KI Steam Cross-Play Testing


I’m just wondering if the steam players are going to have to go through the same steps with using only windows firewall and teredo tunneling to find an online match. Or, will they just be able to start playing without any concern of this? I can’t use norton antivirus since it manages it’s own firewall.


I’ve had no Teredo issues running the Steam version (which was a HUGE issue for me on the Win10 version, and a primary reason I didn’t bother playing on PC before), so I think you’re good. Norton prompted me on if I wanted to let KI access the internet (it advised against it :joy:), but after that no issues at all.


it’s a few easy steps if you know what is to do. (and it’s once per device for the whole xbl network if you do it right)

i can remember “steam times”, where you needed to open a lot of ports for different things.
btw: you still need multiple open ports for steam. means: steam is nothing better regarding to this.


Just saw the first mod. It was a bloody sabrewulf. Its on yt.



That actually looks kinda neat…I mean it’s a mod that looks like the novelty of the color variation would wear out pretty quick, but it definitely serves as a proof of concept.
Now we just need a KI1 Fulgore…that and a KI2 head for the current Retro Fulgore body.


I mean, a lot of the mods I see for Skyrim are just retextures/recolors of certain items or characters. It may not be much but I suspect that even as we start seeing more advanced mods pop up this style of mod will still be very much relevant.


inb4 Microsoft swats Uncle Festor for breaking KI’s teen rating. 110


Hmm I’d bet this game could work well with cell-shading.

Less ambitious wishes: new hair textures and getting rid of wulfs green blood.


Hi there
I am a owner of KI:DE for Windows
Can’t able to join a lobby created by my friend who has KI Steam Edition and viceversa.
I don’t know but seems like there is not enough search parameters for that crossplay between Steam and Windows 10 game.
it was impossible to play against each other, what’s wrong?