KI3 has ruined other fighting games for me

So I just got back from playing street fighter 5, and WOW it’s pretty terrible in comparison, if feels more like street figher 2, even the hardest mode they could offer felt like I was having to put work in to make it more exciting and harder for my self. Where as KI3 is fast paced offers more visually and offers a challenge that can be next to impossible sometimes. Anyone else feel that KI3 has become the main fighting game for them to set the bar? I just wish we had some more content, maybe not in terms of characters but maybe some alternate stages just to give it a bit more while we wait between seasons


doesn’t each character have their own stage and theme? isn’t there already more stages in KI than SFV? :stuck_out_tongue:

I am purchasing SFV, it will tide me over nicely till season 3, what I am surprisingly a lot more excited for :)!

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Well what I played, it took me about 15 minutes to complete story mode with everyone, its just the AI is terrible aswell there was no challenge, and they have gone overboard with the screen door fade effects, it just looks ok. Ki3 feels more like a complete fighting game for fans SF5 feels dumbed down for more auidence, but the KI3 devs have done that better rather than just removing all the AI.

Ive always enjoyed KI over SF since 94… and you are spot on that SF feels so slow in comparison.
Ive played the beta 4-5 times for SF5 and all 4 times I was so bored. Now I have been playing 3rd strike and thats fun… more fun than the beta IMO. I will still get SF5 for my PS but I dont see me playing to often.

I have a feeling KI is on the cusp of converting a ton of SF players…as long as events like KIWC and content (Ultra Chen, Xbox News, IGN, ect…) is consistently produced and out there for the ppl to see… KI is on the verge of blowing up IMO

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didn’t think sfv was out till the 16?

Well a key in getting those guys is to also be light on the bashing of their game.

It’s better to show excitement and passion over something you love than to show distaste for something someone else loves.


I played a copy of it at my local game store, was pretty much the full game, online was disabled so got to play with everything else.

I was excited, but now i’m happy to wait till its under £15 on steam

isn’t story mode releasing in june? and the current one just arcade pretty much? or am I wrong?

I’ve played the beta and a little bit of fun, the online wasn’t overly great though, lots of rollback and teleporting, had a few smooth matches though.

the game did feel like a nicer looking SF2, with easier links and an added vtrigger mechanic, I think the problem is for me, is it isn’t the 90s anymore, I want my games to feel like they are moving forward/advancing in mechanics, and so far I don’t feel SFV does that, I will still purchase it and give the game a proper go as I do like to support fighting games :slight_smile:

but I will be dropping it and moving straight back to KI as soon as season 3 lands :smiley:

It had a storyline with cutscenes and everything, and was called story mode. I think they have overhyped the game for my expectations which is a shame over hype always leads to disappointment, look at the xbox one XD

aha I’ve been really content with my xbox one so far, but I play an insane amount of games I guess it depends on what genres you enjoy and stuff :slightly_smiling:

my ps4 is collecting dust though till SFV lands, and I also think exclusive wise it has let me down, the order zzzz :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah I have participated in the SFV beta a few times and like SF2 and SF4, I just can’t get into it. I have already pre-ordered the game but now I am not sure what to do. The game has no characters I really like in it at launch…but Juri, Ibuki and Urien will be coming as DLC so that might inspire me to play. Idk what to do now lol

I have never really liked or enjoyed playing SF in the past but I told myself I was going to get this one on at launch and put in the work to get good at it but that is looking not likely at this point. I am kind of torn as to what to do at this point lol

I haven’t played much SFV, as I haven’t really been that interested from the start, but KI did kind of ruin MKX for me. Obviously that’s no knock on KI or MK for that matter. I love all fighting games, for the most part.

But KI’s netcode made MKs netcode go from “I’ll begrudgingly tolerate this” in MK9 (pre-KI) to “this is unacceptable and I’m not even going to bother with it” for MKX post-KI.

I also feel like KI’s fast, fluid, two-way gameplay made MKX feel strange, kinda choppy, and a tad dull by comparison. I know, they’re different games with different styles, but while I loved MK9 and how it played, I couldn’t help but take issue with some of the attack windows on moves in MKX after playing KI.

