KI Novella


Sorry… Please don’t drag me Kicking and Screaming into the future…


I am actually surprised that Ig referenced SF in it’s game.


Uhauhauhau! . . . . . .PATHETIC.


So this is the end. They didn’t talk about Gargos and how he existed!

This stinks!


There is shadow lords mode coming…




Most likely, soon after, or during, EVO. There’s a panel next Friday at 12pm PDT.


I think i get it now! Eyedol hasnt been introduced because he is either: locked up in Ultrtech somewhere, or Gargos is saving his secret weapon? Yo im killing it! Eyedol will be coming in no time. :sunglasses:


I love how this partially descended into a RolePlay thread for a moment there :joy:


Keep hope alive HAHAHA


Personally… I think Gargos just hasn’t given Eyedol a call about his Earth dimension invasion plan.

Now it’s just awkward if he brings it up…

(Gargos is watering his evil demonic minions one afternoon, getting them ready for Earth’s invasion when suddenly!)

“Hey neighbourino! What you up to? Seeing a lot of portals and demonic shock troops around your lawn these day-diddly-ays…”

“Eye-EYEDOL!? Oh hey… Heeeeeyyyy maaan! Yeah what’s - uh… w-what’s going on bud!?”

“You okay man? You’re sweating an awful lot… You’re not invading another dimension without me are you bro??”

“Whhhhhhaaaaatttt!? Naw… NAAAAAWWWW man! Thas cray cray!”

“You suuuuree… cause it’d be pretty low, seeing as I set you up with my wife’s friend… the ol’ ball an’ chain won’t shut up about a double date now.”

“Bro… Bro! - BRUUHH! We go waaaaay back! I’m totes on the level wit-chu! You’d be the first person I’d call. THE FIRST!”

“K neighbor. I trust you… Hey! We still up for bocce ball later tonight?”

“Yeah yeah fine cool… sounds great… uh neighbour!”
(Gargos runs back into his house and peers through the blinds waiting for Eyedol to move off his lawn…)


You’re imagination is GOD LIke XD




I would like to think that Eyedol is more like Gargos’ boss.

Eyedol: “Why are portals opening up in the astral plane?”

Gargos: *Stays silent"

Eyedol: “My god. How many times must I remind everyone? In order to invade another dimension you need to fill out form I-F-3K45! It’s one form! Only 35 pages. It is accessible from your desktop library.”

Gargos: “What if one…were to say…have filled out a Dimension-Invasion Request Form six months ago and is still waiting for approval?”

Eyedol: “Then ‘one’ would need to email me before opening up any portal.”

Gargos: “I am so tired of this emotional abuse. I quit.”

Eyedol: “You can’t quit! It’s relic season. All the other shadow lords’ll need help crafting new relics to raise new undead servants.”

Gargos: “Watch me” flips hair, exits left

Pretty sure a KI office screenplay may be in the works.


When did Gargos join hair club for Astral Plane gods??


I love these back and forth conversations between Gargos and Eyedol that you all are coming up with…MORE!!!


If you don’t fill out the proper dimension-invasion request form, then how can you invade another dimension!?!? That’s what I’d like to know! Gargos don’t care how much paper work it makes for others.

K bow I’m Eyedol and Gargos on the set of Office space.

“Yeeeeaaaahh, um Gargos… I’m gonnna have to ask you to work this weekend instead of invading Earth, sooooooo, um yeeeaahh.”

(under his breath)
“I’m gonna burn this place to the ground…”


This canon is making no sense, Gargos just quit.


Gargos realised he wouldn’t get his full retirement pension if he just quit. Backed out at the last minute… demon bro’s got too many illegitimate Omen babies to just up n’ quit like that yo…


Horn flip?