KI Novella


True, maybe Gargos and Eyedol will get theirs after SL is out (they did say the most recent chapter was the last one until SL). The guests I know for sure aren’t getting one since they’re not part of the lore.


Well guests can’t get one. That would be dumb. If gargos gets a chapter I believe it would take place probably sometime long ago and nothing recently. That’s my guess.


Well as far as the guest characters not having a story… We can always make one up here on the forums :smile:


Curious for what people can come up with.


And suddenly, I have hope for the future.

This isn’t gonna end well, is it?


That depends.


patiently waiting for the next KI Novella like



Uh… Hate to burst you’re a bubble.

There isn’t one.


I know, just waiting till they post another one someday lolol






There’s still a few fanfictions to read on in case you’re interested LOL


ROFL!!! :joy::joy::joy:


i guess those would do :'D

…maybe :joy:


You should check out mine someday


I have just started one!


Needs more ARIA novella. Ig can you do that please? I want to read more on the CEO.


pls explain Gargos and Eyedol origins.


Eyedols origin is available in-game (eventually). The DE has character bios that seem to be made of their Shadow Lords Dossiers, and while Eyedol isn’t playable yet, he will be eventually (I hope).

Basically, like Tusk, Eyedol was a human granted immortality to defend against Gargos. He thwarted a previous invasion attempt, beating the crap out of Gargos, stealing some of his power in the process.

Turns out, evil shadowy power from beyond our dimension has a tendency to corrupt. Who would have thought?

Eyedol mutated into his ogre form, going on a rampage until Tusk beat the crap out of him, and threw him into another dimension. Suddenly, him sharing Kan-Ra’s stage makes more sense.

Once there, the Ichoriens (did I spell that correctly?) sealed him away using their mental powers. The problem with that was that a prison made corporeal by a mind doesn’t really work when Gargos splatters said mind against a wall.

Eyedol was freed, and the two rivals began to do battle. Gargos outwitted Eyedol by wearing him down with minions first, before moving in for the kill.

Then Kan-Ra somehow got a hold of his corpse, and you know the rest.