guessing probably another 15-20 hours to get it done. Enjoy! =]

P.S. Full pic has all the rest of him, sword, shield and legs. his head is about 10% of the full piece.


Looks really awesome! Keep up the good work! And thanks for the WIP pic!

Streaming the finish work on the Spinal, still 3-4 hours to go I’d say, stop by if you feel like checking out my process and progress. =]

Spazz328 on Twitch

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I am so amazed that amount of support i’ve gotten drawing this. I got a lot of good vibes in my live streams of finishing (they’re in my highlights, very long), but I have finished my drawing, and I can really only let it speak for itself! Enjoy! =]

Spinal (Killer Instinct)


Ooo nice work
I’ll be posting something on here someday <3

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While not as good as other people’s professional drawings I drew a pic jago, shago and omen though it’s kinda of unfinished hope you guys like it anyway.


Just a few Kim Wu doodles to show

This one was inspired by one of RZStudios’ designs for kim wu:

Hope you guys like these <3
All of your drawings are really good kudos to all of you


:open_mouth: Once again with the hair! Superb!

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If anyone is interested, I learned my shading technique from an old youtube series by Eclectic Asylum, the dude is a shading genius, and teaches amazing and simple-ish ways of getting those more realistic effects, with little to no actual ‘lines’.

Finally got around to getting back into it again, and got a nice little graphics tablet, which is like a fantastical tool of magic, compared to a mouse. Here’s the first thing I started with.

Right off the top, I’ll say this is more or less a trace of a screenshot of Riptor’s model, as I do my outline layout work directly on top of my reference picture, so despite how good it looks, it is to drawing, what a calculator is to math… You get the ‘correct answer’ easily, but you still have to go through the steps. This is also just the first step, my last Spinal picture started out in the same way, and I’ll be giving this picture just as much detail, over time, and that can’t be traced. =]

Speaking of Tracing, I’d honestly encourage more people to do some high detail tracing, as a tool for learning. I have very little experience with drawing, but I’m learning very fast, largely thanks to doing some tracing. The trick is to not just trace the picture with a blank stare on your face, but to really pay attention to how the lines are laying down, redraw the ‘difficult’ lines several times to get a feel for making that type of line, and note WHY you’re making the line like that. If you’re doing a good job, tracing is showing you what the ‘correct lines’ are, but it still falls on you to learn what you can from it. =]


P.S. When I talk about encouraging people people to trace, I mean to make a Line Drawing out of an actual photo. Tracing what is already a Line Drawing (like anime/cartoons), doesn’t really teach you that much, because you don’t get to see a ‘real’ 3D object, with depth and curvatures, which is the focus of tracing an actual ‘3D’ image, to figure out what lines and techniques give your 2D line drawing, that little bit of extra faux ‘pop out’.

Finally got around to doodling some more KI Fanart, here’s “Skribble Sketch” of Cinder.

will update original post to contain all I’ve posted so far.


Heres one for you!

I hope you like this one
My drawing style changed a bit <3