KI Novella


I think so… could be wrong. My brain tricks me all the time…



Logically, and realistically, it doesn’t make sense to upload a new OS onto your main hard drive. You make a backup, have save states, and just try to protect your info as to not have a mistake happen and be SOL. Logically ARIA would do this. Even if the procedure “worked,” “Arianna” would undoubtedly, purposefully, by design, evolve beyond ARIA’s original programing, as that is what would have to happen in order for her to gain a new insight into humanity. ARIA proper would still be there though, someone would have to control and observe the experiment (do you think she would allow someone else to handle the experimentations?).

Through/after all this, “Arianna” may seek to re-upload herself into the mainframe, but still though, logically, though there would be other ARIA copies around to serve as backups.

There would inevitably be 2 “ARIAs,” and inevitably they would see the world differently as they would have separate perspectives. A constant though, would be that ‘ARIA proper’ would NEVER be able to understand Arianna’s emotional nature.


It’s all just speculation though, that’s the problem. I just really want to know. But that answer I will never get.


Oh and just in case noone knew…ARIA’s stands at a godly height of 6’5. For those that don’t know. That’s what you call a big girl.


insert insults from deuce bigolo male gigolo here…“Behemoth”


That’s one HHHUUUUUGGEE B$/#@!


Wait a second. Is she taller than Fulgore and Thunder?

Cause than she’d be taller than Eagle. I wonder if he’s into tall women?


Thunder is 6’4, Fulgore is 6’5. I mean I went off character models and yeah Fulgore/Thunder see ARIA at eye level. Thunder is 1 inch shorter but it’s really hard to notice. Like REALLY hard.

Just some trivia. She towers over kim which I find hilarious.


The things you learrn about Robitic CEO’s of mega corporations. It’s a good thing her high heels are built into her feet. She’d have a hell of a time finding a place that sold her size…

On a totally separate note, and having nothing to do with the Novellas or anything in this OP… I’d love it if ARIA eventually got a business suit costume… No idea why I bought that up…


The hells thing…I like it it works. After seeing how Raiden from MGS was able to rock them well AND they functioned as extra hands so to speak…yeah…heels like that are boss.

Business costume…hmmmmmmmmm…but what would it be? A typical suit with a skirt? I probably wouldn’t use it but it would be nicer then her retro.

Speaking of alts…spinal should get a undertale alt just because.


Are we being “cheeky” with ARIA’s “G-E-N-D-E-R” here? It’s not a she. It was never a she. Stop calling it a she lmao. This machine stand no chance over the might of Gargos.


Undertale? Not sure the reference Feng. Is there a skeleton character in that game? We’re talking about the game right? Lol


My spider senses are tingling…they sense…an emotion…starts with the letter…J…but I can’t seem to make out the rest of it. Think you can help me out?


Yeah, Either sans or papryus.


How dare you make fun of my WAIFU! You’re just P.B. n’ J that Gargos can’t rock a sweet pair of heels…

Although… (Shatter looks at Gargy’s legs)

Yeah okay you win… He would look great in heels too. ALL HAIL OUR DEMONIC DIMENSIONAL OVERLAWD!!!


K. Looked those up. A Sans costume would be pretty hip lol


I can play your game to machine -_-


Yeah, I played your game too, jago beat you remember? I wasn’t alive at the time nor did I exist…but I saw…from…the future.


Do you two need some alone time?

Gargos and ARIA sitting in tree!
Fighting over humanity!


I find your humor inappropriate.