I was also kinda bored by not having anything to do when I was blown up in to a combo but sit and watch unless I wanted to spend two bars of meter to break out. That plus the 5 second cut-scenes for X-Ray moves… Not a fan of those anymore.

Lastly, the fact that MKX has so few arenas while KI has one for every character. Don’t get me wrong, MKX has some gorgeous arenas. But the fact that there are so few, and the fact that I’m trying to get hyped because they’re finally adding another arena (The Pit…Again…), well yeah. kinda lame.

Of course, MKX has a giant story mode, and I’d love to see KI kinda take the next step in this regard, but really, between the written backgrounds and the overall storytelling of season 2, I’m perfectly fine getting the story without the bells and whistles just so long as it’s quality writing, logically consistent (which is something MK’s last two stories both suffered with a lot), and engaging, I’m okay not having tons of cutscenes. I’ll take that trade-off.

Honestly, I hope NRS looks at some of the stuff that KI does better and really tries to up their game when it comes to the next Injustice and the next MK. I’m hoping that competition breeds improvements, increased quality and innovation.

I have nothing against MK, it’s been my favorite all-time series since the first one came out in arcades, but after playing new KI for so long, I must say that the deficiencies in MK really kind of surprised me. I wasn’t expecting that, but I’m really hoping they’ll work more on these areas.

I do sort of agree with the OP. There is nothing wrong with SFV. But it is a slower paced game than KI, and I have been spoiled by the intensity inherent in the 2 way interaction. I think everyone appreciates the delicate dance of “footsie” based gameplay, but there is such a thing as “too much of a good thing.” SFV seems to involve a LOT of standing around, walking back and forth to get ideal range and then throwing out mostly safe normal hoping to land a hit and then autodial the best combo you can follow from that hit. I have never been a lab guy, and I don’t really feel like training myself up to identify my max combos. I have purchased the game because I like collecting fighting games, but I don’t think it’s going to steal me away from KI.

MKX is a bit the same. I actually enjoy learning the juggle combos, up to a point. It’s fun and there is kind of a system to it - unlike in SFV where you pretty much have to guess… I am totally through with X rays though (zzzzz). But when having friends over MKX can be fun.

Unfortunately I don’t want this to turn into a KI vs SF5 thread but I will say they directly ripped off Instinct with V-Trigger. KI has set the bar in terms of the system. KI really is one amazing fighting game and has become the best fighter I ever played.

I said all along when MK9 released, X-Rays will get old and boring. X-Rays should have been Brutality finishers. MK9 and MKX are cool but they ruined the way I like to play MK.

Street fighter is basically just 50 versions of jago, thunder, and orchid fighting each other without combo breakers.

ALL of your attention in Street Fighter is on execution and footsies, with a little mind games,

But KI is a game where mind games come FIRST.

I am constantly loosing to bad players because i get hit by 50-50 mixups and just dont react in time. But then after a few matches i will fight like #20 in the world or #50 in the world AND WIN because i figure out their patterns and make sure i stay unpredictable.

KI is funny like that. The game always stays hype at all levels of play because of the mind games, and then when you get REALLY good, the added footsies just makes it more tense.

I think you’re miss using “ruined” for spoiled

It’s all opinion. There are tons of people who think SFV is better and even some KI players are moving to SFV. Personally am interested in SFV but I don’t have a PS4 and I thought it was going to be free2play like KI. Not really wanting to drop 60 on the game. That’s not saying SFV is not worth it, I don’t even spend 60 on KI. I usually wait until near Christmas time when the Ultra editions are discounted to 20 bucks. Am going to wait on Steam to see if it drops low enough for me to buy. The game is very beautiful and the animations are superb and that real story mode will be good for a SF noob like myself. The only thing that I feel KI flat out beats SFV in is the themes. KI has unmatched themes so far.

This click bait title had me worried that it was going to crap all over KI but it was the opposite.