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I’m gonna go with the ‘new life’ one


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It’s been quite a while since I’ve been here. Very quiet on labor day. Anyway, huge update on Chapter Four: I have passed the tearoom scene and entering the mountain trail itself to start the festival. I’m open to any suggestions on how to start it off. Also, here is the first part of Chapter Four that I posted on


I feel like we need more KI fanfiction.


Indeed. I’m still stuck on Chapter Four; mutters Stupid Writer’s Block Say, why don’t you come up with one. It might be interesting__


It’s all too quiet here. Anyway, I thought I should post a beta clip when the fighters learn about Carrie’s past, with Kan-Ra using a vision to show them. This is the shower scene and Margret. Now I’m not going to tell you how Margret returned from the dead and changed into a demon, but let’s just say she’ll play a crucial role on later chapters. Anyway, enjoy the clip.

WARNING: May contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.

The scene went to the girl’s change room as it showed Sue and Chris standing with towels around their bodies, chatting. Sue turned pale, as she knew what this scene was.
“Can we please skip this part?” she asked.
“Once I start viewing into people’s past, I can’t stop it,” said Kan-Ra.
“Dammit!” cursed Sue, knowing that her worst fears were coming true. At the scene, Carrie walked inside the change room with a towel wrapped over her body, as well as her hair and face. She took a quick look around to see if anyone had seen her, and with the coast clear, she walked into the shower.
“Okay, you know what? I am censoring myself from this scene. Just tell me when it’s over,” said TJ as he looked away. Thunder, Tusk, and Jago glanced at each other before following TJ’s suit, believing it was rude to look at a naked woman, let alone a teenage girl.
“Oh, come on, you guys need to grow a pair!” said Cinder.
“Really?” said Kim. “Then enlighten us: why is it that it’s not okay to see these girls half-naked, but it is fine when we see Carrie almost naked?”
If Cinder was still human, he would have blushed, but the flames around him lowered in place of the blushing while he fidgeted his fingers. “Um…well, Kimmy…it’s really hard to explain…”
Even ARIA wanted to hear that answer. “You don’t need to answer today, Cinder, but perhaps explain it more at the Pinnacle once the threat is eliminated.”
“Looks like the Human Torch got busted,” TJ said as he snickered.
“Aw, shut up!” said Cinder as he pouted.
At the scene, inside the shower, Carrie took the towel off her and stood under the douche. She washed herself with the soap in her hand. Just when she was about to take the towel off her head, she noticed blood on her hands and dropped the soap. Carrie looked at her hands, terrified by each passing minute.
“Help, help me!” Carrie screamed.
“What’s going on?” asked Tusk.
“Oh dear…” said Kim as she placed her hand over her mouth. “Carrie’s…having her period, more likely the first one.”
“What?” Jago said as he peeked a little bit. Before long, TJ, Thunder, and Tusk followed suit, even though the word itself made them unnerving.
At the scene, two girls ran after each other after hearing a cry for help. Carrie struggled to walk as she approached Chris, Sue, the twins, Heather, and Tina, who were dolling at each other. Carrie walked to them with the towel still on her and grabbed Sue’s shirt with one of her bloodied hands.
“Get off me, freak!” shouted Sue. The fighters glared at Sue, who had lowered her head in shame.
“You have to be shitting us right now!” said Kim. “You called Carrie a freak?!”
“I’m sorry. I-It just slipped out,” said Sue. Even so, there was no excuse for calling Carrie that, especially in that situation.
“Oh my God is that blood?” said Chris. Quickly, the girls moved away from Carrie and stared at her.
“Please, I’m bleeding,” cried Carrie.
Chris’ face changed once she knew what was happening to Carrie. “Oh my God, it’s period blood!” she said as she pointed at the bloodied handprint on Sue’s shirt.
“I’m bleeding! I’m going to die!” said Carrie. The girls looked at each other and laughed, with Sue and Chris laughing the hardest, which was making the fighters angry. How dare these girls treat the situation as if it was a joke! “Please help me!”
“It’s just your period,” said Chris. Quickly, she opened an automatic with tampons in it, grabbed one, and approached Carrie. “Here. Plug it up.” Chris gave the tampon to Carrie, but when the frightened girl tried to take it, Chris walked away from her. The girls laughed again and pointed at Carrie’s bloodied hand. Looking on with anger, the fighters looked at the blood and it was so much that it made a few of them sick to their stomachs.
