KI Seaons 3.5? How do you see things progressing?

Hey guys!

Its been a while but im back! OH MY GOSH Killgore is SO good! and so much fun! I dont care if hes recycled from other charscters hes BRILLANT (as Omen was)

TINY down side? Where is his stage? Come on @TempusChaoti Do stages really need to be the new ultimatres poll :wink: :nail_care: lolz

So apart from all this BLAH!

#How do we see Season 3.5 / 4 shaping up?

In my humble opinion it feels like Ki is finished. :boom: cheers :boom:

lets not try to cry about it… its just what i think. KI as a game is finally finished with a fantastic roster of diverse balanced and different characters.

We now enter a new domain of whats going to happen to Iron Galaxy and why are they still working on KI? We are all aware that Iron Galaxy are 3rd party. Microsoft have no power over them other than the ability to extend their contracts.

Now we know that season 3 has officially ended… Craig gave that away on twitter.

We also know that even though Season 3 is finished that IG are still working on the game. Ultimates and new characters are incoming and these are not small jobs.

Now i asume Ultimates like Killgore will come at a price giving us an; a la carte style KI offering more randomly thought the new year? Possibly paid continued DLC? Killgore / Skins / Ultimates / Stages are all things id LOVE to invest money into and could all be VERY lucrative for MS

so what does that mean for Killer instinct in itself?

Possibly a caretaker team producing this a la carte KI experience for real money while the core team work on a completely new game?

Or is the a la carte giving the team a bit of breathing space to create more new and exciting characters from scratch?

We all know that Rare’s awesome characters are all used up. No one is left to recreate and lets be fair all of these characters although they are radically redesigned their core is pretty similar to how they were first imaged by the rare team all the way from story to moves to colours.

so in terms of season 4 its going to be more stressful when it comes to design and maybe IG feel that they need this extra time between seasons to achieve the right balance of new characters for season 4 OR KI 3?

OR maybe this is a wind down? The end of the road to the game and the tail end of Iron Galaxys contract with Microsoft?

#So what do you think? What direction will KI go in?

Lets discuss!


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At least KI hasn’t put malware in your system yet :> SFV did that atone point and perosnally that’s a smudge that will never go away nor should it. : >


Im happy to pay it! :smiley: the more content the better so IG give it to me ill give u money money!!!

maybe a new game is coming but lets stay on topic :wink: my thoughts sum up

I’m like you - all 3 seasons bought, Shago etc however not sure I agreed these should have been part of season 3. They gotta get paid for their continued support though I feel the high price on Kilgore to fund the tournaments was a mistake.

In fact not making a season 4 is another. Seasons didn’t have to be same size, content or price but splintered and staggered release of various content just seems… I dunno, messy and hard to sell vs “buy S4 - 3 characters, 4 costumes and ultimates the cast = £20” etc

You can’t look forward to those and also want more content for a great game like KI? That’s news to me.

It’s kinda the question of the hour, isn’t it? :slight_smile: Some seem to think that this stuff we’re getting right now is post season DLC to wrap the whole series up. Some think that this weekly / monthly content is the new plan going forward and the game’s not dead, just the seasonal model. Some think season 4’s inevitable. Some (like me), don’t really know what to think.

If I had to make a guess though… Here’s the timeline I’m picturing, and it’s a bit crazy, so we’ll just call it my best case scenario :slight_smile: :

January: Kilgore goes live. I’m thinking we also get a few more skin packs. Presumably three more.

February: I think we’ll get either Shadow Orchid or Pretransformation Cinder. Whoever it turns out to be, I’d actually be shocked if it wasn’t another remix. This will be followed by another few weeks of skin packs.

March: At KIWC, they announce the following:

-The first batch of ultimates are complete and ready for purchase now

-Joanna Dark is the final post-season 3 DLC character and she’s also available for purchase
–They also do a live character walkthrough with her

-In the next several months, they will be adding new content including skin packs and ultimates, but also stages, and that we will be getting Mira’s stage in April

-Season 4 is officially announced and will be arriving in the Fall (I’m going to guess October)
–At that point, I fully expect Keits to remind us of that Ultimate reveal trailer from way back around New Years and the 4 wins Jago had. :slight_smile:

Again, like I said, best case scenario, but hey, a guy can dream, right!?

Supporting KI now is probably one of the most critical times for the game to continue to grow. I bought Kilgore the second I could and will gladly buy the other two characters we know about. Hope they continue to do some post 3 season content, yes @WandaMaximoff stages are on top of my list too! All this will hopefully breathe new life into the game so they can make a full release title to launch with Scorpio!

We can all dream and be positive! Support KI/IG/MS!


Heck yeah.

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Lol, NRS Game and Marvel Cross.

I thought you said there were fighting games coming out this year?

On Topic: KI will remain the only non-anime fighter worth playing for another year (though really at this point I think we’re kind of an anime fighter in a SF4-flavored shell). It’s possible we’ll absorb talent jumping ship from the SF community.

Releasing characters shortly after the DE hurts our growth potential just a little maybe. That’s a bad look, methinks. Otherwise we’re looking pretty golden.

So far, not liking Kilgore very much or nearly at all. Came out with some of the more nasty bugs I’ve seen with characters, incredibly difficult learning curve, bland Ultra, etc. as a character, I wasted money.

Though, helping KI was for a good cause so I suppose it doesn’t bother me too much.

Can’t wait for Ultimates though.

Injustice 2 comes out on march, I thought you informed yourself before replying (MvC infinite comes out near christmas but isnt totally confirmed)

After the ■■■■ Mvc3 put me through I want nothing to do with MVC3 as for Injustice, looks ok but it’s not something I’m really hyped for.

Isnt like MS is a small Company that desperately needs to squeeze money out of microtransactions to avoid bankruptcy, if that was the case i would be totally on board

Skins are still optional in the long run of things.

All I hope for is that if ultimates are paid content. Every cast member gets 1 for free. And that they make more ultimates that you can buy. Cause I think it would be a super cool feature for a game that seems to be ditching a season model and going towards a traditional f2p route like dota or leauge

as a franchise KI was practically bankrupt not Microsoft…

LONG before MS brought Rare KI was totally not investable.

im pleased to see it back and im ASTONISHED its got to 3 seasons! ill Happily welcome a 0.5 Season thats completely transparent and optional.

AGREE! :heart:


So here’s an interesting point that I think is significantly overlooked.

Before Kilgore was even officially released to the masses, he is selectable in Training/Practice Mode. This is a first, for me at least, that even if you don’t purchase the character, you’re able to still fight on a level playing field because he’s selectable in this mode, giving you the ability to understand his move set. If you don’t put in the work to understand the character’s move set, that’s entirely on you.

(Note: I am not bashing anyone who has decided to wait on the $10 mark to go away, I’m telling you that while the price is a turn away for some, it does not disable you from the playing the game.)

I imagine this to be the case for the remaining two characters intended to be brought to us in 2017.

In terms of how the game will progress… Considering this is post season content, and it doesn’t inhibit you from playing the game, I’d imagine the material that drops will have a price point, which, personally, I’m okay with because I enjoy investing in a game I have put well over the amount of time I’ve given it. The survey that was given to us to ask us what else we’ve wanted is well underway.

Ultimates, costumes, bring the highest on that list, IIRC, and it shows that we want content, and it looks to continue in that direction as some of us want to keep giving them money.

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He was? Now I’m sad, Lol! Kilgore is going to be my second Shadow, as I’m looking to dive into him for real. Had I know I could have been practicing with him WEEKS ago, I would have.