KI Steam Cross-Play Testing


stop acting like 5 years old ffs -.-


sentiment taken lol, but ya know, he could just be … excited :wink:


I see, this is a little disappointing but as long as you can play with specific friends across platforms then it’s not a total loss.

Can you confirm how playing in Exhibition/Lobby will work? Say for example, I buy the game on Steam and I want to play with a specific Xbox gamertag. Will I just be able to type the gamertag in and it will send an invite to that platform? Or did you guys decide to go the “assign each lobby a code” route, which means I make the lobby, get the code, and send the code to my Xbox friend using whatever means I choose, then he just enters the code on his own platform to find and join the lobby?


i remember something about gta 4 and eflc you need to sign windows live and sending your friends to party probably they will use similar system again


I highly doubt Steam users will have to mess with any Xbox/Microsoft log-ins, because that system has proven to be super wack every other time it’s been tried (Games for Windows, ugh). And especially since it doesn’t look like it’s going to be cross-buy, and they confirmed that Steam users won’t be playing in the same ranked pool as Xbox players, then it seems 100% that Steam players can pretty easily just play the game without caring at all about the Xbox platform.

As I said earlier, there are many examples of cross-platform play that use the 4-digit lobby code system (or a variation thereof) and while it’s not as easy as just sending an invite, it still works just fine and requires no special communication between versions… that is, Steam doesn’t have to learn how to send invites to the Xbox platform and vice versa, they just rely on the players communicating via Twitter or Discord to send the code. So I really hope they’ve done that here.


Any chance crossplay with ranked will come at a later date?


i think that could happen after MS sees how this first phase goes over.


Yes, I actually have time this weekend.


Steam KI won’t have crossplay on Ranked mode because ladders on steam will get hacked in one week.


I would LOVE to try this out on Steam!


So will progress and purchases cross over to the Steam version?


This is my biggest question. I know the Ranked system is independent so I won’t be a Killer over there right away, but I’m curious if my character levels/premium customization purchases will carry over as well.


Same here.

While it does suck the ranked systems are separate… because it’d be nice to infuse new life into ranked queues but I guess that’s fine. I just want to know if all of my purchases of both in-game stuff like KI gold items and non-DE items like the Ultimate source skins will carry over.

One thing that would keep me from playing the Steam one daily is not having all my sweet loot.


Honestly, the reason they might be taking forever to answer this question or choose not to answer it is because they don’t want to say no and put off anyone hoping to hop on the steam version as well. But idk, for all our sakes I hope I’m wrong.


I want to test the steam crossplay.


There will be a free to play version like in Windows store?


so it’s already weekend where is my game on the steam ?!!!


No… They all catching these hands :rofl::facepunch::facepunch::facepunch::facepunch:


I dont think you were chosen for the test. @rukizzel did say not everyone will be selected for this test.


not really the beta test for this weekend. i was talking about adding the game to steam servers.