More girls came around to see what the commotion was. Then, one of the girls threw a tampon at Carrie, and before long, everyone grabbed a tampon, a pad, or anything else they can get their hands on and threw it at Carrie.
“Plug it up! Plug it up! Plug it up!” they chanted. The fighters looked sick when they saw this. How could those girls do something so cold-hearted! Carrie crept away from the girls until she reached the showers, but they kept coming, screaming and throwing things at her. Then the final straw came when Chris filmed the whole incident with her mobile phone.
“OH HELL NO!” shouted Kim. Now disgusted, Orchid reached into her waist pack and grabbed a prepaid cell phone. She dialed one number and placed the phone against her ear, waiting for someone to pick it up until it clicked and the speaker said hello.
“Alina, this is Orchid,” she said. “Yes, I’m fine. Listen, I need to ask you something. Are you good at hacking? Good. I have a favor to ask of you. I need you to go on every social media network to find a video involving Carrie and a shower scene.” She paused as she heard Alina ask what the name of the video was. “Give me a minute. Sue, what’s the name of that video?” Sue was frightened when she saw the look on Orchid’s face.
“Sue, if you want to atone for this, tell my sister what’s the name of that damn video!” said Jago.
Sue turned white. The siblings were so pissed that even Ms. Desjardin would be proud. They would have given her and her friends the beating of their lives had they come to Chamberlain and seen/heard about this. Swallowing hard, Sue plucked up the courage.
“I…I-It’s c-called… ‘Blood Sport’,” stuttered Sue.
Orchid went back on her phone. “Alina, it’s titled ‘Blood Sport’. Yeah. Copy that on a disk in case for evidence, but once you are done with that, delete that ■■■■ off the Internet. I do not want any prying eyes to see it. Good. Thanks. I’ll see you soon.” After that, she hung up her phone. “As for you, Sue, when this is over, you and I are going to have a serious chat since you took part in this.”
“I also would like to speak to you regarding this,” Jago added.
Sue felt guilty, knowing that she deserved this for what she and her friends had done to Carrie. She looked at the scene as she saw herself stop throwing things and looked sorry for Carrie, who laid on the floor with her towel still on…bleeding and crying, and Chris still kept filming the scene. She wished she could have put a stop to it right when Chris took over, which gave her the motivation to atone for this act by letting Carrie go to prom with Tommy, and it would have worked had it not been for Chris throwing a monkey wrench by pulling the most hideous prank in history. Sue did not want to know what kind of reaction the fighters would have once that scene appears.
“Move! Come on, move!” said Rita as she approached them. “Ladies, what’s going on here?” She saw Carrie laying on the blood-covered floor. “Oh my God. All right, ok honey stand up. Let’s get you cleaned up.”
“Help me,” said Carrie as she grabbed Rita’s skirt with her bloodied hand.
“Carrie, come on, move. Honey, stand up. Come on, can you stand up?” asked Rita. The girls looked at the two and had long since stopped laughing.
“It hurts. It hurts,” said Carrie. “Something’s not right.”
“What are you talking about?” Rita asked Carrie.
“Ms. Desjardin, I think she doesn’t know what a period is,” said Sue.
“NO!” sobbed Carrie.
“Sue, get out of here,” said Rita, and while she pulled Sue back, Carrie screamed as all the pads and tampons moved away from her, oblivious to them. Quickly, Rita went back to Carrie to get her to calm down, but when she refused to listen, she quickly slapped the young girl in the face. Once Carrie stopped yelling, all the girls just stared in shock. “Everyone, get out, now, OUT!”
As the girls start to leave, Rita stayed beside Carrie to comfort her, letting her know that what was happening was normal. At the same time, a lamp suddenly broke, causing everyone to look at the fragments, thinking that the whole place was falling apart.
“I gotta say, she handled it pretty well,” said Orchid. The next scene showed Carrie, Rita, and the principal walking to the office in deciding what action to take after the shower incident.
“Are you feeling better? Can I get you some aspirin?” asked the principal. Seeing that Carrie was deep in thought, he tapped her on her back, which caused her to snap into reality. “Do you want some juice or something?”
“Is he serious?” said Kim.
“Juice?” said Rita. “Really, Henry?”
“Maybe you just want us to leave you alone,” Henry added.
“Carrie, honey, I’m so sorry that I slapped you. I should’ve handled it better,” said Rita. However, the fighters had to differ, knowing that she handled the situation well. “It’s normal for young girls to get their periods. It usually happens a little bit earlier. Is this your first time? Honey, do you understand what is happening to your body? Do you know what it means?”
