KI Merchandise Battle - Round 2 - Replicas of In-Game Items OR Art Books!


On the topic of Merchandise, but otherwise somewhat off-topic. Is anyone in need of a Killer Instinct Pinultimate Box with Pins? Not me, but happened across a nicely priced eBay listing. Feel free to delete this post if I’m breaking a rule here. :sweat_smile:


What kind of pins character wise?


Just the default Jago and KI Logo pins that came with the Pin Ultimate edition.


I’m very disappointed with whoever voted for artbooks over dolls…


Ah I see. Damn.



Need them figures.


I actually have a question about the figures–and my apologies if this has been clarified before, I tried picking back through the thread to see but it’s gotten pretty lengthy. Anyways, Statues/Figures are an option in this merch battle when we already have them thanks to Ultimate Source! So is this voting to have Ultimate Source continue producing KI figures? Or would this be a different, higher end line (“statues” suggests something a little on the larger and more detailed scale to me)?


Who knows…it could go the other way as well and we could end up with smaller figures, like perhaps GI Joe sized.


Dammit, I want both! Shut up and take my rings, dammit!


They could be pretty expensive, better start saving up now.


I know, affording the items in the Chao Garden is a b**** XD



When’s this returning?


good question… my guess is after shadow lords releases



Need those shirts. Need that UT love.


Have t-shirts and there likely will be more shirts soooo… Mini figures it is


Plastic Replicas? Tusk’s Wagram (blade lights up), Orchid’s batons (light up), Cinder helmet, ARIA helmet, Fulgore helmet and blades



Replicas of in-game items must WIN!