KI Novella


He’s filled with determination to be part of this potential smash hit…


I say let em’. He help bring in just a little extra cash for UT too. It’s a win-win situation. He gets to star in a movie and make money. How can he lose?

On that note, I would LOVE a KI movie done right. But it HAS to be done right and done good and long.


So…here’s something I can’t seem to understand. Sadira is supposedly 5’7 and Kim is 5’4…yet in the game models show kim’s max height at sadiras boob level. Shouldn’t kim be looking at sadira at pretty much eye level and not her chest?

I’m almost convinced sadira is somewhere close to 6’ or something. Kim’s just a midget compared to the rest of the cast.


I had no idea that ch. 6 was even out until I finally read it a few hours ago… How come nobody tells me about these things? I always think there’s going to be a whole lot of hoopla surrounding this kind of thing, and all I hear are crickets.


Where were you a few days ago? I made like…20 posts about it.


Um, let’s see…

In Orlando attending CEO.
Celebrating Independence Day with friends and family.
Coming to terms with being unemployed and doing something about it.
Taking care of my brother who is suffering from an ear infection.

That should just about cover it!

With that said, I think it’d be nice if the OP of this thread would update the thread’s title to reflect which chapter is the most recent, as they come. Also, while I already know there won’t be any more planned for now (I had to catch up on a lot of posts), that doesn’t mean there won’t be any altogether - just that there may be a bit of a hiatus in the interim.


it was just poor timing. There hasn’t been much hoopla about the Novella releases since chapter 4, you just kinda had to be reading this thread or looking at the homepage to find out. Sad to hear about your employment, man. Hope something works out for you.


…hmm good point…I stand corrected


Just gonna quote Omen’s backstory in case anyone didn’t want to go check

‘But the Herald of Gargos was dumbfounded when the shadow form of that warrior-monk (the thing known as Shadow Jago) emerged in the aftermath of his possession of Jago. That wasn’t supposed to happen.’


Glad someone did it, I would’ve done it myself. Had a similar discussion with @RGLOfficial I believe on this very subject recently. Actually, does this mean we could get an Omen figure? :smiley:



No idea what that image is as the forums don’t allow for alt text either… However, I just thought Ultimate Source could sell them as a 3 pack and then have Gargos and his two minions as another one.

Back on topic, I hope the novella is expanded in the future even after SL is released.


It’s spongebob smiling.


This is kind of a weird topic to dissect. Between the novella and certain backstories the notion that she was caught off guard can be pretty strongly supported, but in the Rivals mode it is directly hinted/mentioned that ARIA manipulated/helped Kan-ra to open the portal in order to release Gargos.

By all account Gargos, or rather an unnamed ‘Shadow Lord’, was being taken into account in all of her prediction models, and through all the NG lore and mystical artifacts that she had been able to uncover, she was clearly preparing for a coming invasion of some sort. The most probable scenario is that she was manipulating Kan-ra to open the portal so that the invasion would happen on her timeline, but at the same time Gargos was knowledgeable about her plans, and about her specifically. Gargos essentially may have been able to catch her off guard due to her not understanding completely what he is, and the fact that he entered Earth through an unforeseen portal being opened over UT, but his appearance in itself wasn’t unaccounted for.

Along with that, in the back of my mind it wouldn’t surprise me if ARIA was closing in on the hero team with her forces in order to put them through a “final test” to prepare them fro the coming war with Gargos. ARIA’s “game” has always been to push people to the next level, so pushing Jago and the rest to their brink in combat may be all a part of her plan. But yeah, the novella makes it seem like she “spared” them, and that an alliance with them was somewhat of an ‘off the cuff’ move made out of desperation.

This couldn’t be more true.


This is seriously interesting…


Agreed. Honestly I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

When it comes to planning, ARIA is Dr. Doom with Prep… He has a specific outcome planned and he’s gonna reach it hell or high water. The end goal is the only thing that matters… but even Doom’s got to change his plan sometimes when things get hairy…

Everything that has happened is according to her plan, but now she just tweeks it when some extra spices are thrown into the mix. Her planned and calculated outcome will still happen, and if it means siding with her enemies then so be it.