“What? I do not know. I felt something move down there,” said Carrie. The fighters felt sorry for Carrie, and it was clear that Margret did not tell her about the monthly cycle—no, she did not tell Carrie anything about the female anatomy, that is until Jago had to explain it to her while they were in Lhasa, and that alone took guts.
“Oh honey,” said Rita.
“Whoa! Maybe you, uh, need to talk to a counselor about that, or a nurse,” said Henry. “Um, what I need to know is who started throwing…things.”
“It was Chris Hargenson and all her friends,” said Rita.
“Stupid ■■■■■■■,” scoffed Kim.
“Cassie,” said Principal Henry
“Carrie,” corrected Rita.
“Carrie, did Chris Hargenson start this?” asked Henry.
“Honey, you don’t have to protect them. What they did was unforgivable,” said Rita. The fighters hoped that Carrie would say something to get even a small sense of justice, but she did not.
“Okay, uh…it doesn’t seem that Carrie is going to point the finger, so Rita, I need you to get to the bottom of this. Let the punishment fit the crime,” said Henry.
“Okay,” said Rita.
“Carrie, you’re excused from PE class for the rest of the week,” said Henry.
“Just take study hall, okay? In the library,” advised Rita.
“Yeah, and we’re going to have to call your mom,” said Henry.
“What?” Carrie shocked. Suddenly, the water machine shook as bubbles rose in the background.
“We’re going to have to call your mother, Carrie. I know she had some problems with us in the past ever since the state stopped her from homeschooling you, but we got to bring her into this,” said Henry.
Hearing this, Jago looked at Carrie and thought back to when they spoke to get to know each other. It could explain her lack of social skills, but Jago got the impression that Margret was not just homeschooling Carrie; she was trying to hide her from the world.
“Mmm-mmm. No,” said Carrie.
“Sweetie, we have no choice,” said Rita. “We have to tell your mother what happened.”
“NO!” screamed Carrie. Suddenly, the water machine in the room shattered, giving them a jump scare.
Carrie,” said Rita, but the girl slipped away. The scene changed to Carrie sitting on a bench outside the principal’s office. Next to her were two boys that looked at her.
“Hey. Hey you,” said the first boy. When Carrie looked at them, the boys made sexual gestures towards her. Carrie looked away with disgust. When she looked back a few seconds later, Margret stood in front of her. The fighters could not explain, but they had this chill going down their spine. As Margret walked Carrie out the school and led her to her car, the frightened girl turned around to Chris, her posse, and her boyfriend who pointed and stared at her. Chris said something to her boyfriend and showed him the video. Chris’ boyfriend quickly laughed at the video as Carrie went inside the car. The scene changed again as Margret and Carrie were inside the car, driving to their home. Carrie looked at her mother for a few seconds.
“I’m sorry that you had to come to school today,” she said. Margret does not look at Carrie. Instead, she took her daughter’s hand. As they reached home, Margret parked the car.
“Let’s go inside, little girl,” said Margret. “You need to come inside with me.”
“Mama, why didn’t you tell me?” said Carrie. “I was so scared, Mama. I thought I was dying. Mama, they laughed and threw things at me.”
Margret stepped out of her car and looked at her. “We’ll talk about this inside, Carrie.”
When Carrie refused, Margret turned around and gave Carrie a look full of disgust, causing the poor girl to shrink. The fighters did not think they could feel more disgust to Margret, but they were wrong. Not only Margret was a crazed fanatic, but a terrible mother. They can see that Carrie was in clear need of comfort, and the fact that her own mother would not hold her just made them sick. Carrie looked behind her to see a boy on his bike. When the boy went away, Carrie looked forward again. Just as she was about to step out the car, the same boy came by her side.
“Crazy Carrie, Crazy Carrie!” he said as he pulled his face and made several snorts, causing Carrie to jump slightly at his sight. Quickly, the boy went behind Carrie as he shouted, “Crazy Carrie!” With anger, Carrie looked at the boy, and without warning, he fell off his bike. The fighters knew it had to be work of her powers. The little boy got up and rode away, but not without giving Carrie a nasty look.
The next scene came as Carrie went inside the house. Seeing the interiors of the house in broad daylight, the fighters were even more creeped out than the first time they saw it. Then, Carrie heard a thumping sound from upstairs. As Carrie walked to the stairs and into a room, she saw Margret bumping her head against the wall.
“Is she hurting herself because Carrie got her first period?” asked Maya.
