KI Steam Cross-Play Testing


Change of topics.

This is wonderful news but I am thinking about the logistics of this. This news implies two things.

  1. For a game not being recognized as a AAA game and killer app for Xbox, KI is still making profit for Microsoft. For a fighting game in this era of gaming, that is kinda amazing.

  2. I’m pretty sure the patches and content will either slow down or stop completely. IG will have to manage and monitor three platforms for KI.


And so we cannot expect any other balance patch this year. Only thing for KI is 4k patch for xbox o’ x and steam version.


Well, news is spreading:

Starts at 4:30…nothing new news-wise, but it’s nice to know word’s getting out.


Steam community is a pain in the ■■■, they will not be able to see the greatness of ki, please I gently ask this so nice and mature community to not get intoxicated by the stupidity of that monkeys of Satan



atleast can you tell me the figure parts ? because it’s limited edition hard to find it only 5000 piece available and i love the game and it’s limited edition i’m sure steam KI won’t come with Shago 10-11 colors. i have to order it inb4 all of gone!


I want to marry Ashley Jenkins.


I am encountering an issue which I assume is related to Steam testing (because I see these platform icons near playerbars).

In Ranked, on stage select screen or even at char select screen I get a pop up that “opponent left the lobby. Returning to main menu”. This happened just now four times in a row.


A color mod yes.

Now that Sabrewulf mod is questionable because I don’t want IG to ban mods like Rockstar did.


Why they banned them


I forgot but I guess it had something to do with mods being transferred to GTA Online and such.


I like it great idea! @Davy0


I say we go easy on the steam players :ok_hand::joy::joy:


Well done to the whole team. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing what you might loosely term as the mainstream audience think of this when it hits.

Just hope that the steam version is free for existing owners.


If I know the rank of a player, it’ll be different. Otherwise, NO holding back from me. I’m looking forward to seeing how many players pick this game up though


This rarely tends to be the case when new games move to other platforms.

I think cross-play is a great concept and should be in as many games as possible, but cross-buy between the MS platform and a non-MS platform is something I never really expected for this game. When you switch from Android to iOS, you don’t get to download all your apps for free again.


Unless your save data is linked to an independent platform. I know Call of Duty got a CoD Account system in later installments that allows for cross platform save data (even though you have to buy again) and I’m pretty sure Destiny and Diablo 3 have similar features.


Found out about cross-play. It will be in certain modes - Exhibition, Lobby, and SL multiplayer. Ranked will be limited to the ecosystem you’re playing in. So Steam users will play other Steam users, etc.

Last thing to keep in mind - since these are different platforms, your rank on Steam is not linked to your rank on Xbox/Win10.


I assume that’s because you guys want to keep cheaters of the system out of Ranked.

Fair enough, but it’s still kind of a letdown.


I think these are the most important to have Crossplay on. That way friends can play together, and people on all platforms can participate in online tournaments


so is there clear date to release i have money i have to pre-order now otherwise i will literally waste it!