Killer Instinct bugs

Good evening for everyone!
I hope all is okay.
I came across this post, also representing other Brazilian players, to report intense bug problems in the Killer Instinct game.
Unfortunately I would like to be praising the game, but I have to admit that the same has been bringing a lot of headaches to many players after the last update.
The problems are being the most varied:

  • The game does not update achievements and nor the daily data of prizes and rise of level of player;
  • Lobby fights are not allowed with more than two players. And with some people, when accessing the invitation of the session, the game locks and closes alone;
  • Ranking and display mode are taking longer than normal to find battles. And the game closes for some people when they click on look for lobby;
  • Shadow Lab: Shadow Survival most often does not work. It presents error, which forces the player to leave the game. Saved data from counter-breakers in the shadows appear as negative (in red) even though they are performed correctly.
    *Disconnection control during fights, with some frequency
  • Characters: Shin Hisako, Kilgore and Eagle are often appearing as “unavailable or not purchased”, but in the store they appear as installed;
  • Some friends who play on the pc and Xbox One are reporting data loss. A player has lost everything from character and player level, ranking position, skins and shadows, as well as all points. Pretty much the game came back from the beginning, as if he had never played;
  • Constant connection drops on display and ranking, even with all doors required by open multiplayer and with good internet.
  • Many Brazilian players are not able to participate in online tournaments because of the game’s bugs. Even a tournament of the best Brazilian characters was canceled today, as bugs are preventing many players from participating in the same or other online tournaments.
    As a standard procedure, we tried to get in touch with Xbox support, and it was recommended that the problem in the game should arrive on the official page because all standard procedures have already been performed, and the problems persist or worsen.
    We do not know if the problem is also on the servers, because I’ve been experiencing connection drop problems for more than six months. Before the Steam version appeared in the Killer, there were no problems in multiplayer and could play with 8 people in the same room.
    Today being able to play in a lobby with friends is complicated because the lobby of the game is not accepting more than two players …
    We kindly ask you to help us, solving at least some problems. Many of us love the franchise and we are daily players, but with all these problems it is difficult to encourage new players to participate in fights with us, because of the problems that the game presents …
    Those who know me know how much I love KI, and know that I’m trying to help as much as I can, because some of those mentioned do not have a good command of your language. But this time I’m going to need the help …
    Do not forsake the fans!
    We want to continue to enjoy our love for Killer Instinct, and we need to your help!
    I appreciate the understanding and the all attention!
    Below are also the gamertags of players who reported problems in the game, and are with me to find a solution to continue playing.

Elizabeth of Barros Buratti
(FX Liz Mk, LizMk35BR)
and more players:
All the FX Team Players: FX KURAMA, FX ALIELTON, FX ALIGHELTON, FX Kaikksd1900, FX Lengalenga, FX Alessandro78, FX Guard, and more,
NGT Klizard
and more other players, who were not found to leave the gamertag, and who also have the same problems.


yeah same here :frowning:

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Survival seems to work okay on PC, if you have that option. But yes, I would love to have Shadow Survival back too, it was my favorite mode in the game.

As for the saved data thing, I’m not sure either. Sometimes the counter breaker red/green arrow seems to carry over from previous shadow battles at times, other times randomly getting a positive green arrow for it despite never counter breaking at all in that match.

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Make sure you report this in the Official Bug Reporting Thread so the devs can see it!


Good Morning!
The option was checked when posting. I do not understand the reason for not being posted on the site due.
I appreciate the warning, and I’ll post the link from the post directly to it.

I also support you Elizabeth and I admire your attitude to come here and expose all these problems. I hope they find a solution for all these bugs that haunts us because is simply very difficult to recommend the game to our friends if it is not even working.


Want to quickly thank you for putting this list together and being so thorough. We are aware of most of these and additional info here really helps. I do not have an ETA on fixes- we believe this is service /config related but not through our investigation.

I will update as I get more info. Here are questions that will help us narrow this down if you want to ask the players you are repping to answer. Note: this is just Xbox and Win10 platforms only and it’s important this be happening now (not 4-6 weeks ago)

  1. What platform?
  2. what version of the game and on disk or digital?
  3. is the box/pc your using in the preview program?
  4. What is the OS version on your x1 or win10? (need name, OS description (it’s like rs4…1805…etc). If win10 need win10 OS version?
  5. How many of the bug symptoms do you have for the following:
    A) Missing/unselectable DLC characters- possibly Shin Hisako, Kilgore or Eagle greyed out. Selecting takes to store but shows you own them and they are installed. Reinstalling character (even full game) does not fix this. CPU can use them.
    B) VIP Double XP is missing (requires ownership of KI DE or KI S3 Ultra).
    C) Holiday Accessory Banner is displayed in the KI Store menu.
    D) Daily Rewards are stuck- the timer is not counting down and does not progress on either daily rewards or shadow lords daily rewards.
    E) Finding matches in MP (ranked, exhibition) is now rare, takes long time even when setting specific filters.
    F) If another user that owns KI (or it’s your homebox) logs in, do they see the same bugs?
    F) If you can try this on another box or PC (not part of preview is preferred), do you see the same bugs?
    G) If possible, how long has this been going on AND does it ever go away then come back? For example Infil has mentioned that on Win10, Shin Hisako has been turning on/off/on since she went off free rotation…

This is the key subset we are looking at right now we feel is all related and priority to get information about.

