KI Novella


Well it’s not like the heroes have much of a choice in the matter do they? This is pretty much going to be the whole “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” thing. And I bet the attack was also to show (in her perspective) what will happen to them if they decide to attack UT when Gargos is finished.


Possibility, I saw it as “if you wish to take me out…you won’t stand a chance against gargos.” It’s one way to make peace between two people.

“Keep your friends close and your enemies…even closer.”

I like it though. It fits into ARIA’s rules of conflict “evolve or die. Mae your choice.” Because here they either perish by her hand or gargos’, BUT ARIA is offering them (willingly) a second chance and be able to repel this threat. Also could be “Once you fight with me, you’ll see I’m not so bad afterall.”

I love it. One of the many reasons why ARIA is so damn badass and she’s gets my upmost respect.


Cinder is such a nut i cant even. ARIA is the queen as always serving realness. I really would pay top dollar to see a film or something of this… like really :neutral_face:


KI anime let’s go. Or hell even a CGI.


I prefer CGI. I hate anime…


I’ll take CGI. Anime would be good…IF it was done right. Look the old school style of anime. Much finer detail there.


Something like what SFV has. That would be grand :sunglasses:


Sure, for capcom’s first attempt at a cinematic story mode, I liked it. Now with the problems that occurred this time they can brush up on the next time.

I would love that though. The more ARIA I get to see in all her glory the better.


SAME ARIA is the best… She is a little bit behind on Eyedol tho… So i love Eyedol and ARIA.


Eyedol doesn’t hold a candle to ARIA.


Well, thanks for letting us know straight away, but it is frustrating. Then again, last planned chapter… well… means there could be more in the future.

At least I could get involved with the lore even if it was for a short time. If Shadowlords ever becomes fully playable to those with no sight, then I’ll be able to continue the story.


Its the last chapter because the rest its in the cinematics of Shadow Lords


I don’t read this novella. Can anyone tell me if Orchid beats the crap out of someone or did yet another person change her to crazy and aloof

I still believe Orchid could demolish all in the roster easily.


Well, after reading Chapter 6, I’m just gonna leave this here…


LOL! Good one! I posted it on the FB page to get a reaction from a certain Orchid player


Guess that means that at the next reveal, Story mode will be introduced and this is where the story starts for season 3. I like it.

I think you’re really reaching on that one.

I might have missed it, but did ARIA mention about coming clean to Thunder? Since they are also part of the team, or will she not say anything because they are not there at the time.

Makes me think about who the last character could be as well. What if it’s another one of Gargos’ Demons. Maybe a general or something for his armies. I really find it interesting that ARIA also made no MENTION of Eagle what so ever to Cinder…coincidence …maybe…still thinking that Eagle could potentially be the last character.


Damn lol ok qween




I read again, and no she didn’t… good question.
I wonder if she doesn’t say anything because now that he’s loose, there would be no point in telling Thunder that she had his brother and he’s escaped. That would probably send Thunder looking for him instead of joining forces with her.


Girls gotta have some secrets. Besides, She probably already thought they find out anyway sooner or later and eagle would tell what happened to him. She still wishes to understand human emotion and the like. So she’s keeping that a secret…for now.