Kilgore Newb Notes

So Im studying Kilgore and here are the stuff Ive found.

St. MP = Medium space control
Cr. MP = Safe
Cr. MK = Medium space control
Cl. St.LK = +1 on block (Frametrap)
St. MK, St. LK, Cr.MP = Safe on Block.
HK is a good footsie tool and a great way to start combos.

Back HP = Spacing tool
HP = Zoning/Fire tool
Cr.HP = Zoning/Fire tool
Neutral Jump = Zoning/Fire tool/BEST HP
Fwd HP = Stagger headbutt and a great way to start combos.
LKMKHK = Ermac Soulphase, good for waking up vs meaties, blinking through attacks or suicide vest when on fire at the cost of damaging you.

Gun Dash/Blanka Ball = Gates to Combo system
Barrages = space control

  • Light Barrage = OTG, can juggle if on fire
    M. Blanka Ball = Punish/Crossup tool
    Missiles = L is normal, M is controlled forward, H is drop
    - Psuedo autotracks
    DP = Juggles, projectile invulnerable, L, M, H dictate space and startup from fast to slow.
    - Non-shadow is unsafe on wakeup.
    - can be stuffed with meaties.
    - can be broken during juggles.
    - You can juggle 3 consecutive Light DPs together and end with a shadow DP.
    - You can juggle a Heavy DP into a Light DP into a Shadow DP.

Shadow gundash = 2 frame startup. PUNISH BUTTON
- Turns stray hits into combos.(As long as NOT at fullscreen away)
- Cr.MK buffer option during cold guns.
Shadow Chaingun = Cooldown guns PSEUDO-INSTINCT CANCEL
- Turns all specials, HP guns and back-HP safe.
- Unbreakable as an opener.
- Bottleneck tech during COLD GUNS.
Shadow Blanka Ball = Projectile invulnerable, staggers, recaptures.
- Backwards input = No distance
- No input = medium distance/crossup
- Bottleneck for continuing offense. (Followup Hotguns DP/DP ender or Cr.MP -> Back.HP)
Shadow Missiles = oppressive/Setups
Shadow DP = Safe Wakeup

Chaingun = Wallsplat
Barrage = Cooldown guns (kinda useless tbh)
Missiles = Damage*
Blanka Ball = Switch sides/heavy knockdown/OTG or gtfo corner tech
DP = Juggles

Shadow Blanka ball = Recaptures after juggles, particularly after DPs.
Shadow DP = Lets you juggle longer

= Low Range
= Juggles off otg
= Safe specials
= Shouto mode
= 5 gun activations : 10 second fire

  • enough time for one base combo
  • during hotguns, using guns decreases active time, use missiles or blankaball.
  • Maximum duration us 17 seconds

= High Range

Everything you do is safe at every distance Mode.


Generic Tech:

  • QcB specials are great for zoning, QcF specials are great for getting in.
  • QcB Chainguns is great for zoning vertical space.
  • Once you have HOT GUNS, rushdown with blankaball. Very useful if you ended up zoning from fullscreen.
  • Blankaball and chaingun let you get in once you have HOT GUNS.
  • Use Blankaball and Missiles to make hot guns LAST LONGER.
  • Blankaballs a good followup to wallsplat.
  • pre-emptive directional missiles can make blankaballs somewhat safe.
  • You can follow up Chainguns in a combo with manuals.

Wakeup Tech:

  • only Shadow DP is invulnerable on your wakeup
  • You can Phase on your wakeup if you expect a meaty
  • If you get a hard knockdown, before they wakeup do Heavy Missile behind the opponent and backdash -> Cr. MK -> Blankaball

Missile Tech:

  • H.Missile on knockdown
  • H. Missile far behind can land on an opponent getting combod if you end it with his DP ender.
  • Any missiles will let you land a manual/linker to start a combo if you lend them on a grounded opponent and you are close enough.

Juggle Tech:

  • When ON FIRE, Back HP combos after grab or dp
  • Doing manual Cr.MP in the middle of a combo will put your opponent in a juggle state and you can follow up with a button into guns.
  • Doing DP ender during hotguns lets you Back-HP your opponent on the way down
  • During Hotguns, you can follow up a DP with detonate
  • Detonate after DP is a good way to end juggles if you really need the damage.
  • L.Chainguns is a good followup to DP ender in the corner
  • DP Ender -> button -> L/M gundash -> Shadow Blankaball -> Mixup
  • dp ender -> button -> DP
  • dp ender can be followed up by multiple shadow dp if your balls are big enough.
  • Shadow DP is a good way to cash out juggles.
  • otg L. Chaingun combos into Shadow DP for juggles.

Hotguns grab Tech:
Grab -> Fwd.HP -> any DP
Grab -> button -> Shadow DP -> Shadow blankaball -> mixups

Shadow Tech:

  • Shadow blankaball can crossup in the corner
  • Shadow Chaingun cools down Kilgore’s guns but is also great for making moves safe.
  • Anything -> Shadow Missiles is a good Mixup setup tool as long as you dont try to juggle with it.
  • Using shadow for damage is pointless, save it for Shadow Missile setups, Shadow chaingun for or Shadow DP juggle cashouts.

