KI Merchandise Battle - Round 2 - Replicas of In-Game Items OR Art Books!


replicas for sure. But art books are nice though. Would love to snag some.


Only if I can get Replicas of Kim Wu’s Nun-chucks to ease the void inside my soul for forever losing Plushies :sob:


When you finally get Kim’s Nun-chucks. You will become this!

I bet you will say like "NO! I WONT LET YOU TAKE MY PRECIOUS THING!"


People will look at it, and I will be in the corner, spraying it with Compressurized Air XD


I like books.


Did they stop doing this? I didn’t realize it’s been nearly a month…


Why even try yo

Replicas has like a 99.9% chance of winning

I better get Rash’s Sunglasses… and belt


I want an art book :sob::sob::sob:


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Why buy anything you like? Because you like it. Just because you don’t like certain pieces of merchandise, doesn’t mean others wouldn’t buy them. Personally, I would love do buy more stuff that show how much I love this game.


I just get commissions done. That and I’m still waiting on ARIA merchandise.


I’d rather the money go to the people who make the game so I can have more content for the game.


I just want more stuff overall. Whether it’s in-game or not.


Ya, I guess the days of folding corporations income or IP profit back into the original investment are gone. they tell us they can’t do this or that because of budget but constantly have their hand out looking for a quick buck


I just want a KI Mug more than posters tbh either have characters on it or some funny jokes I already saw people referencing cinder saying it should say “TOO HOT” which gave me a chuckle. Other ideas could be “Ask me about Battletoads?” , “Your getting Salt in my drink”, Other good taunts from the game or heck I’d settle for those character emblems. That said im not a big fan of posters but I know many people want big pieces of KI art to put on their walls.


“Spilled drink? Were it so easy.”


So… What’s happening to this? :confused:



That would be my favorite ■■■■■■■ mug if that were possible and I would have fulgore gaurds keep it safe so no one elses lips will desecrate it!


Still have faith in the Kim Wu & Aganos plushies…


Thank you for necro’ing this, I meant to do it a few days ago but completely slipped my mind.

Plushies in general, though Aganos plushie would be freaking awesome! (Must include detachable Peacemaker and chunks)