KI is “complete”

Many might say we’ve already known this for a while, what with a Definitive Edition already out and no new announcements content-wise since the last of the ultimates dropped, but for anyone that wanted some sort of statement from the devs, this might be as close as we get, which is pretty close, open and honest, which I appreciate.

We’ve seen in the news that Combo Breaker will have the “complete” KI.

Also, from Keits Twitter:

“$50,000 in KI pot bonuses this year ($30,000 announced so far). The game is complete and is not getting balance changes and has not since August of last year.

Lets see what you’ve got, players.”

Now I put complete in quotes because well, ya never know, I guess. If any dev wants to correct me on this, then feel free, by all means. But I think it’s probably safe to say that this game is done from a development standpoint.

How do you feel about that? Just curious.


not surprised. it was a good run. Unless we get news right away.

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Cool. :+1:

I don’t consider it complete since we didn’t get all ultimates and stages for some characters. It would be amazing to have a fourth season, at least to attend to those points specifically. If they don’t provide any new content, i’ll be a little sad, but that won’t keep me from playing the game. It’s fun as hell. In my opinion, best fighting game ever.


It’s done and won’t get more content, true… but it is definitely not complete.
Only half the roster having Ultimates does not a complete game make.


There are still quite a lot of bugs in the game as being documented in this forum and elsewhere. But it is what it is.

They’re still fixing bugs. At least any major ones. It’s just balance that they’re done with patching.

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I dont see what there is to discuss. Everyone with a sense of this game and forums knows this game is complete. We all know its roster is full and that there will be no additions to this game.

And if you didnt know well now you know.


It’s not complete. Not all of the characters have ultimates, not all of the characters have stages (less important, but still), no overarching arcade mode, and the roster is still too small.


For me, this is the most disappointing gaming news that I have heard in a long time. I can deal with not having new balance changes or characters; what especially worries me is the lack of more customization options. (This really matters to me)

While there is technically no confirmation that there will not be any more added, it seems really unlikely now. Like, would spending time and money developing, for example, one new color per character be the difference between someone buying this game or not? Probably not. I guess dedicated fans would buy dlc, but the terror pack and gold skins were all released for free for definitive edition owners… That does not seem like the decision of a company that plans on selling more skin dlc. Hopefully we get some quality of life changes at least.

For a while, with each bit of news that seemed to imply the game was done, I kept convincing myself, “Nah, there is no definite answer, so it’s still possible…” Now that question has been answered. As much as I want development on this game to continue, I feel that wanting more and more is a bit unreasonable. This isn’t a huge game like Minecraft or Overwatch.

I will definitely still play this game. It is my favorite fighting video game after all, for several reasons.

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How can a game with 29 characters with unique move sets, frame data, mechanics, and play style be considered not enough?


I’m going to say this. We can either take the Melee route and continue to push to have this game at the forefront of many big name tourneys as well as great YouTube channels or complain about what’s “missing”.


As far as gameplay mechanics go, I can’t really think of any more important things other than a better training mode.

It’s pretty much just quality of life type things that I would like. But I mean, those types of things will not really keep people coming back to the game, so they are less important.

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Change “complete” for “finished”(with some bug fixes coming)

Enjoy the game

“But half of the chars lack ultimates”!

There is a balance between “this ultimate could be improved” and “ultimates are not gory OMG THE GAME IS RUINED”. We, as community, failed to find a balance between these “tendencies”, and there were super loud ones in the latter. We sent a message: “we don’t like them, don’t give us more”. And I literally read this ■■■■■■■■ from someone

“But the missing stag…”

THERE ARE NO MISSING STAGES. There are characters with no unique stage, but so does happen in most modern fgs. I don’t see DBZ community raging over having 10 stages (not accurate number, kinda) over 30 chars, even when there are some iconic ones left (time chamber, Kame House…)

Some of us beat the dead horse here until exhaustion.

