Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

Checking up on the X1X ranked note you left here. We released a patch a few weeks back that optimized X1X performance addressing this. Let us know if you are still seeing any issue around frames lagging now- should be a rock solid 60!

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Today I was playing as Shin Hisako against a cpu Rash and when I used instinct it activated and the bar started going down but the hands were nonexistent. I believe I activated it while opponent was attacking.

I have the exact same problem. I don’t know how to fix it either.

The answers are in anogther thread, change you Xbox preview build to beta or something like that lol

Good morning everyone!
I recently submitted a post stating the issues encountered in the last update, but the post is not in the right place, even with the option checked.
I would appreciate it if you could help us solve the problems, which are many, and are driving players away from Killer Instinct.

Thank you for your attention!


Hey team starting last night, I’m not able to find any matches in Ranked or Exhibition. It just searches indefinitely. NAT is Open. Internet is working fine with other games. I’ve cleared my cache on my Xbox One X. Same deal.

SOmehting is wrong with Xbox servers …its not just KI…Dark souls is down and other games.


I still can’t find online matches. :confused:

Win10 version.

Has anyone else noticed that online matches seem to DC when you focus another window or minimize the game? When I come-back/refocus the game window, I get the “Oponent has disconnected…” message and get booted back to the title screen. Seems like it’s regularly happening with me so much that I have a secondary computer here for chatting/messages/XB-app. This has been going on for at least a month.

This one has been bugging me since Eagle came out, but the cloth physics on his “Wasteland Gear Shoulder Belt” (the one with the belts and mask) only work on color one. The other versions are very stiff, and cause clipping.

@KRAKENJIMMY Please help our good friends in brasil!

I have a digital download on Xbox One. Version 90100.1.289266.r. I have only been able to get 3 matches online since May 5th. Matchmaking is completely unusable as I have tried daily to play.

KI servers are still barely working. I’m waiting way longer for ranked matches as well as unable to join my friend’s matches. Hope this gets fixed up soon


Steam’s Version
Since like last 2 weeks, i can’t find anyone on ranked, i even try with 2 friends i have played before on ranked without any problems, but now we can’t find us and can’t find anyone also, could devs look further, it’s look no one can play ranked matches.

Also ready to body achievement still is broken.

It happened to me for a while a long time ago, stopped, and now it’s happening again. Are you using DisplayFusion, by any chance? I just tried turning it off, and KI hasn’t minimized itself yet. I also haven’t been finding any matches, so… not sure what to make of it.

I have a bug that seems to be more and more common. Often when connecting to a match the game crashes to desktop without an error. This happens right when I make the connection with the opponent. I know this because I’ve I can see the hitch in the que when it tries to connect, I’m also credited with a loss when I load the game back up.

Windows 10 Version
All seasons and DLC owned.
GTX 1080
Ryzen 1800X
16 gig Ram
SSD HD’s one is an M.2 (Not sure which one KI is installed on)


i’m experimenting the known issue,i have the Definitive but works just the free version.
I ve deleted and dowload more than one time, and same, when open the Definitive just run the free version.

Also have relentization issue, but for now want to solve the version problem 1rst.


When I loose on ranked, if I try to look for another match when it finds the opponent, the game crashes punish me with a loss :frowning:

I haven’t been able to do online ranked for weeks now.


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I’m playing on PC with Steam version and have been experiencing an issue quite consistently.
Here’s the crux of the matter - Every time I try to start a fight on Forgotten Grotto stage (Aganos’s stage), be it from story mode or vs cpu fight for example, the game freezes on “loading match” phase for a couple of seconds and then crashes.

Here’s dxdiag report.

Hope that it will help in resolving the issue.