Killer Instinct @ Combo Breaker Numbers

Surprised KI has that many people entering.


And I’m one of them.


Wow. KI currently has more entrants than MVCI and MKX? No kidding. That’s really nice to see. Can’t wait to watch this one. I feel guilty for not going to Combo Breaker given that it’s about a half hour from my house, but I’m still psyched to watch the KI matches and hope we see some great action.


thats me every friday. then i would pay for it working under the sun the next day lolol


That’s me going to die at combo breaker XD

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Haha. You should have totally come through then man!

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Ah, I know! I’m sure it’s a blast. I’ve never actually been to a tournament before and I suck at going outside my comfort zone, but if I ever go to one, it’ll likely be Combo Breaker.

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just go full throttle man, good luck! see you in valhalla

Just go dude! Whats the worse that can happen? You loose to someone you dont know in less than 5 minutes with 100s of ppl around not even paying any attention to you. its that simple.
You wont regret it and you will be hooked.

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If you got the chance, take it. It sounds like an amazing time. It would be a shame for you or anyone to miss it. Gotta break our comfort zone sometime :yum:

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At that distance, you seriously might as well just make the trip out, even just to spectate. 30min drive means you don’t even have to get a room - just drive in, play/watch whatever to your heart’s content, and then go home at the end of the day. It’s a ridiculously low level of effort required :-p

Not too many people get to have a major in their backyard - I definitely recommend taking advantage of it! Heck, get a spectator’s pass for one of the days and drop by just to say “hey” to all the different forum guys who’ll be going :slightly_smiling_face:


Shouldn’t have said that. I respect your right to whatever reason that prevents you from going but you are WAAAY to a member of this forum and website to not feel that ppl (including me who isn’t going) would ask you to go.

YOU SHOULD GO. If you are free and have the means of transportation. GO. it’s a wonderful fighting game event and the perspective of the Killer Instinct community is wonderful. I implore you to take the opportunity. You will not regret. :+1:


You guys better make it worth while for me…

As of today… I don’t see myself having fun.


■■■■ my family.

I don’t even care about winning.

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Yeah, I’m starting to think a bit more seriously about it. This will undoubtedly sound stupid to some of you, but my initial reaction, simply because I’ve never gone was “that’d be cool” but I not to actually consider it a possibility, not really because I’m a creature of habit or whatever (though that’s a small, annoying part), but mainly because I’ve simply never gone.

Now comes the part where I actually have to look in to the logistics of whether I can get away for a little while that weekend and head up to St. Charles. Do you guys know when KI will be going down tourney-wise or how it works with casual playing? What do you all do throughout the day at tourneys, especially if you’re not competing? I mean, I wouldn’t mind getting bodied at KI or maybe Tekken. Sounds fun, actually. But like I said, I’ve never been to a tournament, so I’m not quite sure what happens when I walk in the front door at Pheasant Run.

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You hang out with forum friends, you go to the merch stand, you go and play casuals of all different games, you go get some food, you sit down and watch the finals of whichever games you prefer. You walk around and look at games and matches. Its FUN!


Also remember…you’re in another city. Just go do things too. Me bass and others hit up the casinos at NEC.

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Not sure when KI starts, but can let you know as soon as schedule comes out (which you can be on the lookout for too obviously).

General rule is that so long as a bracket isn’t actively being run or about to run you can be playing casuals on the setups. But it’s also cool to walk around and see stuff (tournaments are basically conventions, after all), hang out with friends either walking around or watching/playing something in particular, or just meeting new people for whatever reason. There’s also usually a lot of non-tournament games to try out or watch.

But in my experience, it’s mostly about the people. There’s a ton of people there who love the same things you do, and that’s just really cool. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bonus is that putting face to names for forum-guys is pretty neat. Everyone I’ve met in person has been super awesome. Except @TheNinjaOstrich. Eff that guy.


I need all the fists/elbow bumps when I get there now…



Although I might have pussied out again, this year I don’t even have the option go. Gotta work in North Carolina.

I second that notion.