Killer Insight: Interview with Kenneth "UA | Bass" Armas

Discuss our KI Community interview with Kenneth Armas here:

Look out for more community interviews in the coming weeks!


Wow this is great! I hope to see more of these in the future. KI Community = <3


That’s awesome! Nice to get to know people a bit more in this great community. Cool idea guys! Looking forward to seeing more.

I feel similar in terms of Ken’s reasons for getting in to KI competitively. Not that I play competitively, I was interested in this thanks to old KI, but I never expected it to be nearly this good are take up so much of my time. I honestly haven’t enjoyed a game like KI for this long since the first or second Mortal Kombat games came out way back when.

Great interview, Ken! Hope you crush it at the KI World Cup!

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I LOVE this guy! He spent time to show me Aganos wasnt shite… it worked untill i was Maya ha.

A true inspiration! Showed me all the little bits i was missing with the big guy.


Without doubt KI is the best fighter for everyone.

Newbies can pick up skills fast and easy. They can make the game look impressive even at a scramble.

Intermediates can fight decent games and stand a chance against pros if they can see the breakers.

Pros can be rewarded with skill of learning and reading an adversary and not just button timing.

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Awesome interview.

Great interview.

Had the pleasure of meeting him in Japan a few weeks ago at Kombo Klash. A very nice soft spoken dude. Great interview!! I am a fan.

Please check out my report as it features Bass as well, here: Japanese KI scene and Kombo Klash Japan