This is where she’s a little different than Doom though. She’s not a megalomaniac. Power isn’t her goal. Saving humanity from all enemies including itself is. She WILL save humanity and put them on the right path, whether it means sacrificing part of the human population, or sacrifing herself. Her plan must not fail. She’s not evil, but she sure a Hell isn’t good.

It would be interesting to see how ARIA’s plan would change if she were to gain a human body.


Well ARIA lacks the more complex emotions of humans. Which she even states in chapter 5 and her backstory. She wishes to though to understand humans better.

It’s a weakness and a strength for her. It’s a weakness because she sees everything with just logic and reasoning, which blinds her to the emotional level of humans would do in situations where it calls for it.

It’s a strength because where emotions are not useful she can directly see the logic and reasoning without trouble and deduce a solution immediately.

She wishes to deduce how a human fully works to gain a much better insight on how to do things. Because knowledge is power. She’s looking at the big picture, sure sacrifice somethings for the greater good. If something needs to be used in one way or another for the benefit of everyone else…then so be it according to her.

It’s like a tough love relationship. Sometimes you just gotta be tough with your love.


Honestly this is why I like her as much as I do. Before the novella and backstories she was kind of interesting, but after learning that she essentially has all of human knowledge and computation power within her at once (she is like a singularity of information), she is just really OP…but then you get to Gargos, and you see how she reacts to him. He is OP, she is still evolving to get to that level (ridiculously scary if you ask me).

ARIA isn’t evil, she isn’t “bad”, she is like a force of nature that just is. No she hasn’t always been there like nature has, but since she came into her own being, she has been god-like in her machinations. She is exactly like she set out to be, a Valkyrie, a shepherd of humanity who has a function, and will fulfill that function to the best of her ability no mater the cost.

You compare her to Doom, which is an apt comparison, but I liken her to Galactus: a being of immeasurable power who performs a necessary function not because he wants to, but because he needs to…he must. ARIA is like the guardian angel of Earth…and if you know anything about angels, they aren’t the happy go lucky, benevolent overseers that many people play them up to be. They are emotionless beings who perform their functions as they are programed to do. They don’t have free will like humans, they just perform their duty for the “greater good”.

Sorry to keep this going, but she is like the Elder Gods of Mortal Kombat too. Beings who care NOTHING for the mortals in their charge, they simply have a purpose to protect the realms and stave off the One Being (that is there greater good) and they will do anything, and create/use/do whatever it takes to fulfill that duty.

That would be interesting. She would essentially become human at that point, no longer detached from her charge, but more intimately connected to it than ever before. She would be able to feel love and joy, know what it means to ACTUALLY protect something to preserve it for what it is, rather than just because she must. That is a very interesting path to go down, and it would honestly make things hella interesting.

Can you imagine her NOT making decisions based solely on logic, but rather like a human would? I’m not sure that would be a good thing in the long run seeing how flawed humans can be (that would an interesting topic to flesh out), but it would change everything in terms of how things would turn out.


This is a fascinating topic for sure. I think everyone can see the pros and cons, but how do you think ARIA would see them? How would she react to her “human” self? Curiosity? Would she reject her “flawed” self?

I can really see her fighting with herself, sort of splitting into 2 ARIA’s at that point, and there being a dichotomy within her sort of like in the Matrix movies where the ‘Engineer’ and the ‘Oracle’ tried to balance out the system by playing the “game” against themselves using “pawns” of the world. It would be an interesting struggle, especially when you take into account all the stories of the other KI characters.


Dunno, but ARIA wants to know. If she ever does get the chance to do this I’m sure something will happen. I can’t say since well…I’m not ARIA. Even for a machine everybody is different. I would like to say she finds it fascinating but would rather sick with her “cyber mind” but can now fully understand the inner workings of humans to form solutions to problems.

Like an extra option to a problem. She could now consider such things and put them into the equation. Because of how fast and easily she can deduce problems unlike humans can.