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As intelligent as ARIA is, I wouldn’t be surprised if she spun it as Glacius being the one that took Eagle and up to that point, he was safe. Though, for the moment, she’s trying to build allies not divide the team by making it them against Gargos and Glacius. Though There is nothing saying that the Ice man would run with the “Alliance” one way or another.


Probably, I thought it about last night. Glacius is seeking back his tech, ARIA is making an truce, this conflicts with glacius’ plans. If the alliance goes through and everything becomes good between the two sides then glacius could be seen as an enemy for both sides. And thunder might have to battle eagle or something.


ARIA might try to spin it as Glacius being the one to take Eagle… but who is Thunder more likely to listen to, her or Eagle? Glacius told him about all of the messed up, inhumane things hat ARIA was doing to him, and then rescued him from her clutches–at the expense of his own mission, by the way. Those facilities were filled with bodies that were made from fusing his DNA, something I’m certain his culture would not abide–but rather than deal with them, he came to the aid of a human who was suffering despite his rocky history with humanity.

If Eagle does not express gratitude for his ice alien rescuer and clear the air with Thunder and the rest of the hero characters in that regard, that would be pretty messed up. It would also be messed up if Glacius was painted as a villain in any way, given that all we’ve seen him do so far is attempt to clean up messes that Ultratech is in the process of making lol. But I have faith that his budding relationship with Eagle will be what begins to gradually fold him in to the ranks of heroes!


I believe that Glaicius is indeed one of the good guys here. Though I am not sure that teaming with an Alien race would be what ARIA is about. Her programming to make humanity stronger. I could see in some weird way that even joining the forces with Maya, TJ, Orchid, Jago, and Thunder is, in the end, making humanity a stronger species by making them work to take out the foreign threat.

Though I think that like you said, Eagle will be able to vouch for Glacius, so it will be interesting to see how that story develops.


Gargos’ is ARIA’s final test. Because everyone else can die, but she can’t through normal means. She’s doing it for the benefit of mankind. She knows she’s loses nothing personally if humanity was wiped out.

I kept telling people, she was looking at the big picture. Knew the steps she needed to take, she took them seems to be working so far. The only drawbacks she had were glaucis minor inference and not being able to puersaude tusk into coming with her.

That’s a pretty good track record.


Right. To bad gargos till have to put ARIA in its place.


Gargos better prepare his backside. Because it’s about to get invaded by ARIA.


“I can play your game to machine”


I don’t think ARIA was counting on Gargos at all…hence her immediate halt to the attack against the Maya, Jago, Orchid, and Combo. Sensitivity was never something that ARIA was ever concerned with. Her tactics are totally void of emotion or anything of the sort. I think Gargos showing up when he did was totally unexpected as she was Asking Cinder suggestions as what to do next. She was also thinking about what the next move would be, meaning for me, this was not part of the plan.

ARIA would feel if mankind is wiped out that she failed what she was programmed to do. She is heartless, but she does have a mission.


ARIA knew what was happening. Hence why the attack was called off. She knew gargos was coming, I think asking cinder what to do was more retorical then anything, that or just wanted another view.

ARIA is heartless because she doesn’t have emotion. That’s one of her own goals.She wants to experience it. The original plan was capture maya and company dead or alive and deal with gargos herself. But he came…you know what ■■■■■ it…ARIA knows what’s going on. I’ll just let her do her thing.


I think your man crush on ARIA has you blind to some obvious things. ARIA I think knew that there were potential threats outside of the realm of earth more so because Glacius came with technology much more advanced than anything they had. So that was what started the race. Then coming into contact with beings such as Hisako, Aganos, Kan Ra, there was a threat of humanity taking itself out as well. Shadow Jago and Omen also were signs to her, but to think that she planed an attack just to stop it just before striking the final blow because she knew Gargos would make his presence known at that particular point in time is pretty out there. Like the story said, the pinnacle protocols or what ever it’s name was drew back ALL UT units regardless of what they were doing and that group attacking was one of the groups. If ARIA was so forward thinking to know that was all going to go down, she would have attacked to that point, backed off and already been at the attack site to address them. But she wasn’t. I believe fully her plan was to take out anything that was trying to interfere with UT’s plans and Gargos threw a monkey wrench into that.

On a second note, I almost feel ashamed that I didn’t mention this before, but seems that the Eagle Core Fulgore is still up and running. The fact that one of them stopped and looked at Orchid as if it remembered her being the big clue. That reminds me of the S1 ending where Fulgore spared Orchid. I think that may also lead Fulgore into be sentient enough to even rebel and join up with the “Alliance”. Maybe this is also the answer ARIA has been looking forward to. I can imagine a scenario where one of Gargos’ minions, or ARIA is about to strike the final blow on Orchid, and Fulgore sacrifices himself to save her.


I still think Strapping a nuke onto Fulgore and sending him flying into Gargos is a good idea.


Of course she knew of other threats. That’s pretty common knowledge. But we’ll see what happens in SL’s. Stay tuned…

And do I have a crush on ARIA. That girl is perfection…autonomic perfection to be precise.


You crack me up…


“I find your humor inappropriate.”


i think she did plan on gargos coming, or she influenced his arrival however she obviously didnt know the exact time he would arrive. noone would know that except gargos thus the creation of the protocal in the first place,


I’m guessing she wanted Arianna to be done before Gargos arrived, so she can be the “HERO”.

Since Gargos came to earth earlier than expected, she opting for plan B (working with the warriors since she doesn’t have the time to dissect them to develop Arianna)


Spoiler everyone dies and aria is left sitting alone listening to “I want to know what love is”.


Then the door opens, and in walks a pizza delivery guy. "Did someone order a pizza? Cause I have to deliver some hot sausage."

Did I take that to far?


No… noooooo… … … yes…

And then ARIA is like “But Mr. Pizza Man I don’t have any money…”

And then he smiles…

And then she smiles…

And then she drags him kick and screaming into the future… dirty…