KI Novella



I’m still waiting on a Bloody roar reboot, another KI comic, an ARIA game to herself (complete pipedream though :sob:), a KI action adventure game, megaman legends 3, a Juri Han game, a SF action adventure game, Evolve comics or TV series, a transformers game that follows arcee.


Lets bring the discussion back on the topic of the Novella please.

Take the other stuff to PMs or another thread.


Whoops lol never mind just realized my post was very off topic


I thought TJ had nanomachines in him producing the blue glow…


Going by how much of the novella was designed to be a prologue to the Shadow Lords story, I’m interested to see how the roguelike elements of it change things up from game to game: Whether there will be several events that happen the same way no matter what, or if things for certain characters will change depending on your choices.


Speaking of change…where the hell is spinal? He and Sadira are the only characters that aren’t in the novella (more so spinal since at least sadira was mentioned by name once).

I mean…every other character has been in the novella at LEAST once. But spinal? Absent…where did he go? Oh yeah, kan-ra also. Forgot about him.

Make that three characters then.


Omen doesn’t show up either if I remember rightly

Feel free to correct me


I think it’s still up for debate whether or not omen really was shago during kim’s little skuffle with him.


I hope after shadow lords they have the whole lore of the game.


he did. he was inside jago at the time. the shago vs kim match


I’ll say this once again, for what I think is the third time.

Omen, Shadow Jago and Jago are all separate beings that exist at the same time.

If you don’t believe me, read Omen’s character backstory.


i dont think that kim vs shago fight took place after the seperation of omen and jago.


Then why would the dragon tell Kim to meet the real Jago if he wasn’t freed yet?


I find it’s still not clear on omen. I mean if omen was separated and husk was fighting kim…then where the hell was omen all this time and what was he doing?


Spreading chaos, preparing portals, trying to convert others to their cause or taking a small vacation from the impending apocalypse you know the usual.


I’ll just go with “he’s gone” part.


Spinal is working on his acting career right now.


So…he’s looking to play a part in the upcoming undertale movie eh? Interesting…



Yeah pretty much.