KI Novella

Check out Chapter 1 - The Road to Ravensburg here:
Chapter 2 - The Watchman Awakes -
Chapter 3 - Dragon’s Choice -


Holy crap - how did you guys know I love reading?!



“Porfiry”? Like Porphyria?

Clever… :thumbsup:




Well, turns out I was wrong here. But to my defense It isn’t 2 words in my language :slight_smile:

Will there be physical releases of these?


Interested to see where this goes!

I’m also very happy to see the KI buddy-cop team is already on duty, Samma-smash-ing (hah!) their way into the thick of things!

Here’s hoping we get a lightning-infused version of the Fastball Special soon.


I love this, and best part I don’t have to pay for these!

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This is really cool. Will this be S3’s version of the extended back stories we got for S2?

If we can buy this in hard cover form… when its finished. That would be a dream come true


Oh i need this to be a physical book by the end of this, this is beautiful also, CHAPTER 2 TUSK HYPE


Can we please get the entire story once its complete along with a S2 - S3 Ultra fan book?? Heck why didnt we get a S2 fan book?

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Vampires keep some weird pets man.


Seconding everyone who’s saying that they would buy it if it was ever released in hardcover–though for the time being I definitely appreciate the fact that you guys have made it accessible to every one. Super cool of you!

I’m also really happy with the illustrations-- Shettlesworth’s art is really great, a nice little touch there to give the novella more life. Writing-wise it was great to get some background on Mira, and on who she’s working with. Lots of little tidbits here that I would love to see expanded on–for example, information on the mysterious Tsar she’s working for and why he wants certain relics. Maybe in future chapters or in Shadow Lords mode?? That would be swell. Right now this just feels like one huge teaser, especially with the cliff-hanger ending between Mira and Sabrewulf… but I get the feeling that’s what you’re going for! ;]

Also loving the teases to other characters. I’m just really happy with this in general; I’ve been waiting for any form of extended fiction or lore from this universe for a long, long time! Hopefully a taste of things to come!


OK - so here we have the explanation for the silver blood. Let’s point people here when they blame it on the ESRB.


Wow amazing read!

But why would Aganos and Thunder be attacking Wulf’s castle? He has remained neutral for the whole game! Unless they want to find out if Wulf knows anything about Eagle, since they both fought in previous tournaments, but throwing a Ferrari through someones house isn’t a good way to start an interrogation. :joy:

Looking forward to chapter 2!

@rukizzel can you see if we can get the “to be continued” at the end of each chapter changed to “Stay tuned”? :grin:

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■■■■, I think I may have skimmed over that. Could you quote it here for me?

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Sure thing!

Re: Her Gauntlets

“These were the Gloves of Rasavatham - a perverse version of the Philosopher’s Stone. They tapped into a vampire’s blood, morphing its plasma into liquid metal by an arcane alchemical process.”

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WOW that was so awesome! I want more!!

oh yeah… i should have mentioned how sick this is that they are letting everyone read it