KI Steam Cross-Play Testing


Hey Killer Instinct family, we hope you’re just as excited for the 3.9 release as we are!

When you download the latest Killer Instinct Content Update, if you haven’t done so already, you’ll undoubtedly notice something peculiar, so we wanted to give you a heads up at what’s to come before you spotted it in the wild.

Tucked away in this CU is a switch that will enable certain feature you’ve all been clamoring for, and that feature is indeed cross-play!

Yes, this is your confirmation that Killer Instinct players on Xbox One or Windows 10 will be able to play cross-network with players on Steam, as well, and we’re super excited to be able to bring that feature to you when KI launches on Steam in the coming weeks.

There is one small caveat, though. We will be testing this feature, making sure all the kinks are worked out (as best as we can) in a live environment. What that means for you is that you will see the option for cross play in your menus, but then there will be times where that menu item is turned off, and seemingly missing. Never fear, that is simply us working on things in the background, and your experience will not be affected as we do our work.

This feature being turned on/off will have 0 impact on your ability to play KI in-network, or between Xbox & Windows 10 players. So please, play to your heart’s content while we do the dirty work in the background.

Take this as your official announcement that KI will indeed feature cross play. Of course, there are still a lot more features around the KI Steam offering to go over, so keep your eye on for more information as we get closer to launch.

Any questions? Feel free to drop them here, and we will do what we can to answer! That’s all for now. See you in the virtual arena.


PC Gamer confirms Steam crossplay

I see that the screenshot features the exibition match

When the steam version is released, will the cross-network feature be always on while playing ranked?


I would assume it’ll work the same as the cross play feature does.


Yes! Love you guys.


Crossplay, huh? Kinda figured. Still, pretty cool. :sunglasses:


That’s AWESOME news!

If this pans out, KI has a BIG chance of playerbase revival. At least it will get noticed as fighting game with most expansive crossplay feature.

I am cynic a-hole, but i’ll give credit where credit is due and personally you have huge props from me for your effort. I’m excited.

Just gib win10 update plox I want to play KI now so bad ;____;

My only fear is that steam community is not ready for KI.

Just look at every FG community hub on steam. Every second thread is scrubs whining. KI vets will commit genocide on steam people XD


That’s the only thing im scared of, is us wrecking havoc on everyone lol.

But, take this as a lesson guys. We have another chance to make this game huge. It’s all up to us, and the new steam people.

We can help them grow and learn with us, which will grow the community.

We got this everyone!


I agree. I suggest we don’t bully newcomers, lets learn new mains alongside with them or even sandbag so they won’t get deterred.

I think I’m going to pick Mira next, i think I may have fetish for corsets :open_mouth:


thanks a lot for some confirmations! i just check on i assume KI not uploaded steam servers yet. Can we pre-order the game on steam atm ? also if i buy limited edition shadow jago rightnow can i use the color codes on steam ? its so important if i buy limited edition shadow jago probably i will have it in weeks (different country)


If anything, I’ll pick up my Main man TJ again. It will be fun to relearn him with everyone else.


Excellent news. I get the feeling I’ll get THAT answer to this question, but will cross BUY also be implemented?


If it’s truly game-wide cross-play (ranked, exhibition, lobby), then that’s super cool news.

If it’s just exhibition/lobby cross-play (ie, not ranked), then that’s… slightly less cool, but still important for the game to let us play with our friends.

Can you let us know which option it is?

  1. Will Steam KI have Denuvo? (pls not)

2.Will it have true fullscreen option?

3.Will it have more graphics options or be flexible for potato tweaks? (disabling shadows, reducing particles, etc. for fps gains)

4.Will it be easy to mod? (change skins, add/replace music, etc.)

5.Will there be a preorder, DLC bundles, etc.?

6.Will it support cross-buy or do we existing owners have to buy the game again?


OMG plz gimme some of that! There’s a lot of things to fix through mods. Like splitting shadow lords from ki game. Making e x vfx fully black instead of purple. Making shadow skins semi-invisible with glowing eyes giving it more colors besides purple and some evil distorted voice. Fix some of the retro skins. Fix the UI and character select screen. Giving it more toggle options through UI on matches. Retro voice for returning characters. There’s a lot of stuff that need fixes in my opinion and real ki mods can be an one last chance to make it really dope. Would be wonderful use these on Xbox. If it’s confirmed to mods working on xbox I would preorder my Xbox One X right now no joke.


Same question, really curious about this as well


If it will be free to play like Win10 store version then i doubt it will have that kind of protection.


Ki 2 Retro Wulf mod pls lawd!

Maybe a color mod for Kim’s permapink coat


Had a guy yesterday, dude was playing Jago and I kept telling him to block or to use Shadow Windkick to go through any projectiles. I demonstrated a bit and let him play around with it a bit without actually “training” him. Dude started calling me a “perra” and said “I kept using the same moves”. I kind of felt bad but when he kept calling me out for using the same moves, I proceeded to demonstrate the art of mixups and such.

But seriously, I am always willing to help people learn the fundamentals of Jago or someone I am comfortable with anytime I am on KI.


Checking on this now. Don’t know how quick I will get an answer, but looking into it.

See below:


So this basically confirms that PS4 and Switch ports are also being worked on right?