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So I found this image in Twitter, courtesy of @DickRoaming, and I swear to God _I don’t know WHAT to fee_l if SOMEONE here makes an intentional crappy fanfic about these two…


Lol. I have no idea what to make of it.

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If you want I can make one. Would be my first though :joy:


Go for it! We all need to good laugh from this


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So earlier I said I don’t know what to feel if someone here made an intentionally crappy fanfic between Fulgore and ARIA. Well, a mysterious force pushed me to write such fanfic about it…

The Wedding

It was a beautiful day at Ultratech. Sounds of birds chirping around and the toll of bells are heard.

The Pinnacle was designed and decorated like a cathedral. A pack of Fulgores and Riptors took part as the audience, even Sadira and the members of the Red Eyes of Rylai clan joined in to witness this beautiful event. Not from afar, behind them, was a large monitor, in which the simulated avatars of Ryat Adams and Arianna are witnessing it too. The former, even if it was just an avatar, teared up a little, as he was so amazed how much his beloved creation has evolved, and that she was going to feel what love and marriage is.

Right at the altar, there stood the CEO of Ultratech, ARIA, staring at the Type-3 Fulgore with compassion and happniess, face-to-face. The unique traits and characteristics of this Fulgore is what made it special into her eyes.

And serving as the special minister was Ben Ferris, better known as Cinder. The wedding itself is already at the culminating moment…

Cinder: Boss ARIA, do you take Mr. Fulgore to be your loving husband who will be with you in sickness and in health?

ARIA: I do.

Cinder: And Mr. Fulgore, do you take Boss ARIA to be your loving wife in rich and in poor?

Fulgore: BEEP. BEEP. I. DO.

Cinder: Is there anyone here who believes that this couple shouldn’t be wed? Speak now or forever hold their breath…

There was a short moment of silence…and then…

Cinder: Well then, I pronounce these two husband and wife. You may kiss the bride!

And without a second thought, ARIA and Fulgore moved closer to each other and kissed. Everyone inside gave a round of applause.

As they walk out of the altar, ARIA throws the flowers behind, leaving Riptor catching and devouring it with other Riptor units…

Once they got out, ARIA somehow felt a strange phenomena…everything around her started to warp and glitch out! A strange noise rang inside her, all while hearing someone yelling her name repeatedly…

???: …ARIA!

ARIA: …huh, w-what? C-cinder?

Cinder: What the hell were you dreaming about? We’ve been looking for you around this building, only to find out you were just sleeping here!

ARIA: It…it was such a weird dream…There was a wedding that took place here, and apparently, I was the bride…and Fulgore was the groom! And you were the minister!

Cinder: WHAT!? :scream:

- END -


HAHAHAHAHA! That is the best one ever! Bravo!



Quiet once again on this thread. Must be EVO fever next week. Anyway, felt the urge to posting another small and short clip from a future chapter. Warning: read at your own risk. Also, I got a question for Chapter Four: since Jago, Carrie, and Nima are spending the night at the Sera Temple, what would be a good place to be introduced to other monks, especially with Carrie, and where could they have dinner?

Later in the night, Jago was in his room writing a diary. Ever since he freed himself from Omen’s grip, he started to record the day-to-day activities of his recovery, and today was no exception as he wrote down what came to his mind.
July --, 2013
“It’s surprising that the old man that left Carrie to me didn’t mention that she had a special gift. When I spoke to her about it, I sensed that she seemed frightened of it; in fact, she deemed it as a curse. Even when I asked Carrie about her family, she seemed to withdraw herself. I wonder if her family had something to do in bringing Carrie into the state she was in when we first met.
“As for her powers, I noticed a few things while tending to Carrie after she fainted. She seemed tired and her heart rate was faster than normal. I suspect that it may be side effects when she used it. It also might explain why the doctor had concerns about her heart, apart from the injuries. Should Carrie decide to get more training with her powers, I will have to make sure that her heart rate does not reach a point where it can be life threatening. Even though Carrie admitted that she was getting used to it, what bothered me was how powerful it is.
“When Carrie used her powers on that golem, I did not just sense it…I felt it. It was massive, so much so that the energy seeped all over the temple; even now, I still feel the remnants of that energy. After what I have seen today, I got the impression why Omen had an interest in Carrie. I cannot allow any evil to take possession of Carrie because if that happened, the terror would be too great.”


I know that the Eyedol fever in the rage today, but I thought I should let everyone know that I’m posting the Carrie Unleashed Story on Don’t worry though: I’ll still post the story here for tweaks


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Slowly coming out of writer’s block; had to do major tweaking on Chapter Four on So any ideas on how Carrie will interact with the other monks at the Sera Temple?

Btw, @KIFANATIC8488, welcome back. We were getting worried that you may not come back.