These are just 2 examples of how badly we handled these topics. And I’m not suggesting an “all is perfect, go on” attitude. I’m speaking about constructive criticism, which we failed to deliver


“Half of the chars lack ultimates”

Ultimates were made for Keits’ lunch money and 80% of people hated it, so don’t act surprised now.

“Missing stages”

We still have more stages than most of current gen fighting games.

true, we need all the ultimates to make it complete.

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Most fighting games have 30-40 characters. Some even go up to 50 and beyond. KI doesn’t have that. So, in my opinion, we need more content to make it a more rounded roster.

I really hate the reaction that ultimates got. Because now not everyone has one and they have no reason to make more. I hate that.

And, we have no traditional overarching arcade mode for the whole roster. I’m sorry, we need that. Especially for the people who don’t want to give up their lives to shadow lords (I don’t like Shadow Lords, shoot me, I hat rpgs and games that never end).

The game may be finished, and we probably won’t get any more stuff. That being said, the game still doesn’t feel complete. It feels like a present, wrapped in paper, but that hasn’t been taped shut and doesn’t have a ribbon on it. With that in mind, i’m Sorry but KI in its current state probably only scores a 7 or 6/10. Good, but far from perfect.

You are totally right. Most of us bashed the ultimates and there was too much negativity in the comments. If I were a developer, i’d feel very frustrated and wouldn’t be willing to provide new content to the game. The fact is that we have a lot to thank those guys. We have a good roster, with unique characters and superb stages. One can argue that is not complete, but it’s still a great game. In my humble opinion, the best fighting game I’ve ever played.


Yeah, but there have been indications in the past that they might consider going further with the game. Remember when we were all talking about those character concepts from the survey, like a djinn, a Lovecraftian creature, etc?

Plus the fact that this game was seemingly built from the ground up for continuous iteration. New seasons, new characters, new content. It was built to be a platform of sorts. So even when they switched from season 3 to “post season 3” content, I don’t know if that necessarily signaled that “this is it, once we’re done with this stuff, we’re done, period.”

It may have been implied, certainly. But to actually hear people that work on the game use the term “complete,” I mean I dunno… That to me adds at least a little more finality, doesn’t it?

If you always thought it was done though, then no problem. I guess part of me assumed that more content would come eventually given the way they talked about Shadow Lords and how it was conceived and built to be expanded upon and get more content over time, and now no more content is coming. We could’ve had more of a lot of things; more unique missions, more guardians, more items, more cool unlocks like stages or skins etc.

Don’t get me wrong. They still put a TON of stuff in that mode and I enjoyed playing the living crap out of it! I don’t mean to sound greedy, I swear.

It’s just that this whole game was conceived as a platform, and while 29 unique characters (with amazing gameplay), several unique modes, and tons of overall content is all FANTASTIC, part of me wonders if the platform format could’ve allowed for even more iteration: More ultimates, more stages, more characters, more character outfits and skins, more Shadow Lords stuff, more new modes…

Could this have been something that they could’ve worked on for another few years to keep tweaking, keep adding, etc? Or was the player base too small to justify the expenditure?

I don’t fault IG for moving on after they completed their work, and I don’t fault MS for not wanting to keep paying for something that they maybe weren’t seeing enough dividends to justify further expenditure (if that’s how either of these played out, which we obviously don’t know). The game also had a good run in terms of content loadout over time. We got every classic character and several awesome new ones.

I don’t want to come off like I’m complaining or resentful. I just really enjoy this game, perhaps more than any fighting game before it. I always knew the content pipeline would dry up. I guess I was always hoping from day one up through today that it would be later rather than sooner, especially given how much more could be done, from the character concepts they spoke of, to the little things that some characters have that others don’t. That’s all.

To clarify once more: I’m very happy with this game, and I’ll absolutely keep playing it for a long time to come, but much like when every good thing that comes to an end at perhaps the right time, leaving you wanting more, I can’t help but feel like KI’s content ending is slightly bitter sweet.


I was hoping there’d be at least some changes to dagger assault… I miss her old move. I guess I could argue some Jago tweaks, but otherwise, I’m sold on the final product. I think the balance and setup of the game is great.