Kilgore win animation: maybe too long?

IMO Kilgore victory animation it’s a bit too long. Maybe it could be good enough if it stops sooner

In this video, imagine if the animation ends at second 47-48, just after cooling himself,cutting the zoom into his face.

I mean, he has no expression. No grim smile like Gargos, no final horror face like Hisako, no glamorous pose like Aria. Just a zoom into his face, which could be skipped.



I dunno, I don’t think the zoom in on his face right after adds a whole lot more to the point where it’s “too much.” I do agree that ending at 48 seconds looks pretty slick though, so if the next few seconds are unnecessary, I wouldn’t have a problem with them chopping those seconds off.


Honestly, I think this game could benefit from as much trimming of extraneous, time consuming animations as possible. Win poses would be the best place to start, so why not Kilgore? His does take FOREVER considering how little is happening.

If they could speed up the chaingun animation a touch, and finish on the flex? That’d be sick.


Even I think his animations are a bit long winded, and I actually like letting the intros rock.
I think if we trimmed up some of the less important stuff, and maybe cut out certain bits entirely it could be beneficial.
Examples I can think of off the top of my head:
-Cut out the face zoom in the ending to let it end on the medium shot.
-Cut most of the wind up from the ending, since there’s more to follow it up than with Fulgore.
-Speed up the panning in the intro, and focus on certain things for less time.

I’m not saying ditch them, but of they were abridged a bit these would probably be a little easier to sit through. Though, a lot of people online Skip the intros anyway,so it doesn’t matter too much I guess.


No then every character from now on will have the Jago ending curse!!!

I think- “SLAM”

I must say I love Orchids win animation A LOT. Sadiras is cool as well. I wish Hisakos would be longer…

Most are ok- only ones I feel were cheated are Jago Thunder & maybe Maya as she’d be badass just walking away until you can’t see her anymore lol

Oh the astral plane tho lol

It’s more a “there are seconds which could be cutted since there is nothing relevant happening” than “it’s TOO long”

Just a bit of perspective

The best option is to be able to skip any win animation. That aside, I agree. It’s a bit longer than I’d like.


Even though I am not really bothered by it, I do agree that the animation is too long. So yes, if they could cut the animation and make it a bit shorter that would be nice.

It’s too long, yeah.

I want to be able to skip all win animations by pressing A. If they aren’t going to give us this ability, then they have to be extremely careful about the length of these things.


I say cut it off where The OP wants, but keep the zoom in on that particular pose instead (so you see a close up body shot rather than a face shot AND cut down on the time).

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I mean not to sound condescending, but are we really now scrutinizing every microsecond of a new ending animation to figure out if it was wasteful or not?

Even if it is the longest out of everyone’s animations, it’s not long enough that anyone is going to going to be like “OMG, I could have played like 12 more matches in my only 30 min of free time tonight, but his ending animation took 2 seconds longer than it should have!”

I know I’m probably going to get flack for this, but I had to say something.


Yeah that’d be nice, especially for SP modes.

It’s too long, but so is Aganos’, Gargos’, Kim’s, etc. I like all their outros, but it’d be cool to be able to skip them in the longer sets :slight_smile:


I think the difference is that there’s far more parts to Kilgore’s intro and outro than the others, so it makes it seem even longer than it might actually be.
Let’s make a comparison of the shots in some of these intros and outros. We’ll use Gargos as an example.

-Minions Enter
-Portal Opens
-Gargos arrives.
-Kneel to your God.

-Pan to Kilgore
-Face wakes up
-Fulgore Deploys
-Assume stance
-Try to spin chainguns

And for outros

-Moo/Portal Opens
-Jump through to space
-Zoom Into End pose

-Wind up beeping
-Open fire
-Release hot fire
-Assume End Pose
-Zoom into face

In every frame of most characters’ Intros/Outros, they’re doing something with purpose. Even longer ones are pretty simple. Kilgore’s has a lot of stuff it has to get through, rather than a few key things.
If Kilgore’s animation was trimmed a bit, it probably wouldn’t seem to drag as much as it does.

I’m not saying it’s bad. Some of his bits are my favorite in the cast. I just think getting to the important things could help speed things along. Like, when the intro pans in he could rise into frame, rather than going through the whole boot up. Or he could stop during the Pop of the cool down animation (His “Yay!” Or “OH GOD I’M ON FIRE!” pose) to trim off the part of the end where he just stands there. Hit the important notes.

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My endings too.

I dunno, in general I think that for a such a carefully crafted fighter, this game suffers from a metric fxckton of extraneous animation. Between the eternity of a versus screen, to sometimes unskipped intros, to the unskippable cinematic expositions this game makes of it’s win poses, if someone were to do a mathematical breakdown and discover that in the average time it takes to play a FT10 of KI, I could have played a FT10 AND a FT5 of SF, I wouldn’t be surprised even a little bit.

I’d still be a little grossed out by it though.

I don’t get why wanting to play the more of the game per session when the only thing in our way is arbitrary animations is something to tsk at. Some people don’t boot up this game to watch cartoons with our cocoa. shrug

Ultimately, I just think it’s a shame that a game this good is plagued with so much bullshit for little reason other than combinative insistence and petulance between creative and development. And then they release a PC port, and actively choose to let self-focused decision making stand in the way of performance optimization. It’s pretty damned irritating being a fan of this game sometimes.

I just think many of you lack patience.

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I’m with geek. It’s only a couple of seconds. You all want cinematic stuff and the stuff we have that is, you wanna press A to skip.

What’s the point?

Look at sf5, now they go on lol

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For some things, yeah.

Don’t get me wrong - when I’m playing the game, I’m not sitting there rolling my eyes and heavy-sighing cuz the win animation takes so long. I’m too busy having a good time playing the game to be worried about that stuff in the moment.

It’s afterward, when I’ve played a FT5 whose final score was 5-1 and realize it’s going on 40 minutes, but no match lasted more than 40 seconds.

Whoa there. I understand why people say “you all” but thus far that doesn’t apply to many, if not all, of the people taking part in this discussion. You can double check post histories, let’s just keep this from getting personal, ya dig?

For myself, I’d rather no cinematics. I’d be very happy with portraits and text. More game, less fluff, kthnx.

Not sure what you mean specifically, but I’ve never been a fan of cinematic supers, and those “stage transitions” are abominations. Otherwise, they don’t have any singular animation that is anywhere near as needlessly dragging as Kilgore or Kim-Wu’s win movie. To Hell with SFV, but let’s speak truths.

EDIT: Soz for triple-post-editing-errors. Fixed’em.

At no point did I say you. It was a generalisation so you can calm yourself a tad there.

People have been asking for fmv intros at the vs screen and other cinematic stuff.

As for sfv, I’m talking about their win outros.
I’m all for immersion. Fmv, text, art, the lot.