Killer Instinct @ Combo Breaker Numbers

Stop with the bird hate. I can stand it when a fellow bird gets abused :stuck_out_tongue:

I third this.


Ok then :joy:

Lol. You’re the best Ostrich :joy:

@MandrillManiac Let’s chat at Combo Breaker homie :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok were good now. For those wondering:

I was suffering from heartbreak with my dad. Had a small falling out with him.

But now… I go beyond.



Seeing this discussion makes me really sad I live so far from Combo Breaker, and have a, barely not, crap job. You bet your ■■■ if I was you @Iago407 I’d be going all day, every day, just to enjoy the people and venue. And as someone who has severe anxiety when it comes to public places, and stepping outside my habitual schedule, that says a lot. If I lived 4 hours away I’d still go, because this community is worth it.

It also makes me sad that we just finished up the frame data sheet, and I can’t go to meet the people benefiting from it the most. God knows I’ll make very little use of it because I’m crap.


You not crap ziarist :sob: you did a good thing. You do good things.

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I mean that I’m a crappy player. My skill is in question, not the data or my work put into it.

Which Casinos do you guys normally hit up? I know there’s Harrahs in Joliet and Rivers in Des Plaines. I don’t think I’ve ever come close to coming out ahead at Harrahs lol. Either way, just curious.

Yeah, I suppose that’d be the main reason to go. I don’t think I’ve been in a place with fighting game fans to that extent since… Man… High school, maybe? Back in the arcade days. Plus, obviously meeting all you wonderful people that play and support KI specifically. That’d be pretty awesome.

Yeah, it’s not just the anxiety, though that’s part of it. There’s some other stuff going on that I won’t bother getting in to. Just life stuff. Nothing horribly dire, by any means, so I don’t want to sound cryptic here, but the long and short is that I’m still trying to figure out if I can even go and how that might work with all the other stuff going on. It’s starting to sound like a really fun weekend though!

For me, there are no questions about my skill. I simply don’t have any lol

Brackets are up

Guess who I got?

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Wow. Those pools look deadly. There are like 3-6 monsters per pool. This is gonna be absolutely disgusting. I really hope we get a stream for pools.

I’m guessing you got @Delriach along with Sleep, Jackal, and ThrashHeavy. I could be wrong though.

Nah, he’s got me, Letalis, and Charlieboy in his pool. Also DeadlyKansas, who’s pretty solid. Orenai is in there too.

I must be missing / don’t know what he’s going by then.

Also, I scrolled down to the Smash WiiU section, and a player actually signed up as P***yKing with some “clever” 5’s. Can we promote an idea to force player name changes if they give an immature one?

He’s signed up under “Squall Might”.

-shrug- I’ve seen stream runners change names on the fly or commentators refuse to say certain names before, but dunno that I’ve ever seen a hard rule about “appropriate” names before. I imagine if a big/good enough player had something really out there though they’d run up against issues relatively quickly.

I’d rather just not allow it than having to work around it if it happens.

Brackets usually shift the day of. Perhaps not at combo breaker specifically but don’t feel surprised if you get shifted around.

Well I’m in a pool with Rico Suave and Street NS, who beat me pretty handily in a Pharroh’s Combo Killer tournament.

But, I fully expect to scrub out. I’m not great, I just want to support Killer Instinct and the community.


So people can see me get ■■■■■■ by storm…



More like so we can see the stacked pools play out.