KI Merchandise Battle - Round 2 - Replicas of In-Game Items OR Art Books!


It’s ridiculous that Dashie, a youtuber, has plushies of himself but killer instinct doesn’t have some for its characters! I would buy a rash plushie for my niece cuz she likes him cuz she thinks he’s funny lol


art books … the KI S1 book is nice, kinda still hard to find in my city at least, but called a lot of bookstores had to go out of my way but got one and glad I did

glad the devs can eat, feed their family, and run the servers and stuff without the games costing $500 a piece

gamers pay a whole lot less in $$ per entertainment hour than movies or other media


This…I can definitely understand people not always having money to buy the things they want if they are a bit more expensive then they hoped for, but in the end, the price per time spend is usually extremely low in videogames…

I spend about 200€ a month on about 6 to 10 hardcover graphic novels/fantasy books…that stuff is expensive. Kilgore for example, I have already spent 5 hours playing him and having a blast, thats 2 an hour, try going to the movies for that price…


If we could get actual replicas I’d love to get the severed wolf arm that infected sabrewulf. Or maybe the bloody table he’s on in the beginning of story mode, hell I’d love to get copies of his bracelets with whatever logos they have on em. Speaking of bracelets, Mira’s beetle forearm covers would be cool too


If we ever get something like that I have to say, get some Riptor figure but I think what would be REALLY epic is a Fulgore arm you can wear like a glove that with a flick of a switch gloes in the dark.


I would buy Rash SunGlasses literally the second they were available.

Oh, and RAAM’s knife too, but I doubt they’d make that…


Eh. I’d rather have his belt.


Why not both?


Why am I just now seeing this?

Art Books & Stuffed Plushies

Or Funko Pop! Vinyls


That thing’s actually a sword. It just looks like a knife in his hands lol


I feel they really dropped the ball hard on merchandise and took wayyyy to long for this poll. I made starting merch during season 1 would’ve been great but we are at the end of the life cycle.


What happened to this? It’s nearly done, but it has not advanced to the final round. Art books barely won against the in-game items by 2 votes. This should have moved on to the next round a long time ago, it has been around 7 months since this round began. I was hoping to see what the winner would be…


Oh yes, I forgot about this! What’s going on? I hope they don’t cancelled it… :frowning:


The Aganos plushie will live on!


@rukizzel @TempusChaoti What’s happening to KI Merchandise Battle? Is it cancelled? :confused:


Wait… art books won?!

But… but my rash sunglasses…