Instinct Tech:

  • Can make ANY special safe via activation
  • HP, gundash, blankaball and chainguns are all neutral on block.

HOTGUNS: heavy double -> DP ender -> Cr.HK/Cr.MP -> OTG L. Chaingun -> Shadow DP -> (Detonate)
INSTINCT: heavy double -> instinct cancel -> heavy double -> DP ender -> Cr.HK/Cr.MP -> OTG L. chaingun -> Shadow DP -> (detonate)

Right now Im trying to figure Missile setups and shadow move tech. I know @F3Sleep puts missiles on knockdown but is it the M or H? Do you put it behind or in front? etc? Need lots of help on this.

Id like to learn more on: Missile Setups, Juggle Setups, Instinct Setups and Shadow move Setups.


It seems like Kilgore’s gameplan is to get hotguns into a DP ender and then juggle mercilessly from there.

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Well, you weren’t lying. These are certainly newb notes. Most of the stuff here is in the command list. :sweat_smile: But of you’re looking for ideas for improvement, there’s plenty of tech to look through here in the Kilgore subforums. KilGIR is a lot of fun to use, even if you aren’t winning. :slight_smile:

The missile setup is Heavy Missile on a hardknockdown. Don’t adjust the aim, just let it rock. Lets you do some safe pressure on their wakeup or just stuff their options for retaliation.

I’d also like to note that since Shadow Missiles no longer launches, it makes a great damage linker. You can only manual after it, but you can use any strength.

It’s also fun to link his staggers. With the right discipline you can link Blanka Ball into B Ball into Ball into Ball up-to 6 times before blowout. And headbutt makes leads to some tricky stuff if used as a manual or used ad infinum like the Ball. Bonus points if you say “BOOP!” every time you stagger someone. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My observations while learning Kilgore:

-use chainguns more reactively than preemptively (spamming), because opponent will expect it and wait with punish

-use air chaingun more than ground chainguns (less unsafe and harder to punish)

-abuse the hell out of EX cooldown, saved me hundreds of times when opponent expected my chaingun attack, tried to punish it with EX move but in last moment I did EX cooldown into light DP.

-dont forget about malfunctioning teleport move

-use ball attacks only when overheated or in instinct

-learn spacing for crossup MK ball.

-dont underestimate power of qcb+punch chaingun attacks. Gives PTSD to Rashes and Sadiras.


I use both medium, and heavy on wake ups. Need too make tech video

when you mean air chaingun, you mean his HP button right?

finding your character really makes the difference in this game. Im having so much fun with the game now.

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You best 1 chance 1 bar break combo until they fix Shadow Missiles (if they leave it alone that would be nice) is 2x headbutt(or any other normal)>L missiles> Shadow missiles>manual>ender of choice but chain gun. Only works in corner area more or less

Best 1 chance break for 2 bars is 2x headbutt(or any other normal)>L missiles> Shadow missiles>HP (instant cancel to shadow missiles)>manual>Ender does high 50’s low 60’s%

Out of corner you can alter it to make it still do high damage 1 chances but weaker. Still hits like a ■■■■■■■ brick

Very good mixup with Shadow missiles
Anything>shadow missiles lets you do left/right mixup with jump lk or her heavy metal ball based on your distance and is safe because some missiles hit later on as they travel around the place so if they react they eat a stray missile.

Too bad this all goes away when they fix missiles since it orginally hkd’s

This move is gawdlike

ive come to learn that Aimed Low H.Missiles is great for setups, what Id like to know is how do you continue a combo with BackHP? The dojo marks it as an opener, and unless you’re point blank in the corner with your opponent and he or she lets you shoot your chaingun, at most you can manual after it.

I suppose id rather have it than not have it, im guessing this is some kind of instinct/Shadow Chaingun setup but 18 startup is an eternity at LP range.

and is there some sort of setup with Cr.MK during Cold guns? Im looking for any tech that makes neutral more optimized. But I suppose Im ok with just poking people out of moves.

6 days in and I think im finally getting the hang of danbot.

My kilgore game is at least bronzetier and can stand up to low golds.

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Same here however it’s polarizing for me, I’m either some god tier juggling maniac with him or It looks as if I’ve never touched the game before and decided to go up against sleep himself. It’s usually the latter though :frowning:

Edit: who am I kidding it’s nearly always the latter lol.

as a fellow danbot player i think Danbot’s game falls apart once theyre inside Cr.MK range. At that point everything you do is punishable.

You either need to start building distance again or make some high risk incremental reward decisions. Personally Im trying to condition myself to start using blankaball at this point and snipe out a crossup.

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That’s the thing though, with me I tend to use the blankaball more than his gun dash as a follow up after a manual and this tends to get me me punished more often than not.

I need to figure out how to handle his move set at close range. It seems the second I get in close enough distance I need to pull a rabbit out of my hat just open up my opponent.

been looking at some tech online. Added citations and everything.

The danbot army can check out what Ive seen in action and to give shoutouts to the lab junkies out there.

@rukizzel does the forum have an annotation feature? I wanna give each of the tech I found an annotation so people can see which video to check out to see the tech in action.

ps. sry for all the TJ combo jokes.

Well Im pooped. Maining Shago has prepared me for learning this character.

Feel free to look over my notes.