Maybe she could accidently bump into a monk, in which the monk ends up recognizing Jago as the same person he had a conversation with a few weeks ago. :smiley:


Hmm…I’m not sure how that’s going to work out. Here is where I put them:

The Sera Temple set itself on the base of a mountain located in the northern suburbs of Lhasa. Like the Tiger Shrine, it had a royal appearance, but had a longer longevity. It seemed like a normal building on the outside, but if one were to go inside, it had structures full of twists and turns. Carrie looked back to see Lhasa below, with lights slowly appearing for night. She heard Jago call to her as she caught up to him and Nima as they approached the entrance of the shrine.
“Since you’re new in Tibet, I feel that I should give you advice,” said Jago. Then, he explained to Carrie about the customs and what taboos to avoid. Even though it was a lot, Carrie made sure to follow the advice.
Nearing the main gate of the temple, Nima was the first to knock on the door three times. As they waited, Carrie saw a small building on the left with two windows and a curtain door. She suspected that it was a ticket booth of some sorts. Then, the door opened to a crack.
“The temple will not open until nine in the morning,” said an elderly voice.
“Oh, do forgive me. I was hoping I would see my old friend,” said Nima.
“Nima, is that you?” the voice asked.
“Of course,” said Nima.
“Give me a minute,” said the voice as the door opened wider. Carrie hid behind Jago, nervous to meet the person. Then, an old man appeared from the door. He was in his early 60s with wise eyes. He wore a red robe and held prayer beads in his hand. He smiled as he approached them.
Nima placed her palms in front of her chest and bowed slightly. "Master Fei, it’s so good to see you."
Master Fei smiled more as he returned the gesture. “Same to you. I hope the trip was not stressful.”
“These two kept me company, so it was no problem,” said Nima, referring to Jago and Carrie.
Jago followed Nima’s example with the gesture, with Carrie still hiding. “I am Jago. It is an honor to meet you, Master Fei.”
"The honor is mine. Those stripes on your arm…you’re from the Order of the Tiger, am I right?"
I used to be, Jago thought. “Have you known about us?” he said.
“Not personally, but heard a great deal about the Order. Forgive me if…” Master Fei said as he examined the striped pattern. “The stripes are well-detailed; worthy to those with high potential. It’s strange because if memory serves me well, the Order of the Tiger was not allowed to have contact with the outside world.”
“I had left the Order due to…some personal issues,” said Jago.
“Well, you are always welcome at the Sera Temple. Any friend of Nima’s is a friend of mine.” Then, Master Fei spotted the shy Carrie hiding behind Jago. "It’s all right, child. You don’t have to be frightened."
Jago noticed Carrie still hiding and slightly stepped to the side. "Master Fei, this is Carrie. She is an orphan I am looking after and this is her first time here. Carrie, are you going to say hello?"
Carrie fell silent as she came out of hiding and made the same gesture. “I-It’s nice to meet you, sir, I mean—Master Fei, I mean…,” she said.
“It’s all right, Carrie, and such well manners. It is nothing less than what I expect from every foreigner I meet. I can tell by her appearance,” said Master Fei.
“Master, Carrie and I came here to celebrate the Holy Mountain Festival, and this will be Carrie’s first festival,” said Jago. “By that, it seems that her mother would never let Carrie partake in any festive occasion. For what reason, I don’t know, but I hope that the Holy Mountain Festival may help her see things in a different light.”
“The Holy Mountain Festival?” said Master Fei. “My goodness, time can go so fast, and I’m sure she’s going to love Chökhor Düchen, and if you two stick around a little longer, the Shoton Festival will be coming in about…a week or two from today…I’ll have to check the schedule. Anyway, let us come inside the temple. I heard it’s going to be a little chilly tonight, and you’re in time for dinner.”
“In that case, lead the way, old friend,” said Nima.
Master Fei led them inside the temple. Carrie stayed close to Jago as she looked at her surroundings. It felt like she was walking through time that stood still, even as the 21st century ruled. When they went deeper into the temple, they followed a path where all the buildings formed a clockwise circuit. Carrie noticed that some of the buildings looked ruined while others slowly returned to their former glory. When they arrived to an apartment compound and went through the curtain door, the compound was a series of stone buildings close together, starting with the monks’ living quarters that faced the central yard. In one corner of the compound, one building was bigger than the others were and had an enclosed “balcony” with windows.
Carrie was very nervous as she, Jago, and Nima followed Master Fei to the building with the enclosed balcony. With one push from Master Fei, the doors opened, revealing a hallway. To Carrie’s surprise, the hallway looked restored with curtain doors and minimal colors. Light from the candles lit the hallway to pierce the dark. In front of them was stairs leading to upper floors and the ceiling lined evenly with wood and plaster on top to support the weight.
“Now the tea house is on the second floor. That is where we’ll have our dinner,” said Master Fei.
“What’s a tea house?” asked Carrie.
“It’s a place where everyone come together and tea is the main beverage. The teahouse here is more like a room, but still good. I take it that you have never been to a tea house before.”
“No, Master Fei. Then again, Mama was always the one to make tea.”
“Then you haven’t lived until you try po cha,” said Nima.
“Po cha?” wondered Carrie.
“Butter tea,” Jago added. "This beverage is a regular part of life in Tibet."
As they entered the building, they went up the stairs, where the second floor was the same as the ground floor, except for a few things, such as large lanterns lighting the hall and flower paintings on the wall. They stopped at a large sliding door that disguised itself as a wall. Master Fei knocked on the door a few times, not hard, but loud enough for anyone to hear.
“Enter,” a voice said in Tibetan. Before doing so, Master Fei signaled the small group to stand by as he went inside, hoping to grant permission from the Abbot. Carrie felt nervous as she felt her heart from her chest and took slow deep breaths. When Jago noticed it, he rubbed her back in circular motions to keep her calm. The sliding door opened again as Master Fei appeared.
“You can come inside, and leave the shoes in front of the door,” he said.


Got one more question for my story: if they head out to follow the pilgrims to the prayer flags in the mountains during the Holy Mountain Festival, which song would be appropriate:


Update on Chapter Four: finally reached the tearoom scene