“Seems that way,” said Orchid, disgusted by the woman’s behavior.
“Oh God, help my child, she is lost,” said Margret.
“She’s lost?” shouted the fighters.
“Mama, stop it. Mama!” Carrie said as Margret stopped and looked at her. “I didn’t want to upset you.”
“So, you’re a woman now,” said Margret, “and God made Eve from the rib of Adam, and what, Carrie? Say it.”
“No, Mama.”
“Say it.”
The fighters were getting angry as they can see that Carrie was in clear need of comfort, and Margret was forcing her to say misquoted things out of the Bible. Their hatred for Margret was about to reach a breaking point.
“Talk to me, please talk to me…and Eve was weak. I just want you to talk to me,” said Carrie.
“And the first sin was the sin of intercourse,” said Margret.
“And the first sin was the sin of intercourse. Why didn’t you tell me, Mama?”
“And God visited Eve with a curse, and the curse was the curse of blood.”
“I’m not going to say that,” said Carrie. “That’s not even in the Bible. It doesn’t say that anywhere.”
“Yeah!” said TJ. “You tell her!”
“Oh Lord, help this little girl see the sin of her days and ways. Show her that if she had remained innocent, the curse of blood would not come upon her as it did on Eve,” said Margret.
“I’m not Eve, Mama. I did not sin,” said Carrie.
“You showered with those other girls. You had lust-filled thoughts.”
“Okay, since when does taking a friggin’ shower with other people induce lust-filled thoughts?” asked Kim. “She didn’t even shower with those ■■■■■■■!”
“Everyone has to shower, Mama, everyone. That’s just the rules,” said Carrie.
“You must be different because He can see you,” said Margret.
“I don’t want to be different. I want to be like them.”
It came as no surprise for the fighters, but for Sue, it was as she looked at Carrie. For years, she wondered if Carrie wanted to be normal that badly, why wear such ridiculous clothing. Suddenly, the answer clicked in her head.
“■■■■…■■■■, ■■■■, ■■■■!” uttered Sue as the fighters looked at her.
“What is it?” said Jago.
“It’s Margret. She forced Carrie to say and do things she didn’t want to do, right?” Sue asked. Orchid nodded in that statement. Being a former spy, she knew too well what manipulation was, and Margret was doing just that, and to her daughter.
“He can smell the sin on you, and He will punish you!” Margret shouted as she grabbed her Bible and smacked Carrie in the face. Silence entered the room as anger festered in the fighters (Jago being the most prominent). He mustered every strength to resist going after Margret now that she was a demon. He had to be strong, for Carrie’s sake. “I will not let that come down upon you. I will not. Lord have mercy.”
“No, the Lord is good. His unfailing love endures forever, and His faithfulness continues through all generations. Psalms 100 verse 5,” recited Carrie.
“I’m going to keep you away from that school.”
“That cadela can’t do that!” Maya shouted.
“You can’t!” Carrie said as she panicked and ran downstairs.
“We’ll pray,” Margret said as she followed Carrie. “We’ll pray together to save our women-weak, wicked, sinning souls.”
“You didn’t tell me and they laughed. I did not sin. You sinned,” said Carrie.
Margret gave Carrie a stoic look. “I did not. I did not sin.” Carrie now looked her mother with fear. “Go to your closet.” Some of the fighters were confused what Margret had said, but Jago knew. He noticed it from Carrie when she became stiff as the closet came into view the first time.
“No Mama,” pleaded Carrie.
Margret opened the closet door. “Go to your closet and pray.” Carrie still refused as she slowly backed away, but Margret grabbed and dragged her to that closet.
“No, no, no!” shouted Carrie. “Get off me! Mama, stop it!”
“Go to your closet and pray for forgiveness!” said Margret.
“No!” shouted Carrie.
“You pray!”
“Mama, stop! Help! No, Mommy!”
Now the fighters were pissed as it pained them to see that monster hurt Carrie, who fought tooth and nail to escape her grip. They knew Carrie was not going to win this and had no choice but to hear her pleas to convince her so-called mother to let her go. Margret shoved Carrie in and locked the closet door.
“You pray, little girl. Pray for forgiveness,” said Margret.
“Mommy, let me go! Let me out!” Carrie shouted as she banged on the closet door.
On the other side, Margret thumped her head against the closet door. At the same time, the sleeves fell as the fighters saw scars on Margret’s arms. With a sick feeling, they knew that Margret has been doing this throughout her life.
“God, you son of a…!” Carrie shouted until a thin line appeared on the door.
Jumping back, Margret went down on her knees and prayed. Inside the closet, Carrie looked around until she spotted a Jesus figure. As she starts to pray, the Jesus figure bled from its eyes. Carrie tried to pray again, but she stopped and cried.
“Help me. Help me,” uttered Carrie.



