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I almost feel for sorry for the pizza guy…almost. But…it could be worse…


True… It could be Gargos telling him to kneel to his God… alright I think I definitely went too far there…

Don’t Ultra Combo me IG. I luv you guys… :scream:


They could have strapped a nuke on him and sent him at Gargos. That is always a good plan.


The U-nuke. That’s definitely a cinder thing. but if you wanna get dirty about it…well…that’s a different story.




It’s called getting ready for SL. With a little bit of innuendo thrown in.


Eagle was once a pizza man, delivering to ARIA. Just look what happened to him.


I’d take it.


I’m pretty sure Cinder’s plan to strap a nuke to a Fulgore and send it through the portal is a reference to the first Avengers movie. For those that perhaps haven’t seen it, Iron Man takes a nuke and flies it through a portal an alien army is coming out of and attacking New York City.


Chapter 6. We learn that the night guard is doing some intense training in the City of Dawn. Maya and TJ have a love-hate relationship to one another. TJ sings his own theme song when training. And that Cinder has watched the Avengers. I love this series. Sad that this is the last planned chapter. Want to see Cinder and TJ in the same room. Maybe they’ll make their own theme song.


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Cinder has been watching Avengers Assemble. lol


Eddie from tekken becomes a guest character and they challenge gargos to a dance off.


I was a little confused when ARIA mentioned that Sadira would help as if she hadn’t sent Cinder to burn her up lol Didn’t Sadira’s story imply she was gonna team up with Gargos or am I mis-remembering that? I’ll have to go check that later.

Anyway, loved the whole thing, real shame that’s the end since there’s so many loose ends but as others have said, that’ll probably be taken care of in Shadow Lords. Thanks for all your hard work!


well its either help or die by gargos…but Aria doesnt know sadira is begining to become buddy buddy with omen and ally with gargos


Well in Sadira’s position. She loses either way, after gargos is dead, she’ll either by hunted by the night guard/hisako still and put to trial OR tracked down by ARIA then killed along with her clan.

Or If gargos won then he would either kill her or enslave her to omen or whatever. Either way, it’s a sad ending for sadira.

But it was never said that sadira actually accepted omen’s offer…just relished the thought of being caught in a tug-o-war game between ARIA and gargos.

If I was sadira I’d go with the less obvious option and stick with the side I originally went with in hopes MAYBE I live. I mean Sadira basically needs to pull a 180 change of heart to be let off the hook at this rate after the invasion is over.

Plus Sadira is an opportunist.


Sadira has alot in common with Tanya from Mortal Kombat on that point.


Kinda yeah, but she’s screwed regardless unless of course she pulls that 180 change of heart in the blink of an eye for the rest of her lfie (which I doubt will happen.)


Strapping a U-nuke to Fulgore’s back? The Fulgore-backpack-nuke plan?

My great, green Kami, I love Cinder inappropriately.


Well he is pretty hot…