The other issues are also on our radar so please understand they are not being ignored (I myself have the can’t fight shadows in survival issue!).

We really appreciate everyone’s dedication to this game and patience while this very strange set of bugs are sorted out! DM me anytime with your details or questions if you want to keep it private.


. The game does not update achievements and nor the daily data of prizes and rise of level of player


brosky after windows 10 update i cant connect in any game mode sometimes incruso synchronizing with the server … I can not invite anyone or anything I have 3 days with that problem and KI is the only game of fights that I like please help me with my problem

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Please be more detailed like James has asked above. Thanks

On original Xbox One
season 3 ultra edition digital version
I have the inside xbox app and participate on it, but am NOT in the preview program
OS: 10.0.17133.2020 (rs4_release_xbox_dev_1804.180418-1415)

Been having issues finding anyone in matchmaking since saturday may 5th. Can’t connect with most people when attempting to invite to a private match as well.

Don’t seem to have double xp working either, though i honestly rarely notice it being on or off so i’m not sure how long that has been an issue


Same issue happening to me since May 5th

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@SoSRaGnArOk Please be detailed. Not just same issue cause some of us are having different issues. we are trying to pin point exactly whats wrong. Thanks

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Platform: Xbox One
Version: - I think this was Digital Ultra Edition

@KRAKENJIMMY not sure if you mean the update version viewable from the dashboard or the version as in Supreme Edition, Definitive Edition, etc

In Preview Program: Yes, Delta build.
OS Version: 10.0.17133.2020 (rs4_release_xbox_dev_1804.180418-1415)
Bug Symptoms: A) Missing/unselectable DLC characters, varies between Shin Hisako and Eagle when i’ve noticed it.
C) Holiday Accessories Banner displayed
E) Rare Multiplayer matches

In regards to the other questions…
F) I’m the only user.
G) Don’t own another Xbox to test this
H) A and C have happened sporatically and does go away and come back at time. The holiday one was active as of writing this post as was having a greyed out Shin Hisako. The Multiplayer issues have stemmed since roughly last weekend.

  • What platform? - Xbox One
  • What version of the game and on disk or digital? - KI DE on disc
  • Is the box/pc your using in the preview program? - No
  • What is the OS version on your Xbxo One? - rs4_release_xbox_dev_1804.180418-1415

How many of the bug symptoms do you have for the following:

  • Missing/unselectable DLC characters - No issue

  • VIP Double XP is missing (requires ownership of KI DE or KI S3 Ultra) - No issue

  • Holiday Accessory Banner is displayed in the KI Store menu - No issue

  • Daily Rewards are stuck- the timer is not counting down and does not progress on either daily rewards or shadow lords daily rewards - No issue

  • Finding matches in MP (ranked, exhibition) is now rare, takes long time even when setting specific filters - This has been occurring since Sunday May 6. If I get a match on ranked, it usually disconnects before the select screen appears.

  • If another user that owns KI (or it’s your homebox) logs in, do they see the same bugs? I’m the only one that uses my Xbox.

  • If you can try this on another box or PC (not part of preview is preferred), do you see the same bugs? I only play KI on my XB1. I don’t use PC nor another XB1 to test.

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xMALIGNANTx I have the digital copy on Xbox ONE and I can not connect to any friends games in exhibition or ranked please can this be fixed


I’m just glad it’s isnt just me.

Also I have an Xbox One X with the digital copy of the full KI game with all DLC and such…

Can’t find any fights in Ranked or Exhibition. If I do get a match it immediately disconnects. Lobbies don’t work. Issue started on May 5th.

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Good night!
My friend Alex (Opus Safari) is also having problems with his game.
The same is not starting. He reports that his account is not active in the game, and he does not know why.
He is also not able to post here due to problems in his account.
So, I leave his request here, and I wait for him report the platform to update the description.

Thanks for all!

I would really appreciate it lol I really love the game and just wanna play

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Good evening everyone!
In my post I ended up not putting the details you asked for. I leave them here: Platform- Xbox One,
OS Version: 10.0.17134.3036 rs4_release_xbox_dev_1804.180418-1415

  • Physical Media -KI Definitive Edition disk, version
    *Problems of disconnection in ranking, view mode and lobby drops- started shortly before the Steam version existed.
    *Lobby problems (maximum of two people in the room), Negative Counter Breakers data in the shadows (even if performed normally and in the correct way), Shadow Survival not working, connection error with some players, both in lobbys and in View mode, not allowing the connection with them: last update.
    *The TJ Combo character appears as “ready to install” in game management, even through it is installed.
    My account is in observation in the ranking due to some disconnections (The game keeps locking until being disconnected, accusing that the opponent left the game). This counts points, which I consider the same unfair, as often the opponent wins the first match and the game falls into the second match (best of 3-Killer Level), and I earn the points as if I had won the fight.
    I have only one Xbox…
    I appreciate all the attention I had here! Thank you! :heart:

I only have issues with the unlocked icon that keeps appearing I already unlocked everything for every character still the( ! )apears all the time above all the characters as if I didn’t unlock some gear or colors also I been hearing allot of complaints about rank not being able to find games that’s the only issues I have to be honest I hope you guys are able to fix some issues even though you are busy with new games and different stuff I hope a good final patch can fix the most important thing’s such as rank allot of people need that to be steady again hell If needed I would pay for those things to be fixed have a great day James :wink:

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