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Considering KI seems to lack any real character interactions, thought I’d share a potential cutscene idea for Jago…

Jago: All these years, yet nothings changed here. Where did it all go wrong?

Abbot: Remember, focus your mind Jago, only then will you awaken the true power within.

(Back to present day)
Jago: I failed you sensei, but was our deity a lie all along? Why didn’t you warn me…

Jago prepares for a fight

Omens emerge from the void

Jago: What trickery is this?
Omen: This is no illusion brother! The master calls for you, will you join Lord Gargos?
Jago: The False Tiger God? I see you lackeys are very naive to worship his trash.
Omen: Refusal will result in your demise traitor!
Jago: The only traitor here, is the coward master you puppets work for!
Omen: He speaks ill of the Shadow Lord! We must destroy him my brothers!
All 3 Omens prepare to challenge the warrior monk.

Jago: I’ll cast you demons back to spawn of Hell where you belong!

Jago then fights the 3 Omens, though they begin to over match him at first. Jago eliminates all three specters, with the last one stating before they vanish…

Omen: The master will have word of this fool! This is not over!

Jago realizes something sinister is on the horizon, and in a moment of self realization, he comes to grip with whats occurred, and thus his journey begins.

Jago: I sense this world’s end is drawing near. Whatever you are Gargos, this will not be your time to conquer, not as long as I still breathe. This world will not be yours to rule…

And thus the journey of the Tiger Warrior begins.

(Plays Jago’s Theme)



You do realize this is a beta clip, right? I only put this in because I still need time with Chapter Four. Anyway, how did you like the fighters’ reactions on this clip regarding the shower scene and Margret?


