KI Steam Cross-Play Testing


I’m really wondering if the game will be available on Steam for Mac or if it’s just on Steam for Windows. The game could easily run on a Mac with the right hardware.


so can we invite our steam friends to a exhibition match?
will they be required to use a ms account to play?


im really curious about this too. I work in the arts world, and unfortunately most of them think “if youre a serious artist, you have to have a mac”. Have a few friends i played SF back in the day that think KI looks fun, but Theyre all on macs =/


For all the super duper good players here, maybe Steam is a good chance to learn a new character.


Yes, an important follow-up to my question (whether cross-play works in ranked or not) is how you will invite players from the other platform to your exhibition/lobby room. Will you just be able to type their Xbox/Steam name into a window and it will work? Will there be some other system involved? Having a good system for this is pretty important to having usable cross-play, so I would like to hear info on how that will work as well.

I imagine worst case (which is still pretty workable) is simply to assign every lobby/exhibition room a 4-character key, which you can then share with other people and they can connect to that room regardless of platform simply by typing the key in. This is how, for example, Rocket League handles cross-platform play in lobbies (and how you connect to games like Jackbox Party Pack) and the system works decently well. I imagine the team at least implemented this system, which seems pretty straightforward without too many UI elements to add even, so I’m curious if there is a more sophisticated way to invite players or if they just went with this easy but workable method.


is any of this cross network stuff based on blockchain technology by any chance?


I have a feeling they will need a account and sign in to it like the other free to play games… and then you just invite them… At least that’s what I’m hoping. So with that you could technically use your MS account to play on the steam version… and everyone is happy.


That sounds like a lot of work though (maintaining servers for a different account). I doubt they are doing that if KI is nearing the end of its content… they probably want the Steam version to be relatively low effort, not high effort.

My guess is they found a clever way to type in Steam/Xbox usernames on the platform, or they are just going the 4-digit code route for lobbies (which is only slightly worse, still very functional and much less effort than trying to merge two services, and used in multiple games already so there is good history with this method working fine). I can’t really think of any other way to do it that makes sense.


I played a little bit today and noticed the little Xbox emblems next to my name and my opponent’s name. Does this pertain to what platform we are playing on? I’ve always thought that that would be a neat thing to have.


Well now. Cross-play between all three versions of the game. How 'bout that?

I haven’t played in 2+ years. With this news, I’ll think about returning.

…if we don’t have the stick compatibility issues that plague the Windows version.
…and if I can keep my old profile data without signing into the Xbox One game, first.


Not that I know anything about it, but I would guess that the Win/Xbox version and the Steam version will be separated in terms of saves. I don’t expect you will be able to transfer your save/profile information between versions, so if that’s 100% a dealbreaker for you (though that puzzles me a bit, but okay) then I would guess this isn’t going to light your loins on fire.

Having all sticks work would be great, though.


well if they have to maintain the server for steam accounts that’s in theory more work… since The xbox and win10 version use MS accounts. I feel like having steam just being a launcher and logging into the xbox or in this case the “ultra-tech” servers with the standard MS account would be easier than setting up the servers to handle steam userdata and all of steamworks stuff that comes with a steam account.


Won’t help much to be honest. Most really good players are quite capable of wrecking house against lower level players even when completely unfamiliar with a character. The stuff that stomps newbies isn’t character-related for the most part; it’s more fundamental than that.

That said, hopefully the Steam version will garner enough players that the new guys actually get to play against other (-gasp-) new players, and we wind up with a bit less of multiple pro-star Killers meeting up (repeatedly) with Bronzes and Silvers.


I would love to see some kind of “newcomer league”

Something like this:

If you are a below 25 level player you are tagged as “Newcomer”, if you play ranked, you will only face “newcomers” in a league. Similar to bronze, silver and gold, once you reach the maximum points, you are promoted to Qualifier. The amount of wins that you need is high(100), but when you lose you don’t lose points.

-You can skip all this if you want, so if for whatever reason you are good enough and you want to play the regular ranked, you can do it
-Since you don’t lose points when you lose, if someone who is good playing wants to “troll” the newcomers, he eventually will become a regular ranked player
-If you reach level 25, you automatically are promoted into Qualifier

Maybe with a system similar to this one, new players an have a way to play between them.

*Grumble grumble they should use exibition grumble grumble

Yeah, of course, but a begginer league in which they are never paired with a Gold/killer could be helpful


That sounds like an awesome idea!! I can’t like this enough!


This is amazing.
A quick question, will we be able to log into out existing XBL account while running Steam version? I’m not getting my hopes up, but that would be really convenient.


KI-classics with cross-play?.. That would be incredible and amazing!!


I, for one, was not at all sure there would be cross play for this. So I’m very happy to hear they are working on it. Just to be a curmudgeon, it’s hard to believe they just couldn’t tell us until the test patch rolled out. I get the impression they wouldn’t tell us if they didn’t need to as a result of the testing.


wow, this is awesome. I really thought the steam version would split the player base. looking forward to the releaase!


I’ll go easy on the new ones,as usual :blush:

Unless they do something that really annoys me. Eg: jumping Jagos! :rofl:

But seriously, sometimes I troll with the fundamentals: sweeps, AA, throws. I want to see what they do. I punish when they do something unsafe, but depending on what they do I consider a full punish or simple punish. If they are very green, I give them some space out of the corner.

I still remember when I was silver and was matched with Flash. I coudn’t literally wake up from the floor (also the laaaaag!!) :rage:
And then he said something to his chat that was like: “that was a good match,very good match”:metal:. NO dude! that was a horrible match!! what merit do you get by beating a person that can’t even put up a fight??? you weren’t even trolling! just playing as if I was My God or someone else, Gosh…You won’t even get good points out of that match.

I was very green back then.

I fear no Wulf
I am the SheWulf :sunglasses: