KI Novella



THIS cannon makes no sense. Why build a cannon that fires smoke rings?


Hey hey hey! Watch what you say about Fulgore’s fat cannon mama! Ol’ mama cannon shot smoke rings all her life to raise her Fulgore babies…


…is that some odd slang for being a robot stripper??


Her heart was made of pure gold I heard… she worked the pole for her babies…

Seriously I’m gonna get banned soon for writing this stuff lol. Sorry IG… I’ll tone it down lol


It’s a shame the Novella ended. But it was a good story.


I’m agree with you. They should make new novella about Eyedol…


It should be about both eyedol and gargos, and it should be about their conflict.


Indeed, they should have released one more chapter at the same time Eyedol dropped.


Well they fought, eyedol got bodied (good riddance) gargos reigned supreme.


i kinda just want to see pre split eyedols power and attitude. one head is brash and brutish and angry while the other is cunning, wise and calculating. i kinda want to see the kind of person the heads together would create. a calculating aggressive smart wise warlord? now thats dangerous


The KI Novella: Supreme Victory! Ultra Victory! Perfect! Ultra Combo! Ultimate Combo! Get hype! The hype is real! KI 4 life! Long live KI! All on board the KI hype train now!

And hopefully there will be a printed version of the KI novella either as an official novelization or as a graphic novel or even a SERIES of graphic novels. Overall an official KI novelization, a KI graphic novel, or even a SERIES of KI graphic novels :wink: :smile: :grin: :sunglasses:


i don’t like this new book look i miss the way it was on the website the text is to small on my phone with this new thing :frowning:


Haven’t seen you in a while :smile:. Good to have you back


We need a story for eyedol he’s the only one missing lore.


No he isn’t. He fought Gargos, Gargos bisected his head. Kan-Ra revived him, got ■■■■ stomped, and now Eyedol is doing whatever he wants. Probably vengeance. That seems to be his new thing.


yea we cool know that but who was he before the fight with eyedol? how powerful was he? his lore is his backstory which is what is missing. is eyedol the same race as gargos? was he a king of his own domain? these are the question that alot of people would like to know


I forgot to ask in the textual stream if S3 characters are going to have a backstory.


Their backstories are the novella though


That and the 3 guests dont have one. Maybe they could do something regarding Gargos and Eyedol, maybe about their fight long ago…


Isn’t only like the first 3 chapters? Then the rest kinda ties in what else is happening? Because clearly 5 and 6 had little to nothing of the S3 characters.

I mean ARIA got a whole chapter to herself.