It’s an interesting view point the way you applied it. I don’t have much to say, as I’m not a writer. But, it was well done and the reactions were believable. :smile:

told you I read these tho >>


Posting in another beta story clip. Enjoy. Also, warning: may contain spoilers unless you don’t care:

Outside of the new outpost, Jago sat at the edge of the cliff, alone in his thoughts. Ever since Carrie came into his life, he had suspicions of the lifestyle she had, but after looking into Carrie’s past, he realized that Carrie’s life was horrible.
Jago was angry with the residents for the way they treated Carrie, but he was enraged with Margret. He could not get the image of that monster shoving Carrie into that small closet out of his head, and wanted nothing more than to find Margret and slice off her demonic head for what she did to Carrie, but he decided to wait it out until the time was right.
Seeing how Carrie’s family was like, he cannot help but think what his mother was like, considering if he finds her. He barely remembered her as a baby and still left to wonder why she left him with the Monks of the Tiger. Was it that she did not love him, just as Margret did not love Carrie?
No, Jago thought as he shook that terrible thought from his head. The Abbot had told him when asked about his origins was that his mother was in a great hurry when she left him with the monks, and believed that for whatever reason she had was for good intentions.
As he looked at the moon, Jago made a silent vow that once Gargos and Margret were out of the picture, he was going to take Carrie under his wing and give her the happiness she had longed for. He sensed a presence coming his way as he saw Sue coming outside, with her head slightly lowered. He was still upset with her since she was a part of Carrie’s suffering, but sensed guilt from her.
“Is everything okay?” he asked. Sue fell silent as she nodded slightly. He patted on the ground as if telling Sue to come sit next to him. She did so without the slightest hesitation. “I take it that my sister had given you a scolding.”
“So did the others…and I deserved it…for what I had done…what all of us had done. You know, Jago, there was a time when I wanted to be friends with Carrie because she was always nice. She never bothered anyone with anything,” said Sue.
“So what stopped you? Was it because of Margret?”
“That’s one reason. The second was that…I was scared. I have seen how people had bullied Carrie…even my friends did as you saw from that vision.”
“You call those monsters your friends? They do not have respect for other people, their teachers, or even their parents. They don’t even have respect for themselves, and yet, you call them your friends?” Seeing the shocked look on Sue’s face, Jago calmed down and spoke his peace of mind. “That is the main problem with you new generation: you think the world revolves around you when in reality, it is not. Now, you seem like the type of person that knows what is right and wrong and do have respect, but you still did something stupid and—dare I say it—■■■■■■.”
“I know, but that was the old me…the type that want others to like me for who I am,” said Sue.
“Sue, there are other ways to have people like you, and bullying is not one of them. If anything, you let your fear get the better of you. Surely, you don’t want your child following in your footsteps, do you?”
“Never,” said Sue. “I would never teach my little girl to bully others just because of my past. As for her mother, I…I should have known something was up, especially seeing Carrie in such bad conditions. I should’ve seen the signs.”
“There was no way you could have known that Margret was abusive. If I see that monster again, I will show her why she does not deserve to have Carrie,” said Jago.
“I’m looking forward to seeing that,” said Sue as Jago looked at her. “Margret doesn’t deserve to be a mother to anyone, especially to Carrie. She was long overdue to losing her rights as one.”


Looks like I’m slowly coming out of writer’s block in Chapter Four. It seems that staff duty may have helped clear my mind. I got a question though. So I reached the part where Carrie is about to get answers regarding Buddhism, and one of the senior monks asks her a question about what Margret thinks of those that practice Buddhism. What would Margret say, given with her mental illness and her misjudgment.


Just updated Chapter Four with more scenes on That’s all.


hmmm I guess I could get around to writing one or two perhaps. Now when you say “keep it clean” what do you exactly mean? Like no blood or gore, sexual scenes etc etc.


Seems like that.


So…what? No bloody scens or scenes of explicit violence and/or sexual themes?


You could still do that, just as long as it’s moderate or something


Hmmmmm probably gona doing some explicit violence at the very least. I mean…it’s KI. Violence is everywhere.